Thursday, March 15, 2007

Let's Play Fashion Mad Libs!

Hopefully, you've played Mad Libs before (if you've never heard of it, call your parents immediately and ask them to explain your hollow and wasted childhood).

But just in case, I'll give you a quick overview. Mad Libs is a game where one player gets a silly little story with some of the words blanked out, and brief prompts to tell the other player what sort of words they are needed to fill in the blanks. A Mad Libs story might look something like this (and if you are an international reader, pay close attention, because this is pretty much the only way American children learn grammar):

Today I _______(verb, past-tense) Lucky magazine. I got really _______(adjective) because they turned like _____(large number) nouns into adjectives to describe things. They said, "These _______(article of clothing, plural) are so _______(noun)-y." How _______ (adjective) is that? I ____(verb) them.

So then the first player will ask the second player to say a verb, past-tense, and the second player will say, "What's a verb?" and the first player will look at the grammar cheat sheet at the front of the Mad Libs booklet and say really condescendingly, "an action word," and then when the second player says "what's an action word?" the first player will say he has to go the bathroom and then run up to his parents' room and ask his mom what a past-tense verb is and come back and say to player two, "'Ran' is a past-tense verb." And then the second player will say, "Oh, okay, 'ran,' then." So they'll go through all the blanks like that, and about three hours later they will have a delightfully silly little story, which player one will read to player two with hysterical results. Maybe in the end, the story reads like this:

Today I ran Lucky magazine. I got really ugly because they turned like 5,000 nouns into adjectives to describe things. They said, "These tuxedoes are so elephant-y." How smelly is that? I eat them.

LOL! Hilarious, right? What's that? You've never been more confused? Oh, shush.

Now that my extremely concise and eloquent description has made the game perfectly clear, it's our turn to play. I have chosen a fashion-related blurb and Mad Liberated it (god, my cleverness factor is through the roof today!), so now I will be player one, and all of you guys are player two.

In the order of your comments, give me a word to fill in the blanks with the types of words described below (for example, the first commenter will give me a noun, the second will give me a verb, the sixth a notable period in history, etc.--one per comment). Get a little crazy, people!

1. Noun
2. Verb, past-tense
3. Noun
4. Noun
5. Something you'd find at your grandparent's house
6. Verb, past-tense
7. Notable period in history
8. Noun
9. An invention
10. Adjective
11. Noun
12. Adjective
13. Adjective
14. type of animal
15. Adjective
16. Verb
17. Noun
18. Adjective
19. Adjective

As soon as the 19 responses have been posted (which hopefully won't take, like, four weeks) I'll post our hilarious (and possibly anticlimactic) completed fashion blurb! Stay tuned!


holly said...

1. meatloaf

C~ said...


Sterling said...


plume said...

spray can

QM said...

5. Green glass fish ornaments

kg said...

6. poked

AES said...

Late Byzantine

wunderley said...


papagena said...

9. light bulb

VDOprincess said...

10. capricious

Rachelle said...

11. (noun) Marc Jacobs handbag

missc said...

12. infuriatingly

RachelP said...

13. jejune

Eleftheria said...


Meg said...

15. potent

urban bloom said...

16. manufacture

Jessica said...

17. rubber duck

KRISTA said...

18. abrasive

dusk&summer said...

19. soft

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