Monday, June 25, 2007

Blogback Mountain: Stalling Edition

I've got a bit of finishing up to do on a fashion advice post, which I'll try to get up later today. In the meantime, check out these links:

You know that friend in elementary/junior/high school who always copied everything you did? Imagine if they changed their name to yours. That's how Lanvin feels.

That Dress is Divine! has this week's Fabulous! Festival (one of my writing teachers told me that writers should get only two exclamation points to use throughout their career, so they must use them sparingly...damnit).

Flashy Shades is a fan of Kate Beckinsale's flashy shades.

A while ago, my brothers and I declared Alec Guinness' birthday a day of celebration, sorrow, and Star Wars marathons. If Obi-Wan doesn't strike your fancy, Gala Darling has some alternate (celebrity) reasons to celebrate.

Raincoaster turns my impulse buy into an overalls movement. That's right, I'm the Dalai Lama of Denim.

Happy Monday! God I hate when people say that. Sorry.
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