Thursday, June 28, 2007

This Post is Short Because I'm Rather Speechless...

Well, well, well...a quick flip through the J. Crew catalog this evening brought quite the surprise:

Yes, that would be a pair of J. Crew overalls. Priced to sell at $118.

Considering the fact that "Yes, I'm judging you," is currently leading my personal overalls poll by a fairly wide margin (with "I'm judging you a little" coming in second), I'm sure glad I got mine for $9.


Anonymous said...

Not sure I'm ready for the return of overalls just yet... but we'll see... this pictures is surprisingly cute with those flat flip flops. Nora

Ana said...

I beleive in abstaining from overalls (except when painting/gardening/working on cars). sorry winona!

love, Ana

theovereducatedvalet said...

I really, really hope that J.Crew coming out with a pair of overalls doesn't signal the return of the 90s overalls trend. They're just so darn shapeless! The nicest thing I can think to say is that at least the J. Crew version uses a dressier fabric...

Anonymous said...

I'm judging J. Crew too : P

Muttersome said...

Bernadette is too long.

But I do not judge, since I myself love the overall, and have recently tried the skirtall. I love not feeling that waistband around my tummy.

Maddy said...

Frick on a stick! $118 for something that probably/hopefully won't be worn in public?

Anonymous said...

Just because J.Crew is doing it doesn't mean it's okay.

Me said...

I like them : (

Joanna Goddard said...

i secretly like them too, jamie. or at least the model looks really cute -- i can't really imagine wearing them.

Anonymous said...

I like it. :)

Jennifer said...

the last time i went out in a pair of overalls, some weird old man asked me if i was a stripper.

Anonymous said...

heh ... I remember wearing overalls in middle school. my favorite ones were lavendar velveteen, from the Gap.

Pret a Porter P said...

this reminds of those ads Gap did for spring/summer for the whole boyfriend fit thing

Pret a Porter P said...

The minute I saw this, I thought of you! You must post this picture!

How dare anyone question overalls after seeing this!

Anonymous said...

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