Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Have Dress, Need Warmth

I just found a lonely little pile of reader mail from early November that somehow got skipped over in the frenzy of my move, and that's in addition to the current pile that needs to be answered, so the next week or two will include lots of Q&A catch up. Hopefully the readers who wrote these emails still read the blog, remember they wrote these emails in the first place, and haven't died of old age. (Hang on, Claire! Stay with us!)

First up:

Dear Winona,

I'm liking the dress with tights trend, but in most of the photos for this look the model is not wearing a jacket, a sweater... anything on top of the dress. What kind of warm outer layer would work with this look? Maybe a longer peacoat? I'm really at a loss.... but something warm is neccessary- I live in the northwest where we freeze our butts off all winter!

The dress I wear most often is generally shaped like this on top:

But the skirt is shorter, just a few inches above the knees. I usually wear black or graphite/heather opaque tights, with black flats.

I love your blog, you seem like the perfect person to ask!


Sleeveless in Seattle

PS: You can do the dress/tights thing with flats... right? They have itty bitty heels on 'em. I think they look good, but I just thought I'd ask the guru.

Dear Sleeveless,

First off, Northwest represent! (Yes, I'm throwing up an NW gang sign right now.) Where do you live? And why aren't we friends? We should def make a date to drink coffee in the rain together sometime.

But anyway, back to the matter at hand: I love me a dress with some tights! I wore a dress with tights just today, actually. And the outfit you describe sounds mega cute. Too cute, in fact, for us to be friends. So scratch that. (I'm trying to phase out all of my witty, pretty friends and replace them with boring, homely ones.)

Pretty much any outer layer your heart desires is going to look amazing with this. I love your peacoat idea, especially if the dress is a bright print and and long enough to peek out an inch or two below the coat's hem.

In other news, how cute is this girl's hair?
Tulle Double Breasted Wool Coat, $78, nordstrom.com

I have a hot pink double breasted raincoat that I wear over dresses all the time. Especially if you're rockin an LBD (am I the only one who hates that acronym? It sounds positively venereal), it's easy and chic to throw on a bright coat.

This model kind of looks like she's waiting for her man to come home on their anniversary so she can throw open that bright little coat and say, "Ta-da! I'm naked!", but obviously you don't have to do that (unless you want to).
Gallery Belted Trench Coat, $148, nordstrom.com

I also love the the juxtaposition of a sweet dress and cute tights with a chunky old man cardigan (a more subdued version of the "own the ugly thing" I discussed recently).

This guy's a little douchey, but I dig the sweater.
Tasso Elba Button Front Cardigan, $59, macys.com (try the men's section in thrift stores for more cheap, funky cardigans)

If you haven't already, check out Ambika's recent coat posts for more outerwear options from another soggy northwest babe. (Here and here)

p.s. FOR SURE you can do tights with flats! Do tights with anything! Except cocaine. Don't do cocaine.


WendyB said...

Oh please! Who does cocaine? It's all about meth and chunky cardigans now.

Anonymous said...

That girl's hair is too cute. Damn. Why is it that I'm ALWAYS inspired to chop my hair in the middle of winter?

Anonymous said...

I too rocked the dress with leggings and a funky old man sweater today. I also had the added bonus of wearing the finest pair of puke-red boots in all the land.

I swear I get compliments on them, despite the afore-mentioned color of vomit. Throw-up is the new chic color combo in Maine.

Rebecca Wigmore said...

To be honest, I can't much trust a fashion that advises against cocaine. Apparently not taking cocaine reduces your overall fabulousity by around 44%. I can't afford the loss in self esteem alone. Still, you appear to be for prostheses which is a step in the right direction.

Also also also - you make me laugh which is shockingly rare in fashion writing. I never thought how to dress my douche before.

Additionally also also also: here is my blog that i write with my friend Tor. I would like it if you came: http://fabfrocks.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I nearly spit udon all over my keyboard.

Smaggle said...

Always tights and dresses! I have a pathological fear of pants so I have little choice in Winter but do the tights and dresses thang...
Love your blog p.s.
So deliciously bitter!

Anonymous said...

YES! Why, oh why, do the cool bloggers always seem to reside in far off lands like Los Angeles or New York or Canada? I'm from good ol' Kirland, WA (burb of Seattle, straight across the lake and take a left) so its nice to hear that maybe some day we will be able to start a revolution of hot and happining Northwestern fashionistas.


la petite fashionista said...

this advice comes in handy for me too: a florida girl experiencing frigid weather for the first time.. ever. i've been experimenting with layering and tights!


Anonymous said...

Awww that was my question! Thanks for answering it :-)
Since then I went ahead and got a black wool coat almost exactly like that pink one. I love it. Good advice!
Also, I gotta mention that when I saw the post with you wearing the sorrels I just about kicked myself for leaving my ugly old (identical) boots back in Spokane when I moved over to the west side.
So similar... we _should_ be friends! I guess we might be too cute together though, especially if we were both sipping coffee and wearing cardigans.

NW Love.

PS: I actually had that girls haircut for a long time. (Cute overload: barf!)

Anonymous said...

Also, eMiLy8278205,
NW fashion is the best!
Washington has got incredible style vibes... it's like glam meets lumberjack but we actually do it well! hah.
Seriously though. We should start a fashion revolution and call it "Lumber Glam."

LDF said...

That guy is a LOT douchey.

Smaggle said...

Oh and p.s I linked to your blog.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Recently, I bought very nice coat from Nordstrom store through couponalbum.com at discounted price.....

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Def. need warmth, though those tips will help.

EvaAmarri said...

You have a great blog. Would u like to link?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Great sense of style and humour!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I love the idea of a peacoat...pity I don't actually live somewhere cold enough to need one.

Georgie said...

Sometimes I think girls do menswear a lot better than boys do it, especially if it's a boy's cardigan with a dress or something. Perfect!

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