Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Operation Jumper

A lovely Daddy Likey reader emailed me recently with a desperate fashion plea:

Dearest blogger of all bloggers,

I have been searching for a jumper dress with front pockets for the
longest time! I've imagined myself wearing it alone, with short and long sleeve shirts underneath, with stockings, with jeans, with cardigans and cute hats!

My search began one day when I was in
Forever21, and found the perfect dress, but the Small was not small enough. I am very petite! But not ridiculously so, but just enough that the dresses I've tried end up looking baggy. I thought my search was over when I found this pretty thing from our mutual friend Delia's:

But apparently, the item is out of stock, and won't be available until MAY 12, 2007.

Please, Winona, help a sissstah out! Find me a lovely, reasonably
priced jumper dress to encapsulate all that is cute and adorable, but simultaneously edgy!


Not Jumper-ing for Joy

Okay, okay, I added that painfully corny sign-off, but I swear the "blogger of all bloggers" line is authentic (and totally cool--I'm gonna get that printed on an oversized button and point to it whenever peasants or regular bloggers try to talk to me).

But back to the point--my dear NJFJ, you have impeccable taste. I, too, love jumpers with front pockets as much as Fergie loves to spell out words in her songs. They are (give me a nice echo here) G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. Well, maybe that's the wrong word. How about C-U-T-E?

I originally told NJFJ that I'd get to this jumper-with-front-pockets mission (henceforth known as Operation Jumper) as soon as I finished studying for a final I have tomorrow, but a funny thing happened when I was studying for my final--I said, "Screw studying" and decided to look at cute jumpers instead.

Here's what I found:

Tempted Babydoll Jumper with Pockets, $48, macys.com

Gibson Knit Jumper with Pockets, $58, nordstrom.com

Pocket Trapeze Dress (also in charcoal grey), $36.50, alloy.com

2 Pocket Button Jumper Dress, $26.50, wetseal.com

Urban Outfitters has this red one on sale for $34.99:

Lux Button Jumper Dress, urbn.com

And they have another version for $58 in different colors, including charcoal grey and this awesome crisp white:

Don't you love how this looks layered over a sexy camisole? How chic (and comfortable) will this be in the spring?

If you can part with the pockets, both of these are incredibly cute (especially the black one, I might have to get that one myself):

Necessary Objects Empire Jumper Dress, on sale for $32.90, nordstrom.com (I kinda want to punch this model in the face too.)

Tempted Button Jumper, $48, macys.com

If you can't part with the pockets but could stand sleeves (even if, technically, that means it's not a jumper anymore), try this one:

Necessary Objects Puff Sleeve Mary Jane Dress, $62, nordstrom.com

If you want to get a lil' crazy with the pattern (or, you know, just have $24.50 to spend on a cute little dress), check this one out:

Circle Printed Jumper Dress, yep, $24.50, wetseal.com

I do hope Operation Jumper has been somewhat of a success. If any of you out there know of a perfect jumper-with-pockets option that I missed, feel free to post the link in the comments or email it to me and I'll add it to the post.

Godspeed young cadet, and mark my words that someday, you will jumper for joy.


Lily Plume said...

too many cute dresses here! the 3rd one is amazing! but I assume none of those website are shipping to France :(

jenna said...

Too cute!

Joanna Goddard said...

wow, amazing work! :)

Sarah B ;-) said...

LOL... What a great post!

Cute cute CUTE!

Ana said...

lol, you mentioned fergie, and my heart is full of warm fuzzies. HAHA

Miss V. said...

Ooh loved the post! You have me laughing here. Great picks as well, I love the first red dress.

Pauline Joy said...

on winona!

Thanks so much, I purchased the first one, and I might buy the other ones. Thanks a lot again. I'm really excited about recieving it in the mail.

I can't believe you found so many, I thought I had looked everywhere, but apparently not!

Good luck on the finals again!

daddylikeyblog said...

I'm so glad you found one you liked! Be sure to tell me if it's as cute in real life and if it does fill that gaping hole in your wardrobe.

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