Monday, June 11, 2007

When I Say "Fashion," You Say "Mad Libs!"

Well, I made it. I walked almost fourteen miles in the wind and rain on an hour of sleep and two extremely ill-advised apple fritters. Sorry for the blogging delay, but I've been so exhausted since that lil' ordeal that I've tried (and basically succeeded) to refrain from thinking at all this weekend. This worked out really well for the aggregate 17 hours I spent in bed reading Us Weekly, and not so well for the rest of the time I spent grading communication theories papers and completely blowing my well-honed "smart" facade--"Expectancy Violations Theory! That sounds lovely!"

Thanks so much for the encouraging comments, by the way (Emma--I plan to take your notion a step further and live my whole life as if I am simply striving for a vat of Nutella). And if you're one of my dear friends who left me a kind, understanding voicemail (Laila--oh my gosh congratulations!!), or an angry, impatient one (Joei--you're such a jackass but I love you anyway), know that I adore you and will call you within the next couple days as my brain slowly regenerates.

And now, it's time for a popular feature that doesn't require much brainpower or wit on my part, which I'm totally loving right now. Yes, it is time once again for Fashion Mad Libs!

If you are a cool kid who has read Daddy Likey for a while, you know the drill. And if you're a really cool kid you know that "you know the drill" in different color letters means that you can click on it to learn the drill. But basically, I make a list of words that I need filled in, and you, my smart, beautiful readers with suspiciously impressive vocabularies, fill them in one at a time in the comments section. When they're all completed, I'll plug them into a fashion blurb I've borrowed/plagiarized, and hilarity shall ensue. Sound good? Okay then:

1. Adjective
2. Celebrity

3. Noun

4. Type of Medical Professional
5. Plural Noun
6. Plural Noun

7. Plural Noun

8. Verb
9. Plural Noun

10. Science Fiction-y Word (you can choose one or make one up)

11. Noun

12. Verb
13. Noun

14. Body Part (plural)
15. Adjective

16. Adjective

17. Body Part

18. Something you take in

19. Verb

20. Noun

21. A Number

22. Adjective

23. Article of Clothing
24. Verb

25. Noun

26. Plural Noun

Be sure to do them in order and to write the number next to your word (example: 1. Ugly) to make things easier for me and your fellow Mad Libbers. Keep it (mostly) clean, have fun with it, and I'll post our masterpiece soon after that last Plural Noun is filled in.

And now I'm off...striving for Nutella.


Nick said...

1. Fierce

Anonymous said...


Kari said...

3. Water Bottle

kgrichman said...

4. proctologist

QueenMichelle said...


Kate said...

6. elephants

wunderley said...

7. puddles

Martha said...


Martha said...


your little bro said...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


nikkibee said...


sterling said...

12 Strangle

RachelP said...

13. jactation

the lipstick lady said...

14. nasal hairs

Jessica said...

15. throbbing

Krista said...

15. explosive

The Narcist said...


Anonymous said...

18. Oxygen

Xanthippe said...

19. boogie

Annie said...

20. fire hydrant

Mira said...

21. Twenty-one

Meg said...

22. ravishing

Eritia said...

23, Long black wool cape with green ribbon trim.

Anonymous said...

24. vituperated

mylene said...

25. scar

Nicky said...

26. butt cheeks

laila said...

thanks babe! totally not something I ever thought I'd be doing, but it'll be a great experience. can't wait to catch up!

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