Monday, March 19, 2007

Daddy Likey Style Guide: Robert Downey Jr. in Zodiac

I just saw Zodiac, which was pretty much the greatest movie ever. But more importantly, sweet mother of jesus did Robert Downey Jr. look hot in those 70's clothes. All of the pictures that support my case seem to be vehemently copyrighted, so I have to just show you this one (the one scene where he's dressed fairly boring, of course) and hope you've either seen the movie or that you're very trusting and will just take my word for it.

His smartass reporter wardrobe (I've always had a thing for smartass reporters) consisted of incredible coats, vests, button-up shirts, slim slacks, Beatles boots, and patterned scarves tied at the neck (and he certainly did not look like an English teacher).

If you're a guy who loves vintage, a girl who wants to dress like a guy who loves vintage, a girl who wants to dress her guy like a guy who loves vintage, or any combination thereof, here's how to get his look:

(Most of the clothes featured here are one-of-a-kind vintage, so if you like what you see, get your ass to that link and buy it before someone else does!)

First, you'll need a jacket, like this one:

Bulky and kinda ugly, sure, but you're cool enough to make it look hot.
Vintage, $52, here.

This one would totally work too:

Vintage, $60, here.

Add a collared shirt with a bit of kitchsy detail:

Vintage Levi's, $22, here.

Or, hell, maybe a lot of kitchsy detail:

Vintage, $27, here.

Then, you'll need some awesome slacks, and don't worry about clashing patterns (heellllooo you're Robert Downey Jr.! The rules don't apply to you!). These would be great:

Fink Glen Plaid 5 Pocket Pant, $44,

But some broken-in 1970's Levi's would be even greater:

Just $9.99 on ebay right now, bid here.

And remember, serious vests look good with everything:

'Jonsi' Vest, $145,

Kenneth Cole Reaction velvet vest, on sale for $49.99 at Sweet vest, but good god I want to punch that guy in the face.

Now, time for accessories.

To finish the look, you'll need some badass boots:

$99.00, here.

Or maybe these:

Vintage Gucci, $20.50(!) on ebay, only twelve hours left! bid here.

And some mega-nerdy glasses:

God I want these. $6.99, bid here.

Tie a crazy silk scarf around your neck:

$3.50, bid here.

To answer your question, yes, Mr. Downey Jr. could totally pull this off. Oscar De La Renta, $6.99, bid here.

And finally, top it off, literally, with a grimy hat:

Ooh I want this too. Ten bucks as of now, bid here.

Ta-da! You're a smartass reporter from a different era! Maybe people will look at you funny on the street, but you'll get one blogger's loins tingling, and that's what really matters.


Marissa said...


Becky said...

"Sweet vest, but good god I want to punch that guy in the face." HAH! I was thinking the exact same thing as I scrolled down. What is up with his expression?

Guys, take note. More than just one blogger's loins would be tingling if more of you dressed this way.

sengyip said...

I like the gray vest..I guess the other one is nice too if the guy didn't have that expression on his face lol.

I saw a nice vest at Esprit today and was wondering if I should get it, maybe now I will hehe..oh and Becky - duely noted :D

Pauline Joy said...

The glasses ARE AWESOME!

Candid Cool said...

that 1st scarf is groovy

Ana said...

wow before I even read your comment, I was like, OMG what a smug looking jackass. but yeah, I do wanna punch him in the face.

I am glad we are on the same wavelength.

Anonymous said...

it's official, we are the same person trapped on different coasts.

i've always had a thing for RDJ... but i saw zodiac and i nearly DIED. what a man. i am so glad you posted this.

marcella downey jr

dusk&summer said...

lmao i totally agree, and nice picks. but what about Jake G, hes pretty gorgeous too, no? although his style in the movie was nothing compared to that of RDJ's.

Nick said...

Nona, all I'm saying is that if you wanted to leave me for Robert Downey Jr., I would be totally fine with that. I would probably do the same.

T.Ruby said...

First of all, Bonjour! Thanks for the kind words about me on Ms. Partin's wall. Anyways, Ms. Partin and I saw Zodiac last night and she told me all about your Robert Downey Jr. blog just before he appeared in a green vest/shirt/whatnots. I told her I was going to start dressing like that, although I do think something must be said for Mark Ruffalo's bowtie and holster combination. I also decided that suspenders and bowties could have the same fanciful effect, though I would run the risk of being called Farnsworth Bentley.

daddylikeyblog said...

Oh my gosh, of course Mark Ruffalo's style and hotness in Zodiac cannot and should not be overlooked. He worked those bowties to great erotic effect (I previously believed I would die before writing that sentence, but I guess not). I fully support your decision to start dressing like these incredible men, although that means we probably shouldn't ever hang out, because I would probably end up hitting on you and/or humping your leg and things could get awkward.

Anonymous said...


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