Thursday, March 15, 2007

Miu Miu Mad Libs!

This might be my new favorite feature (read the post below first if you haven't yet). I think we should all become a fashion writing team with our revolutionary new technique:

Ever since Miuccia Prada made a meatloaf a luxe status symbol, the fashion pack knew they had married onto a dumptruck. In 1978, with no design training, but a spray can, Miuccia took over her grandfather's green glass fish ornaments. By the mid-80's, Prada had poked a moisturizer. Then, in the Late Byzantine, she created the lightbulb, and the capricious sister label was an instant Marc Jacobs handbag. Miu Miu is feminine without being overly infuriating, chic but also jejune. By mixing masculine with gastronomic, the ordinary with the potent, Miuccia manufactures a rubber duck that is instantly abrasive yet never soft.

You guys are geniuses. To see the original (vastly inferior, if you ask me) blurb from Netaporter, click here.

p.s. So who had to ask their parents what a noun was? Anyone want to fess up?

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