Thursday, June 21, 2007

Overall, I'm Obsessed.

Instead of writing a post today, I went to Goodwill. And I bought overalls. And I love them.

Are you judging me right now?
A little.
I'm wearing overalls right now.


Anonymous said...

you crack me up.

Kasmira said...

Okay - I have to admit that I've been eyeing overalls at the thrift stores lately. They'd be so handy for gardening in. And what if I turned one into a mini-skirt jumper? How cute would that be?

Let's start an overall trend. But wearing one strap up and one strap down is NOT cool.

tiff said...

As long as you don't have your stomach cut out, I'm not judging you!

The Tinfoil Saint said...

i dont see what the big Uncool Factor is about overalls. there's a picture of my mom from the late seventies and she's wearing some dark blue overalls with a cute red and white horizontal striped short tube top/ bandeau thing and it looks SO UNEXPECTEDLY GOOD.
maybe i just have bad fashion sense?

daddylikeyblog said...

Get some and we'll start it together.

Still considering cutting out the stomach, but haven't acted on the urge yet.

No, you and your mother have the best fashion sense ever. Like me.

shrinkykitten said...

I still covet the overall dress that whatsherface wore in that movie where she plays the nanny to dakota fanning - you know, the chick that was so adorable in Clueless, and then who lost tons of weight and was all of a sudden super popular with a great wardrobe - yet less appealing than in clueless? The overall dress she wore with all the embroidery and patches is my dream dress.

And I love overalls too. My college roommate and I called them "overhalls." Cuz we were cool. Yes we were. Just don't wear them with birkenstocks. But with converse and a tank top? super cute.

Candid Cool said...

now i would ask what would be martin's opinion, but i don't think i want to see that picture ever. again.

and overalls can look cute! i'm not judging you

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Anonymous said...

You know what that pic reminded me of?

Those lingerie sets with, erm, direct access.

Now my eyes are burning.

raincoaster said...

Overallistas Unite!

I love my overalls. The last time I wore them a platonic friend went out of his way to confess that they gave him non-platonic thoughts (even though, no, they didn't have any cutouts).

But you do need to wear the overalls with cute shoes. Sneakers are just a little too down on the farm with overalls.

Isabel said...

I like overalls, but it's so hard to find a pair that fits!!! Clearly that potbelly guy had the same problem I do. What a terrifying picture!

Nenette AM said...

Love how the nipples are ever-so-modestly covered up...

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