Monday, March 02, 2009

Bathroom Decor Bargains

I realized the other day that I've reached the bargaining stage of my grieving process over the demise of Domino magazine--specifically, I'm instituting literally every tip, trick and suggestion featured in the last issue in the hopes that the dead magazine will see how much I value their advice and COME BACK.

My favorite act of decorating desperation thus far was Domino's suggestion to gather all of my scattered bathroom supplies on a pretty tray and set it out on the counter for cute, easy access, which totally revolutionized my life:

My grandma gave me this rad, Pucci-esque tray a couple years ago, insisting I use it to serve my guests cherry cordials, but toothpaste and moisturizer are more my style. My guests are welcome to help themselves to a Q-tip.

The whole set-up looks great with my framed portrait of Alexander Hamilton in the corner there, which just so happens to go great with Domino's recent article promoting federalist-inspired style. (OK, honestly, I had the portrait up before I started grieving Domino, but I think I can still use it to bargain.)

Anyway, thanks for the great tips, Domino! I'm off to order that custom-made $25,000 china cabinet you mentioned, so I'll see you in my mailbox in a couple weeks, right? Right?!


Anonymous said...

love the post, and your bathroom looks great! :)

WendyB said...

I need a Q-tip ... will be dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You mean to tell me that having three large medicine cabinets strewn with personal grooming products and devices ISN'T the Domino-approved way? Fascinating.

Whitney Josephine said...

LOVE that portrait! I think now I'm gonna have to have an image of Ben Franklin gazing at me while I primp in the morning...

Vanessa said...

The tray idea is so cute and simple that I don't know why I never thought of something like that before. It looks great! Obviously Domino was a wise, wise magazine. I never read Domino, but I think I might be with you in mourning it....

Anonymous said...

Oh Domino! I too am mourning the loss of it's fabulousness... and the money I paid for my new subscription right before they announced their untimely demise. But they did send me a picture frame (my ordering gift) as a final goodbye... I will treasure it always.

Zara said...

haha, i love the alexander hamilton portrait. that seems so random.

la petite fashionista said...

i miss domino already! it's such a shame, where will i get my interior decorating fix now?

The bathroom tray is a great idea i should probably borrow from you.

also, i'm loving the pictures of the dress-up birthday party. spice girls and a pile of clothes can liven up any party!:)

Heather said...

I do that too! And no matter how haphazardly I throw stuff in there my bathroom counter area always looks pretty well organized. And it is so easy to clean the bathroom when I don't have to move 500 items from the counter- I can just throw them all onto my handy tray. GENIUS.

Unknown said...

I am mourning Domino hardcore, especially since it was those pages I turned to after the demise of my all-time favorite "how to live your fabulous life" magazine, Blueprint. Blueprint was a Martha publication and she just never figured out how to market it to the right demographic (sadly, fabulous 20-somethings are generally not home during the day to watch the Martha Stewart show) and it went under less than 2 years after it started. I still have every issue.

Pret a Porter P said...

i love the random picture of alexander hamiliton.

isnt george washington's wooden dentures in a museum or something? are you using this picture to remind you to brush your teeth?

Lisa said...

So that's what brand of toothpaste you use eh? :)

I love using little trays to group stuff together. I have a tiny dish that's supposed to hold sushi soy sauce and is now holding the pairs of stud earrings I wear all the time, and a larger tray that groups together my lotions, cleanser, eye makeup remover, etc.

Catie said...

It's all about the Hamiltons, baby.

(ps, that tray is awesome)

Anonymous said...

I thought _I_ loved Alex, joining his page on Facebook and all, starting an "I heart Alexander Hamilton" club at the middle school I teach in, loving ten dollar bills as I do--but I don't have his PICTURE in my house! I'm such an amateur compared to you!

But it's the combo of Alexander love and Domino grief that compels me to write. You have a soul sista here in San Diego. Glad I've kept every issue for the past three years...

amanda said...

I love that you have a framed photograph of Alexander Hamilton in your BATHROOM.

I may steal that tray idea from you/Domino.

Catherine said...

Much classier than my current system of using an unused mini-fridge to house such items

Siru said...

So cute bathroom!

If you have time please come visit my blog! There's a great contest going on and the prize is gorgeous!

juliet xxx

Tricia said...

Your grandma gives some great gifts.

Heather said...

Sarah- I miss Blueprint too! I think I miss it more than I will miss Domino- had a subscription and everything. Which they replaced with the sucky Martha Stewart Living. Okay, it didn't totally suck but it was NO REPLACEMENT for Blueprint. I don't need to know how to make flower arrangements for my intimate gathering of 50. I need to know how to make my own napkins with iron-on transfer paper!

TheSundayBest said...

Like flies the magazines
are dropping.

Kim said...

I'd never even HEARD of Domino until now - I feel very deprived. I'm scared about how many publications are going under. I have an unhealthy love for magazines.
Your bathroom is so clean it makes me want to go back home right now and clean mine, dang it.

Anonymous said...

Alexander Hamilton is indeed the foxiest of the federalists. Love it!!! I need to just get down to it and frame a $10 bill.

daddylikeyblog said...

I paid for my subscription right before they folded, too! That was salt in an open wound!

I know! Blueprint was AMAZING!

Yeah, the tray thing is really helpful in my quest to pose as a clean and organized person. I can round up all my crap on a tray and voila! I'm neat!

Yep, you caught me. I'm an arm & hammer girl!

anonymous alexander hamilton soul sista-
I shall come to San Diego to join you in grieving Domino and we will buy kleenex to cry into and pay with $10 bills and it will be glorious!

New favorite quote: "Alexander Hamilton is indeed the foxiest of federalists." hahahah thank you for this amazing comment!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! I think a little basket would work, too.

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