Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Esther Williams changed my life.

I do not have what you would call a "flat stomach." I have more of what you would call a "rotund gut." Okay, it's not thaaat bad, but still, my whole life I've worn drab, conservative black one piece swimsuits that didn't match my personality at all. I always looked like I was going to a pool funeral.

So this summer I tinkered with the idea of finally conquering my mortal fear of bikinis and just going for it. I felt that it would be a great showing of feminism and body confidence, like, "yes, I have a big belly, but I'm in a bikini and I'm proud!" Plus, as every woman knows, bikinis are always cuter than one-pieces. I've seen that trend change for the better recently (like in the "A Swimsuit for EVERY Body" sections of the summer fashion magazines this year, they actually had pages devoted to hot one-piece suits instead of the usual, "Bikini not for you? Just kill yourself."), but it's still pretty slim pickings out there.

I was going to order a cute bikini online--I even had one picked out--but I was terrified. My cool feminist body confident bikini plan had some kinks in it. Mainly, I was way too scared to buy a bikini.

I was surfing the net dejectedly when I finally came across the Esther Williams swimwear website. These were exactly what I'd been looking for. Totally retro, totally cute, totally belly covering. Look!
I bought this lovely style in black and white polka dot, and it is GORGEOUS. Each suit is made when you order it (you get to pick your suit style and fabric), they fit perfectly, and they're only $79! I like to lounge by the pool in mine and my big black Gucci sunglasses and pretend I'm reading, but really I'm just pondering how anyone could possibly look any more glamorous than I do right now.

They have retro bikinis too. So what if it's almost fall (or is it fall already? I don't know). In any case, cuteness knows no season, my friends.

So stop the poolside mourning and go get something cute!


Cindy said...

I had an Esther Williams swimsuit for years and LOVED it. The suit was very flattering and a pretty blue color. Finally the elastic gave out and I didnt even think she still made the swimsuits. THANK you for posting this. Now maybe I can find something!!


Alice said...

Yeah, but "itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot Esther Williams vintage one-piece" doesn't have the same ring :-)

Krizia said...

Eeee I love you Winona! Me and my sis read you all the time and "discuss" your blog. In the mornings, we're like, "Did you read Daddy Likey's post yet?" Our faves are the 5 men, and Don't Show-cha your you-know-what-a. Congrats on an excellent blog. When I start working for Conde Nast or Forbes this year (crosses fingers), I'll pass your name along for sure! ;) Like me and my sis always say to cool folks like yourself, "You are so fab!"

G.G. said...

And the best thing is, this trend is coming up for Summer 2008. Thank the heavens!

Marianne said...

Oh, bless you, this is perfect! Do the suits run fairly true to size?

daddylikeyblog said...

Eeeeeeep I love you too!

Yep, they run very true to size, and they're also very stretchy which helps get a great fit.

VaVaVoom said...

OMG! So I got my Bathing suit today in the mail and couldnt wait to try it on. It is so HOT! The first thing my fiance said was WOW....retro but sexy. I got the two peice classic sheath. Now mind you I am 25 years old, have 1 kid, and im pretty good shape, but very self conscious about my tummy(u know...battle scars) So anyways I usually stay away from two peices. but with this bathing suit it is high waisted and still looks great...I feel great in it, and i cant wait to get my next one.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I had an Esther Williams swimsuit. (I bought it at I-Magnin, just to show how long ago it was!). I have never had another suit I liked as much. Normally, I wouldn't buy a suit on the web, where I can't try it on, but I am going to buy one of these.

Retro Swimwear by Popina said...

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