Friday, April 10, 2009


I received tons of hilarious emails about this dress, which I think deserves its very own Don't Show-cha Your Chocha entry:

Ummm, yeah.

Below, a sampling of reader commentary:

Elise: This prom dress is a lesson in anatomy. It was actually replaced with a different photo on the website, one less "open for business." I guess because too many people called and cried out, "Dear God what is that thing?!"

Jennifer: Well, it's not really close to being exposed, but it's kinda like having a neon sign says that says "CHOCHA HERE".

Laura: I feel like this could be OK in a different color...or it could instead become Alien Vulva.

Beatrix: My little sister was looking through prom dresses the other day and well... she found something that's not so much don't show-cha your chocha as it is an oversized outline of a vag.

Emily: Exactly whose father lets them out of the house wearing this on prom night?

Thanks so much to everyone who alerted me about this. You guys rock! And keep the chochas comin'!

p.s. Click here to check out the frantically photoshopped version of this dress.


caroline duke said...

more like light ON the box!

Anonymous said...

How did that EVER make it past ... well, anyone with a brain over at Light in the Box? Oy!

Pret a Porter P said...

considering that this is a prom dress, i find this perfectly appropriate.

Anonymous said...

O.M.G. Who created this monstrosity?! tis hilarious though! (^_^)

Rosie Unknown said...

Sad thing is, without the stupid....thing, it might be pretty!

Vanessa said...

I. Hate. Prom. Dresses. I hate them so much, but this is just... I would really rather see something neon with cut-outs and rhinestones.... God.

Devora said...

Here's a particularly.....fluttery one. Third photo down!

link to Style Bubble

Kate said...

Winona, you are doing such an important job here. If only more designers would listen up!

Light in the box. Hmmm. At least it's accurate!

Lisa said...

LOL Like Kate, I find the URL photo tag to be ironic given the chocha-riffic dress.

DaisyChain said...

Haha, well, thanks for the laugh first thing in the AM.

Whitney Josephine said...

I can't decide whether the designer of that dress was trying too hard...or not hard enough.

It just...baffles the mind...

susie_bubble said...

Wow... um.... well it's a pretty chocha representation there with the pink satin...

Dressed and Pressed said...

Um... attack of the giant chocha?

Peajai said...

Did your DSYC post cause them to photoshop their dress?! LOL You should feel proud for being a catalyst of change for chocha-shy prom goers everywhere!

Mishabelle said...

haha i'm glad that i'm not the only one who found the name of the website that came from sort of... ironic? it's got potential, but uhm.. yeah :)

pretty said...

God, my heart almost stopped there at that last sentence. I seriously thought you'd photoshopped a, um, chocha onto the dress and linked to it.

Sorry, I don't know why I assumed you'd ever do such a thing ;) x

ninaribena said...

Oh crap, I SPAT my coffee out! That is quite an alarming chocha defining gown. Damn nice find!

{still giggling}

echidna girl said...

If only they'd added pink polka dots on the nips it would have been complete.

hope505 said...

"When I was gardening naked, I spilled MIRACLE-GRO on my chocha and now look at me! ~ waaah! ~ "

Oh lordy. That is some...dress...

kadler said...

The second I saw that, I thought of you.

jess said...

this dress is the best way to get street cred in the red light district.

also, i really appreciate the model's sassy face while modeling an oversized pink satin chocha.

MizzJ said...

Haha yeah you gotta give it to her, she is definitely earning her modeling fee. How could they photoshop that out on the site?! That's so deceitful b/c some poor girl is going to buy it and then have to force herself to wear it!!

LallaLydia said...

Am I the only one that thinks this looks like a vulva? This is the most crass DSYC rag ever! God you could teach anatomy class with this dress!

Words Between the Spaces said...

You just gave me nightmares!

BTW, I showed my Puerto Rican boyfriend your DSYC page and he just about peed his hotpants. Chocha in PR means just what you say it is. Thanks for making our day! luv u!!!

Unknown said...

chocha dress funny!

oh, and my verification word to leave this comment? "lezzedis". your post now scares me.

Anonymous said...

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