Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blogback Mountain

Some blogs I'd like to have intimate relations with while guarding a herd of sheep together in the mountains of Wyoming, even though society will never understand. Or maybe just some cool posts you might want to read:

My new bbff (best blogger friend forever, duh) Meg over at Faking Good Breeding braved the MAC counter to test their intimidatingly technicolored Barbie line and lived to tell the tale.

Emi at Letters to Marc Jacobs shows the designer her feet, pleads for wide shoe equality.

If I tried to rock a pair of $4 PVC leggings, I would probably look enough like a small, flamboyant, gay man to be mistakenly dropped off at a gay bar called the Gothic Asshole like Tobias on Arrested Development, but Queen Michelle over at Kingdom Of Style just rocks them, period.
I know, I hate her too.

My fellow stylish Portlander Catie over at Cuffington weighs in on "the very long shirt vs. the very short dress" debate. I say to avoid any more unnecessary chocha exposure, let's err on the side of very long shirt, shall we?

The only thing I learned how to say in my freshman year French class was "I am a lot of mangoes," so I have no idea what this blog is talking about, but homegirl's got exquisite taste.

She's A Betty has a great post about J. Crew raking in the dough thanks to their terrifying new prices. And I'm not just plugging it because the article refers to me as "smart," although that never hurts.

Ambika over at The Fray discusses how Amelie changed her life. Surely not as much as Mr. Nanny changed mine.
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