Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogback Mountain

First and foremost, I'm so excited to announce that ModCloth is selling my book! I've adored ModCloth's amazing clothes and their support of the blogging community for a long time, so this was such a wonderful surprise. And be sure to check out the ModLife companion interview, where I give more book details and confess to fishing a vintage blouse out of a dumpster.

So cute.

The first photos of Alex and Joanna's wedding are up and they are even more gorgeous than expected (and wow, were my expectations high). Can't wait to see more!

A case against "boyfriend jeans" at Baby Gap.

Speaking of boyfriend jeans, ENC has a thought-provoking post (but aren't all her posts thought-provoking?) about boyfriend jeans--and other trends--coming back into style at waaaaaaay higher price points than their original incarnations.

I'm with Queen Marie on this one.

I have to get up for work at 4:30 AM tomorrow, so I'm reading and rereading this great Yes and Yes post about becoming a morning person. Sure, my time might be more wisely spent sleeping, but instead I'm memorizing her tips and getting strangely excited for my alarm to go off.

Tavi collected some beautiful Irving Penn photos.

Sesame bagels are so vain.

Love this tribute to Bea Arthur over at ABT Arcade (and check out her namesake necklace!).

Tuscon has been good to Amber and her leather shorts.

I recently discovered the fabulous blog Further Ado, which is a great mix of inspiration, fashion, life lessons, and book reviews. Plus, the lovely lady who writes it sort of looks like she might be long lost sister, so I'll have to ask my mom about that...

Danielle's quick marker drawing is just gorgeous.

I want everything featured in this post.

Loving Lisa's knee-high socks.

Our lil' Sally of Already Pretty is on the path to fame, fortune, and world domination, and I couldn't be happier about it. Hear her discuss the style and body image gospel on the Lorie & Julia radio show (adorable Minnesota accents included!).


Leah said...

the book looks great!! and love all the links!

anne said...

So when's your book signing at Powell's? :D

Academichic said...

Awesome links as always! Thank you! S.

ninaribena said...

Are you bringing your book tour to Australia?!!! F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S !!!
I'm going to need at least 4 copies for friends "in need" (you know)... plus one for me to read cover to cover repeatedly.


Anonymous said...

That is utterly awesome about Modcloth selling your book! Not surprising, but still awesome. And thanks for the shout-out, beautiful ... it's funny, you're like the fifth person to mention the accents, and I don't even HEAR them!

Elizabeth said...

wow, I'm on Blogback Mountain, and I don't feel even feel cheap.

I'm really flattered by this recognition, Winona. I don't think I've ever been honored in this way!

Thank you!

(Now I have to go read all these links!)

Elizabeth said...

I was so drunk with power I never said


on your book!

(hangs her head in shame)

Krista said...

So I find it a bit eerie that the page from your book pictured in this post is exactly the page I'm on, the one I left it on after reading last night. Crazy!

Lisa said...

Ooh I was browsing Modcloth last night and saw your book listed! So excited for you, Winona. :-)

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out in this edition of Blogback Mountain!

Amelia M said...

Wow, thanks for your lovely words! That's so very kind of you sis (haha)!

Fi said...

Hahah, RE: boyfriend jeans - I got some jeans labelled Boyfriend jeans from Target for $8, reduced to all hell. I'd never pay more, but my god the super dooper wide leg is comfortable.

$150 for those? Who are they kidding?

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