Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Heart Halloween!

I'm finishing up my Nancy Wilson (above right) costume, getting ready to head out to meet my friend Katelyn (aka Ann Wilson, left), who will attempt to crimp our hair and then off into the night we'll go. I've gotta warm up my vocal chords, too, because god knows how many times we'll have to sing "Barracuda" to answer the question, "What is 'Heart'?"

Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone! What are/were you going as?

UPDATE: Here's our best Heart impression:

Also here's me with my new friend, Drunk Guy in a Poncho:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tango & James and Milkshakes & Free Willy

My absolutely favorite thing about blogging is that it has introduced me to a group of people (including you!) who are so smart and talented and awesome that if I were to hit the lottery tomorrow my first order of business would be to fly them all to Portland and take them out for Burgerville pumpkin milkshakes. Then we would braid each other's hair and watch Free Willy, and all my smart, talented, awesome new friends would be like, "Ummm...why did we come here, again?"

So anyway, one of these awesome blogging friends is the lovely Lisa from Ninaribena Makes... I've been slightly obsessed with her since she perfectly recreated an iconic Carrie Bradshaw shirt, and now I'm lucky enough to have her fabulous Etsy shop, Tango & James, as a Daddy Likey sponsor.

I just adore her selection of funky handmade accessories and housewares:

I'd wear these to our upcoming pumpkin milkshake party. Delicious.

p.s. I wanted to apologize ahead of time if posting is a bit light around here for the next week or so: Besides Halloween and a friend's birthday festivities, I'm prepping for my book launch party next Thursday, which you should totally come to if you can! Feel free to email me for more info!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Top 5: Best Costume Ideas Ever

My friend Meg is crafty and clever and creative and she is being a carwash for Halloween. How could I not invite her to write up a guest post?

Top 5 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Guaranteed to Snag You a "Most Creative Costume" Award
(by Meg)

1. Smart Deer

Imagine you are a smart deer and you have a gift certificate to Home Depot. What would you buy? Probably an ORANGE SAFETY VEST.

To protect yourself during hunting season, make yourself a set of ears by cutting out two paper deer ears and taping them to a headband. If you want to be a man-deer, I saw about 300 sets of headband antlers hanging in the Dollar Store’s Christmas section last weekend. There was a tuft of white tinsel glued around the antlers, which is a huuuuge bonus because you can peel it off and use it as part of your tail. Otherwise, cut out a paper tail, and if you feel ambitious, two hooves you can tape to black shoes. Wear any brown leggings or pants and a shirt, and then put on your safety vest.

2. Electric Eel

I went on a caving trip with a tour group, and when we stopped for lunch, the tour guide introduced us to his favorite eel. The eel lived under a rock in the river next to our picnicking site, so I fed him a piece of ham. He hissed at me, and then ate the whole thing in 1 bite. This is when I learned eels were sassy and fun. To turn yourself into a sassy, fun eel for Halloween, you’ll need shiny black clothes and a blue glow-necklace. If you already own shiny black leggings or anything that is capable of producing an electric shock, you are not allowed to choose any of the other 4 costume ideas, because you are destined to be an electric eel.

After you’re in your shiniest, blackest, sleekest outfit, activate and then unsnap a blue glow necklace. Use clear packing tape to secure it down the length of your back. If you can’t find a necklace, use a line of blue glow sticks. This costume is best for parties in dark, carpeted rooms, where you'll glow best and you can rub your feet on the floor to shock people with static electricity. A snack of ham is encouraged, but not required.

3. Optical Illusion

Wear every single one of your black-and-white checked and striped pieces of clothing in confusing layers. Swaying back and forth and vaguely hooo-ing at people is a guaranteed optical treat.

4. Tanning Bed

Extend your arms straight ahead and watch how many people jump in for a tan! You'll need purple glow sticks, an instant therma-pack or 2, and a bottle of dark brown liquid foundation. Wear a neutral color, and then use clear packing tape to line your arms, chest, and stomach with as many purple glow sticks to achieve the true density of UV lighting in a tanning bed. If you're going to be outside, slip a thermal pack under your shirt for a warmer, more realistic tanning experience. After people are done, offer to spread a little color on their skin.

5. ½ Baby Boa Constrictor, ½ Blood Pressure Cuff

Baby boa constrictors and blood pressure cuffs squeeze people's arms with the exact same intensity and speed. Illustrating this fact with a Venn Diagram is nice, but turning it into your costume is a huge statement. Recommended for people who are comfortable squeezing other people's biceps throughout the night.

Find 1 long green sock, 1 white mitten, some googly eyes, a turkey baster and a nice sturdy piece of string or tubing. Make yourself a little bracelet with the string, and leave 5-6 inches hanging off the end. Cut the bulb of the turkey baster off of its basting stick, and attach it to the end of the string like it's a beautiful charm. Slide your white mitten on over your hand and wrist and it's a blood pressure cuff! Put the googly eyes on the non-palm side of your green sock, and put this on the other hand. Now ask people to close their eyes and guess what is squeezing their arm-- a baby boa or a blood pressure monitor? Tally the results!

p.s. Also check out last year's Halloween Costume Chronicles contest for some hilarious Halloween stories!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jeans Shopping 101 + Free Jeans, Anyone?

To continue the proud Daddy Likey tradition of book excerpts and corresponding giveaways, I present to you a small section of Chapter 1: The Definitive Guide to Shopping for Jeans While Retaining At Least One-Third of Your Self-Esteem (and at least one-half of your paycheck), followed by a chance to win some gorgeous denim for yourself:

Jeans Shopping 101

Plan ahead. For example, don't schedule your shopping trip right after your dinner at the pasta buffet. Leave plenty of time to peruse the store. Pack a flask and rescue flares in case things get really bad.

Know exactly what kind of jeans you're shopping for and dress accordingly. If you're looking for relaxed everyday jeans, wear casual shoes, shirt, and undergarments. If you're searching for some trendier denim to wear with heels at night, then wear your stilettos and a clingy top to the store. Want a pair of skinny jeans to tuck into your boots? Wear your boots into the dressing room and tuck those suckers in.

Keep a ballpark price in mind. And no, $20 - $200 is not a ballpark. Is this going to be a sale rack kind of day, or is this going to be the day you spend some (or all) of your savings on a pair of designer jeans?

If you usually have a hard time finding jeans, steer clear of smaller stores and boutiques, and head straight for large stores withlargerselections. There's nothing worse than trying on every single pair of jeans in a store only to go home empty-handed, convinced you're some kind of mutant who can't wear normal clothes, when in fact, the store only offered three different styles.

If you have a little junk in the trunk or have been blessed with a Rubenesque figure, you should check out stores that specialize in larger sizes—they usually have more options, and the staff has a better knowledge of flattering cuts and colors.

Conversely, if you have a smaller frame, or are just looking for a bargain, don't be afraid to take a peek at the juniors’ section, especially for trendier styles. Prices usually stay below $50, but beware the super-low-rise fashions, which only tend to look good on svelte 13-year-olds.

As much as I adore thrift and vintage stores, they are not dependable sources for jeans. If you stumble across a fabulous pair of worn-in Levi's while browsing at the thrift store, good for you. But usually, the selection is too limited and unpredictable to count on finding a good fit.

No matter what store you go to, try on five hundred pairs of jeans . . . and then try on five more. Do you see why you should carve out some time for this?

If you hyperventilate at the thought of endless shelves of denim, familiarize yourself with the Denim Field Guide and Maslow's Hierarchy of Jeans (both featured in the book!) to help you make sense of it all. You could breathe into a paper bag too, if that helps.

And to help you with that "retaining one-half of your paycheck" thing, I'm so excited to offer you a free pair of fabulous jeans from a new premium denim company based out of NYC called Antique Rivet!

The winner will receive a pair of these embellished straight leg jeans in size 0-13 (I'm so sorry to my beautiful readers who fall outside that range, I swear I'll make it up to you!) which normally retail for $85. Recessionista, baby! (Oh my god, I'm so upset I just wrote that. I apologize.)

For a chance to win, please leave a comment describing your best jeans shopping strategy, or how you found your favorite pair of jeans. Thanks so much for entering, and I'll choose a winner at random a week from today (Monday, November 2nd!). As always, blogging or tweeting about this giveaway will earn you an extra entry! Best of luck!

Updated to add: International readers are welcome to enter! We can have your prize shipped to me and then I'll ship it out to you, wherever you may be!

Aaaaannnnnnd our lucky winner is BAM! Thank you all so much for entering and for all the amazing tips and tricks! I learned so much from reading your comments! And not to worry--another great giveaway is coming up soon! :)

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find of the Week!

I recently acquired a part time job that requires me to get up at 5AM a couple days a week. This has been a tough transition, and to be honest there has been more than one instance where I literally forgot to put my pants on until I opened my front door and felt a draft. You know what I think would help? Using a couple of my precious pre-work minutes to sip peppermint chai from an adorable little vintage mug like this one. Pants optional.

p.s. All you other involuntary early risers should check out this great post by my girl Sarah about becoming a morning person (or at least faking it [or at least remembering your pants]).

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Limerick About This Shirt

I don't like my belly, you know
It's big and continues to grow
But maybe this year
I'll tackle my fear
And wrap it all up with a bow.

Bows of Sequins Top, $42.99, here.

p.s. Please check out my guest post over at the ModLife blog, with outfit suggestions for important life events, like interviewing for a job you're not qualified for, or meeting your online boyfriend for the first time in a neutral, public place! Good stuff.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sourdough: Stylish and Delicious

I've been a fan of the witty fashion blog Poetic & Chic for years, so I was super excited when the lovely writer, Annie, started an Etsy shop full of fabulous crafts and gifts, and even more excited when she named it Sourdough, because that is my favorite genre of bread, and then most excited when she recently became a Daddy Likey sponsor.

Besides her glamorous vintage fabric eyemasks, which I've mentioned before, Annie has branched out into beautiful handmade jackets:

I'm definitely saving up for one, because the vintage fabrics are one-of-a-kind and the style is so classic. (Also, notice the gorgeous model? It's fellow fashion blogger Cuffington!)

The shop also has some sweet wedding gift options, like these personalized ampersand dishtowels (if you don't have any weddings coming up, you could always request a towel that says "A&E" if you're a huge fan of Intervention, or "D&G" if you love high fashion, or "T&A" if you love Baywatch):

So pretty, right?

Please keep Sourdough in mind as you do your holiday shopping this year, and thank you so much for supporting small businesses!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Conversation About Jeggings (featuring the Five Men!)

You guys have heard of jeggings, right? It's the technical term for leggings that look like jeans, which are quickly gaining in popularity. Here's an example:

Ooooh are they jeans or are they leggings? They're jeggings!

A couple weeks ago I was hanging out with my friend Milena, and she said, "I just got these new pants that are, like, a jeans-legging hybrid, and I'm in LOVE with them!"

"Oh, you mean jeggings?" I asked, and then we both went, "Eeeeeewww!" because jeggings is the grossest word ever.

But despite our initial exclamation of disgust, for the rest of the day it was "jeggings" this and "jeggings" that--we must have said "jeggings" 400 times between noon and 6PM--because this awful little word is strangely fun to say. Seriously, say it out loud: jeggings. It's a phonetic delight.

Now, cut to last night: my whole family is sitting on the floor of a Moroccan restaurant for my brother's birthday dinner. I randomly asked if anyone else has heard of jeggings, and this live, spontaneous edition of Five Men's Fashion First Impressions happened (luckily my mom threw me a pen in time for me to record it):

Brother, age 14: What's a jegging?

Brother, age 20: No, no, we can figure this out!

Brother, age 22: Yeah, it should be simple.

Mom: I met someone once who was named after her dad who was named Stan and her mom who was named Anette, and her name was Stanette. Is it like that?

Me: Kind of.

Brother, age 14: OK, let's break this down. It's obviously a verb, meaning "to jeg." But what is "jeg?"

Brother, age 20: Grouse hunting.

Brother, age 22: Don't be a dumbass. It's obviously scallop farming.

Boyfriend: Yeah, scallops! That sounds right.

Brother, age 20: A "jegging" is the special boot German people wear to go grouse hunting.

Brother, age 22: No, "jeggings" are soft-soled scallop-farming shoes.

Me: What in the hell are you guys talking about?

Brother, age 14: Yo, this is jeggings 101!

Boyfriend: How do you hunt scallops?

Dad: Scallops are actually good little swimmers.

Brother, age 22: That's it. Jeggings are scallop-hunting shoes.

Boyfriend: I second that.

Brother, age 14: Me too.

Brother, age 20: They're grouse-hunting boots.

Dad: I think it has something to do with bird eggs. The Jaeger is a predatory seabird.

And there you have it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Top 5!

Close friends of mine know that I talk about becoming a train conductor literally everyday.

When I get overwhelmed with life I storm around the house yelling, "That's it! I'm going to work on the railroad," and when I'm feeling dreamy I'll stare out the window and sigh, "I think I'd look good in one of those cute little caps." I've been obsessed with the profession--mostly the conductor hat, if I'm being honest--for as long as I can remember.

A couple months ago my mom and I took the train up to Seattle. Somewhere outside of Tacoma I cornered an Amtrak employee selling mixed nuts in the shaky dining car and begged her to tell me about her glamorous life on the rails. "Isn't it wonderful?" I asked, "getting to see the country, meeting new people everyday, shoveling coal, wearing one of those adorable conductor caps?"

"Umm...we don't shovel coal," she said, "and we don't wear conductor caps, but yeah, it's a pretty good job."

"Wait. What? You don't get to wear the hat?"

"You don't get to wear the hat until you've worked your way up to engineer," she said.

"Really?" I said, completely dejected. "So this is going to be a major time commitment."

"Have you ever thought of just buying a hat?"

Of course I'd thought of that. Well, kind of.

Top 5 Professions I Have Considered Pursuing Solely Because of the Hat


This is the best conductor hat I found, and it costs $80, which is totally out of my conductor hat price range. I'm going to work on the railroad!


I wear giant furry trapper hats so often that I might as well parlay it into a job, even though I would cry every time I had to trap something and then apologize and let it go. Yep, sounds like the perfect career choice.


Don't laugh! My time machine is almost complete--soon I'll escape this awful economy and fulfill my dream of selling papers in the beautiful, thriving utopia of Chicago, 1933.


When I met my boyfriend Nick, he had one of these with his name embroidered on the front. I can't say exactly how much that affected my decision to date him, but estimates hover at around 90%.


I think a fedora is one of the most handsome hat options available to modern man, but whenever I wear one I feel like a hipster poser. Perhaps a career of assassinations and racketeering would add that necessary dose of credibility?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find of the Week!

Some of the awful puns and jokes I considered for this post:

"Now that's what I call intelligent design!"

"For keeping your bangs under control, these pins are a natural selection."

"I'd buy these in a finch!" (Like "in a pinch," but "finch" instead, because Darwin studied finches! Eh? Eh?)

"Who knew that H.M.S. Beagle stood for Hair Most Stylish, ummm....Beagle?"

"I've been looking for a way to evolve my look."

"These pins would do wonders for what I like to call The Origin of the Greasies, aka not washing my hair for five days."

But mostly I just can't get over how creepy/cute it would be to have Darwin's little face peeking out from a French chignon. I need to learn how to do a French chignon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

The Don't Show-cha Your Chocha submissions have been rollin' in, and if it didn't sound supremely creepy, I would say something like, "I'm now seeing at least 5 chochas every day! It's marvelous!" OK, who am I kidding? Creepy is my middle name. Bring on the chocha!

Let's start things off with an oldie but a goodie sent in by reader Marcela:

So, ummm, Kate Moss? Are you wearing a diaper? I'm only asking because if you are, diapers are going to become the next big thing, and I want to be ahead of the trend.

Lovely Leslie tracked found a Free People dress that seems to have an important section of fabric missing in front:
'She says: In this shot it's like the photographer reassured her that nothing was showing, but she does not believe him because the dress is so. freaking. short.

An anonymous reader submitted this tribute to calculated hand placement:

I think those hands deserve a hand! Like, seriously, a round of applause, because without them we'd be seeing her crotch.

Here's perennial DSYC favorite Lindsay Lohan:

Reader Katie points out: If it weren't for the happy accident of the drooping bag strap, there'd be some serious chocha goin' on. I'd probably cover my face, too.

Speaking of perennial DSYC favorites, where's American Apparel? Oh. Here it is:

Says Meghan: Although this isn't exactly a chocha shot, I thought it would fit in quite nicely with all your other chocha-tacular images. The worst part? If you read the description, these are apparently running shorts. I'm sorry but if it looks like underwear, fits like underwear, and wearing it in public illicts the same response as if you were wearing's probably underwear! [Editor's note: that's my new motto!]

Reader Hanna came across a photo of another Hannah, the latter of which may have some trouble sitting down:

I also really liked Hanna's accompanying email, which said: As an avid reader of your blog, I am always on the hunt for some chocha fabulous enough to get a mention on your blog. Chocha hunting=awkward hobby? Nawww.

Reader Brittney sent along this photo, which as we know from the Chocha Glossary, is referred to as the joe-cha:

Should we tell him his pants are down? Do you think he knows?

And finally, check out this powerful leg clench:

Says Erin: It actually says that it's a TOP. Then why, for the love of god and all that is holy, wear it as a dress?!

Actually, WendyB has the answer to that question.

Find a chocha? Send it to me (creepy is my middle name, remember?)!
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to apologize for my absence the past couple days. I was a on a mini road trip with my brothers and boyfriend and between the nacho binges and Lord of the Rings references there was little time to blog. Thanks for your patience (and an extra thanks for your amazing comments on the giveaway post below), and I'll get this week's installment of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha up for you later tonight!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gorgeous Jewelry Giveaway!

To continue our theme of exclusive Closet Confidential: Style Secrets Learned the Hard Way excerpts and corresponding giveaways, I'd like to give you a sneak peek at the accessories chapter, along with a chance to win this amazing necklace and earring set from the online jewelry boutique ABT Arcade:

(Please click to enlarge!)

Talented jewelry designer Allison created this set using vintage green glass beads and flower charms, which contrast beautifully with assorted gunmetal chains. She named these pieces after Mary Tyler Moore, and just like MTM, they will stay classic and stylish forever.

Speaking of which, here's a sidebar from my book:

Six Types of Jewelry You Should Never, Ever, Under Any Circumstances, Get Rid of, Because if You Do, You will Live a Life of Sadness and Regret

• Cuff or bangle bracelets
Small, medium, or large, these pretty pieces are a great finishing touch to your outfit.

• Simple gold or silver chains
Classic, flattering, and versatile, I challenge you to make a chain necklace look anything but elegant.

• Jeweled brooch
Yes, brooches can come off as a bit septuagenarian, but balance them with your dazzling youth and you'll be fine.

• Large cocktail rings
Always, always in style.

• Pearls
I once wore my triple-strand pearl necklace to conduct an interview in a chicken coop. The interview went really well, which leads me to conclude that pearls are appropriate and beneficial to every possible life situation.

• Anything with a family history.
Accessories, and especially jewelry, are a really special way for generations of women to relate to and honor each other. My great-grandma left me four inexpensive Timex watches that don't tell time anymore, but sometimes I'll stack them all on my wrist and be four times as late as I normally am, which is OK, because they make me think of her. All my friends have favorite memories of playing with their moms’ jewelry or trying on hats (or wigs) with their great aunts.

Style Lesson #29: Even if a piece of your grandma's jewelry is absolutely, totally not your style, do me a favor and tuck it away somewhere. You'll be very glad you did.

For a chance to win those gorgeous Mary Tyler Moore earrings and necklace, leave a comment telling me about your favorite piece of jewelry. Feel free to write two words or two-hundred, but I'd love to hear where you got it and why it means so much to you.

If you don't have a favorite piece of jewelry (tragedy!), just tell me why you'd like to own the set above. I'll choose a winner at random this coming Monday. And as always, please tweet or blog about this contest to earn yourself another entry!

Thanks so much, and good luck!

Update: Congratulations to our lucky winner, MP! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful, touching, and funny jewelry stories! I truly enjoyed reading them. :) And keep an eye out for the next contest!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Top 5!

T-shirts That Make Me Want to Wear T-shirts Again

In high school I was really into t-shirts. I was into t-shirts with the same fervor that many of my classmates were into vodka or tractor demolition derbies or both at the same time (Banks, Oregon: Where we get drunk and crash our tractors for fun!). I went to Goodwill at least once a week in search of vintage t-shirts, preferably ones with cool graphics or random slogans. My favorites included a "Hugs Not Drugs" gem and a sweet Ramones concert tee.

In college, I started trying to dress like Carrie Bradshaw, and Carrie Bradshaw rarely wore t-shirts. Then the hipster trend really took hold, and everyone on earth suddenly had their very own vintage "Hugs Not Drugs" t-shirt. In addition, I was beginning to realize that t-shirts weren't all that flattering on my large bust, so I packed away part of my t-shirt collection, sent the other part off to Goodwill (for the hipsters, of course), and forged ahead toward a new wardrobe that included tunics, blazers, cardigans, tank tops, minidresses--and very few t-shirts.

Recently, my friend Vivian returned from Korea, arguably the graphic t-shirt capital of the world, and brought me an amazing teal tee with "I DO ART" written down the front in big block letters. It was so cute and comfy and versatile that my t-shirt love was suddenly rekindled, and now I'm yearning to restock my closet with these:

Don't Give Up Tee, $22
I came across this great graphic tee on Frolic awhile back, and it's been stuck in my head ever since. I always tell friends that if you find yourself dreaming about an article of clothing, you should buy it. So it might be time for me to shell out for this one.

Flattering v-neck, gorgeous shade of purple, giant blue feathers. Just awesome.

Green Tuffet Scoopneck T-Shirt, $26
I love this color and the way the blades of grass form a necklace shape, plus the scoopneck would look lovely on ladies with bigger busts.

I actually bought this t-shirt at the Human Rights Campaign store in San Francisco, and I absolutely adore it. It's super soft, has a worn-in look, and although I would happily wear a moldy pickle barrel to support gay rights, this shirt combines a great message with a great style.

Bow Tunic Tee, $26.50
OMG. How cute would this be with a swingy little black skirt, black lace tights, and flats? Or skinny jeans and boots? Or a pencil skirt and heels and a sweater coat? Or, like, anything?

Are you a t-shirt fan or anti-tee? Please feel free to post links to your favorites--I'm always on the lookout for new ones!

Blogback Mountain

First and foremost, I'm so excited to announce that ModCloth is selling my book! I've adored ModCloth's amazing clothes and their support of the blogging community for a long time, so this was such a wonderful surprise. And be sure to check out the ModLife companion interview, where I give more book details and confess to fishing a vintage blouse out of a dumpster.

So cute.

The first photos of Alex and Joanna's wedding are up and they are even more gorgeous than expected (and wow, were my expectations high). Can't wait to see more!

A case against "boyfriend jeans" at Baby Gap.

Speaking of boyfriend jeans, ENC has a thought-provoking post (but aren't all her posts thought-provoking?) about boyfriend jeans--and other trends--coming back into style at waaaaaaay higher price points than their original incarnations.

I'm with Queen Marie on this one.

I have to get up for work at 4:30 AM tomorrow, so I'm reading and rereading this great Yes and Yes post about becoming a morning person. Sure, my time might be more wisely spent sleeping, but instead I'm memorizing her tips and getting strangely excited for my alarm to go off.

Tavi collected some beautiful Irving Penn photos.

Sesame bagels are so vain.

Love this tribute to Bea Arthur over at ABT Arcade (and check out her namesake necklace!).

Tuscon has been good to Amber and her leather shorts.

I recently discovered the fabulous blog Further Ado, which is a great mix of inspiration, fashion, life lessons, and book reviews. Plus, the lovely lady who writes it sort of looks like she might be long lost sister, so I'll have to ask my mom about that...

Danielle's quick marker drawing is just gorgeous.

I want everything featured in this post.

Loving Lisa's knee-high socks.

Our lil' Sally of Already Pretty is on the path to fame, fortune, and world domination, and I couldn't be happier about it. Hear her discuss the style and body image gospel on the Lorie & Julia radio show (adorable Minnesota accents included!).

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Sponsor! (and a New Favorite Necklace)

I wore this amazing fringe necklace from Daddy Likey sponsor Bambi and Snowflake yesterday, and received no less than 14 compliments (yes, I kept a tally in my journal).

Comments ranged from "Oh my god that's gorgeous!" to "Where can I get one of those?" to "You look like a lion--in a good way!" to a homeless guy rousing from his nap in a Starbucks chair next to me, muttering, "Cool necklace, lady," and then going back to sleep. It looks even better in real life--I'll try to post a picture of me wearing it as soon as the pimple on my forehead goes away and/or I become less vain.

In the meantime, please check out the rest of the Bambi and Snowflake shop. It's stocked with gorgeous jewelry and the work she does with chains is just amazing. I'd love to see the outfits Queen Michelle or Susie Bubble would create around this intricate harness, for example:

Also, I just wanted to take a second to thank you for supporting my sponsors. I'm really enjoying working with these smaller businesses, and your support makes that possible. Thank you!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find of the Week--Dedicated to the lovely ladies at the Banks Public Library

The term "voracious reader" gets thrown around a lot, but I honestly believe the phrase was invented to describe my mom.

That woman reads a book a night--her bed is often strewn with literary flings from previous evenings--and on long family car trips she was somehow able to sit up front and read contently, warding off motion sickness and tuning out my brothers' and my hilarious, 150-decibel song parodies (we thought "I got chicken, babe," a take on Sonny & Cher, was particularly clever, and I have no idea why).

So a huge part of my childhood--approximately 90% of it, in fact--was spent trying to get my mom to hurry the hell up in our visits to the library in our small rural town. Sure, I loved going to the library and picking out a fresh stack of books for myself, but there were times, as my mom stood at the front counter discussing the details of a new mystery with the librarian, that I crumpled dramatically behind the romance shelf and moaned, "I'm actually going to die here!"

Looking back, my mom's library trips probably took no more than 30 minutes, and as I got older, I started spending more time there myself, completely voluntarily. That library became one of my favorite places in the world.

Today, the librarians there are huge fans of Daddy Likey, and have done so much to support me and my writing (including ordering two copies of my upcoming book!), so I wanted to give them a shout out and a recommendation for an adorable (and affordable) librarian-appropriate necklace.

Also, an adorable (and unaffordable) librarian-appropriate necklace:

Friday, October 09, 2009

Urgent Don't Show-cha Your Chocha Update: Scarlett Chocha-nsson on the cover of Glamour

I received so many emails alerting me to Scarlett Johansson's Glamour magazine cover that I suspected it would warrant its own Don't Show-cha Your Chocha post. Then I received my own copy in the mail, and I knew:

Do you think ScarJo reads Daddy Likey, and was just yearning to be featured?

Here's some of the fantastic commentary I received:

From Haley: Brazen chocha, ahoy!

From Alyssa: Most likely pull-quote from this Glamour article: "How do Ryan and I keep our marital passion alive? I routinely run around the house sans pants, laughing and seductively stretching out all my t-shirts to cover my chocha."

From Jennifer: Hold on, Scarlett! Don't let go!

From Teresa: Best case scenario, she's stretching out a perfectly nice t-shirt. Worst case scenario, she's flashing everyone in the room.

From April: I love Scarlett, I just wish she wore pants.

From Kristen: They should alter that headline to "50 Little Ways to Dress the Top Half of Your Body."

Also thanks to Hester, Kyle, Megan, and Jessica for sending along the photo!

p.s. Play on Scarlett's last name ("Chocha-nsson") in the title courtesy of Alyssa. Brilliant.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

High Fashion Haiku: A Highly Relatable Situation

Don't you hate it when
your derby hat blocks your view
and you forget pants?

p.s. Thanks so much to Paisley for recommending this Nina Ricci runway look for a haiku!

p.p.s.s. Stay tuned for a long overdue installment of Inadvertently Ask Daddy Likey, coming soon...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tuesday Top 5: Hot Hosiery For Chilly Mornings

My boyfriend Nick is awesome in many ways. He loves to cuddle and he makes chocolate molten lava cakes for my friends when they're sad and he kind of looks like Mark Ruffalo and he says funny things like this. But when the weather turns cold, Nick transforms from a cuddly adorable funny pastry chef into a curmudgeonly middle-class father of six whose one goal in life is to make sure I don't turn the heater on.

Chilly fall and winter mornings consistently find me shuffling toward the thermostat, my extremities in the early stages of frostbite, and as I reach my shaky blue hand toward the dial, Nick pleads from the other room, "Can't you just put on a sweater?"

Nick and I had our first heater-related argument yesterday, which means autumn has officially begun. But you know what else that means? It's tights weather! And nothing warms my cold toes and heart faster than some fabulous hosiery.

I've actually never worn thigh-high stockings before, mostly because I'm worried they would give my thighs the appearance of a half-popped can of Pillsbury crescent rolls, but my friend Sara swears they're really flattering and wow do I love those bows.

These have been much hyped on the blogosphere in recent months, but here's the thing: they are teal and have a peacock feather on them. WORTH THE HYPE.

Super Basics Cotton Socks, $10
A liiiiiiitle boring, yes, but I'd layer these babies over some pink tights and tuck 'em into a pair of beat-up brown boots. Perfect. (And so cozy!)

I love that these tights could either be a subtle addition to a great outfit or the focal point, depending on how you style them. Just gorgeous.

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