Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let's Show Some Leg for Jesus

The wonderful Applediva left this comment on my last post:

You are lucky you don't know me, but in the 90s, I use to wear some short skirts to church. I have great legs, and I had to show them off for Jesus.

Ms. Applediva, I have to say I wish I knew you, because that is just about the coolest thing I've ever heard. I'm such a fan of this idea that I thought I'd do a whole post dedicated to it, so ladies, here are some ways to show off your great legs. For Jesus.

Let's start with my latest mini skirt obsession:

I was actually on my way to buy this skirt today (maybe in the purple though? I'm undecided) with my friend Khathy, and we were about halfway to Urban Outfitters when our plan was thwarted by a nasty thunderstorm. It was one of those cliche storms too, the kind with lightning flashes and thunderclaps that would symbolize something really dangerous and obvious if my life were a movie. Divine intervention? Of course not! I'll go back tomorrow.
Lux Pastel Denim Mini, $48,

If you've got $1100 to drop on a couple square feet of fabric (and really, who doesn't?), then this is a great, leg-showcasing option:

Chloe metallic skirt, $1105,

So, I've had a picture of this dress saved on my computer for about two months now:

About once a week for the duration of this time, I've pulled the picture up and tried to write a post about it, but it always turns out like, "Isn't this dress cute??" or "What a great dress!" or something equally boring and devoid of cleverness, and I give up. So today I, well, I guess I still didn't write anything clever about it, but it works with the show-some-leg theme so I'll just stick it in here and hope nobody notices this boring paragraph. Isn't this dress cute??
Lana Eyelet Babydoll dress, $34.50,

I'm loving these bubble skirts from Le Train Bleu:

On sale for $59 and $134 (top to bottom),

I've never been much of a shorts girl. Basically, my thighs are total bff and will resort to disturbing and extremely unflattering measures to be together--a couple inches of thin fabric doesn't stand a chance in hell between them. But if I were a shorts girl (and for Jesus, who knows), I would wear these with a ribbed black tanktop, leather sandals, and a huge pair of badass sunglasses:

Perry Stripe Short, $26.50,

Holy hell:

That wasn't planned religious wordplay there, I swear, it's the involuntary exclamation that accompanied my first sighting of this dress. Perfection!
French Connection 'Dutel' Jacquard Shift Dress, $168,

Wear a dress like this and you risk showing Jesus some chocha (do you go to hell for using "Jesus" and "chocha" in the same sentence? probably...)

I'd recommend some tights or leggings for Jesus with this one. But I'm not here to judge.
Printed Silk Shift Dress, $128,

Now go forth, my children, and show some leg.


Anonymous said...

You are too funny. The Chloe metallic mini is a godsend. :D The skirt looks very schoolgirlish, hmm maybe of the naughty variety. I loves it. Thanks for the unexpected shout out,but I hope your weren't mocking me. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

oh i've tried that purple french connection shift dress on. tres cute but tres uncomfortable. felt like i was wearing a cardboard suit. loving the babydoll from delias tho!

Anonymous said...

i love the bell sleeves on that dress from french connection. now if only they have it in other colors...

a said...

oh how stupid I am, I just read the title of the last post... it answers all my completely retarded questions to you.
oh if only I had the legs to wear something short... alas, the fat thighs gene has been passed down to every girl in the family, generation to generation... while the boys stay nice and skinny

maya said...

Good legs is what I have been blessed with and i lurve wearing short skirts and shorts. and dresses.

daddylikeyblog said...

I would never mock a reader! I seriously love your outlook and I had to share it with the world. Thanks for the inspiration, and I hope you don't mind a little publicity!

Annie P,
Thanks for the tip on that French Connection dress. I am saddened by the news but definitely glad to hear it before I bought the dress online in a bout of debit card weakness.

Joanna Goddard said...

so hilarious. i laughed out loud multiples times during this post. if that means i'm going to hell, that sobeit.

i'm also off to buy that dress from nordstroms!!

thanks for the great and hilarious post.


Anonymous said...

No, thank you. You have a great blog! :-D

Anonymous said...

Nona, your post has inspired me to buy that mini from urban, maybe we can go together and put that discount to good use? Eh? I love Le Train Bleu by the way! That's where i got that ivory dress! Anyway, see you tomorrow bitch.

Emma said...

love the shorts.

Sarah said...

i love the metallic skirt

Honeybee said...

I love this post. You're unbelivably funny! I also love miniskirts but I'm very self-conscious indeed about my thighs. I wouldn't call them fat but they're definitely not gazell-y (haha) if you know what I mean. Maybe I'll go to some foreign country on holiday and wear a miniskirt. Nobody will know me there.

Maddy said...

I don't think I can express how much I love that Chloe skirt. I love it a very very lot.

Cate said...

hahahaha, winona, i don't know if you'll ever see this comment, but i love your blog enough to go back through the archives periodically. i am currently sitting in san francisco on business in a hotel and the people next door just banged on the wall to get me to shut up, i was laughing so hard and so loud at the "my thighs are bff and will resort to desperate and unflattering measures" paragraph. i just started laughing again quoting it. you rule.

Anonymous said...

I think mini's are ok as long as they are worn with leggins

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