Monday, June 16, 2008

CONTEST! Seventeen Syllables for PRADA

Is there any way to improve a Monday morning? Hmm...let's see...donut binge, not really...brisk walk, too much work... Oh! How about a chance to win a brand new Prada wallet?

That's right, it's finally contest time again here at Daddy Likey. All you have to do for your chance to win this gorgeous (and expensive) accessory is write me a High Fashion Haiku about your favorite--or least favorite--designer or brand.

Do you believe Michael Kors is God's true son? Would you sell your little brother for a Chanel purse? Do you think Stella McCartney needs to GET OVER HERSELF (or is it just me?) Well, cram your emotions into haiku form and you'll be on your way to owning a piece of Prada!

Lots of space for a famous poet to store her stacks of cash. What's that you say? Poets don't have any cash? Hogwash!

Remember, a haiku is a three line poem, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second line, and five in the last. Check out the High Fashion Haiku archives for inspiration/guidance, and here's a few fresh examples to get you started:

O Marc, you could turn
a trashbag into couture!
I think you did once.

Sequins and feathers
and neon silk--so crazy
it must be McQueen!

Karl Lagerfeld,
You scare the shit out of me.
Please take off the gloves.

Leave your entries in the comments section, and in a week from today my distinguished panel of judges and I will declare a winner. Be creative (you always are), have fun with it, and good luck!

You know you want it. Enter!

p.s. If you happen to have a blog of your own, and would care to publicize this lil' contest-o-mine, I'd be mighty grateful and will make you a cookie. Thank you.

UPDATE: The Prada contest has ended, but I'm leaving the comments open just in case you feel moved to write a high fashion haiku--I always appreciate a good haiku. For a list of winners, click here, and check back for upcoming contests! Thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

Well, I have virtually no poetical ability but I shall certantly be coming back to check on other contestants!
P.s you were the first site added to my blogroll and I will advertise your site until Google is no match for me!
Good luck in picking a winner!

Amy said...

Chanel was wondrous
While Coco was alive
And then there was Karl.

Doesn't hurt to try, no?
(And I never say no to free presents...)

WendyB said...

"If you happen to have a blog of your own, and would care to publicize this lil' contest-o-mine," - Done.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

So I've spent half an hour trying to fit the words "stella mcartney" and "I'd like to see things form her point of view but I couldn't get my head that far up my ass" into a haiku. Damn. It's tricky. :S

Oh, and even though there's about 3 people who read my blog that aren't my friends or family,I've still written a great big post on your competition! But I have to say it is no where near as cool as WendyB's! :D

Cuddles and cookies, Vixxie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Louis Vuitton
I love your wares. But only
to buy off eBay.

Ah crap. I'll keep thinking.

Irina said...

If you ever need
To uglify your nice feet
Just put on some Crocs.

Winona, help me
Be the devil with Prada know what to do.

;) i had fun doing this! Might think of more later, hope that's okay

Steven and Julie said...

Oh Prada Wallet!
You would look so delightful
with my wedding dress.

I was really hoping for the "Something Blue" Manolos...but for $945 at Neiman Marcus, its a little out of my league. :)

Love your blog Winona!

Poochie said...

I love a fashion haiku

Monsieur Louboutin
I worship at your altar
Put red soles on me

Can we enter more than once?


Michelle said...

I'm going to give this a try..

Alexander Wang and I
Will get married
In short denim shorts.

Writing haiku is hard!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

haha, your haiku is always so great

Dear Donatella,
I had some respect for you.
Then I saw your hair.

That was fun. I might have to try again.

Prunella Jones said...

Hmmmm Vicky Beckham
What the hell are you wearing?
Oh, Marc Jacobs? Blecchh!

WendyB said...

Prada fairy bag,
Why do you bleed in the rain?
I want a refund.

the assistant said...

Oh Christian Dior
How I adore you with your
Strapping five inch heels

this is a really cool idea!!!!

ps are you up for a link exchange

Anonymous said...

Dearest John Fluevog
The fashion mags ignore you
While my feet worship

Bleh. Do we get points for being earnest?

WendyB said...

Oh, wait, I have another one.

Hey, Daddy Likey!
I will show-cha my cho-cha
For a Prada prize.

Becky said...

Discount store design-
Why does it look so douchey?
Vera Wang for Kohl's.

Unknown said...

Do all the size two
Samples from the designers
Come with free tapeworm?

Anonymous said...

i have three. give me three times the love.

oh, valentino
you rock a white suit, you do
but is that glow faux?

dear pretty prada,
you are a month's pay, so please
tell her to pick me

oh fine mister ford,
won't you please give up the men?
i'd love a test drive.

Anonymous said...

On small Asian girls,
these shades do double-duty
as cool ski goggles.

daddylikeyblog said...

Yaaaayyyy these are great! Keep the entries rollin' in! And thanks to everyone who's publicized the contest on their own fabulous blogs!

Yes, feel free to enter more than once. My life motto is "the more haiku the better." It's tattooed on my arm, actually. Twice.

Megan said...


Give up my first born,
For you, Mister Louboutin,
To have a red soul.

Poochie said...

Wendy - it's not fair to tempt with your sex-ah cho-cha!

Okay, one more try

I love Manolo
Blahnik and the Shoe Blogger
Both make me happy

and so do you Winona!

: )


stef m said...

sorta boring but...
I give him high Marcs
For designing for grown girls
Sweet and sassy rules

Gwen said...

gucci armani
stella fendi and hugo
i adore your styles

your pretty clothes stun
but the vera wang at kohl’s
leaves money for food

Prunella Jones said...

Oh Betsy Johnson!
I'd slap my grandma for one
of your cute dresses.

Prunella Jones said...

Sweet, sweet Wendy B
I love and adore you, sis
but that bag is mine!

stef m said...

one more:
Taylor made for me
Her threads are sweet and frilly
My girl Rebecca

Elise said...

stella mccartney
you have a name for fashion
could use an eye though


good luck everyone! love love love daddy likey~

Elise said...

chloe; sweet and soft
how am i to describe you?
marshmellow couture!

agh thought of this one about 2.5 seconds after i posted the other :P sorry!

Anonymous said...

one more time. no, i kid, there will probably be a lot more:

oh yeah ... loub me up
give me your hard, hot red sole
higher ... higher ... ahhh

Prunella Jones said...

I would like to own
a real Prada bag one day
instead of knockoffs.

Wow, this is fun. My head won't stop buzzing with haikus.

Steven and Julie said...

Only Louis Vuitton
I ever owned was a fish.
Met a comic death.

Feel like I need to explain here...I did have a beta fish. He was named Louis Vuitton and he did meet a comic death, read on:

I was out of the apartment for the day and my roommate decided to change the water in Louis' bowl. Instead of removing the fish and then dumping out the water, they opted to just pour it out carefully without removing poor Louis. As it was explained to me, Louis saw an opening for freedom and jumped out of the bowl, slithering right down into the garbage disposal opening. The roommate, deathly afraid of placing their hand down the disposal, could think of nothing else to do but turn on the water and flip the switch...grinding Louis up forever.

Anairam said...

knickerless westwood
red-hair punk dame of delight
S A T C me ......

Ms. Spinach said...

this might be the greatest contest ever run on the internet. i'm dying.

Prunella Jones said...

It sucks being poor
as you rarely find Anna
Sui at T.J. Maxx.

Krizia said...

Pick me so Five Men's
Fashion First Impressions don't
laugh at my fake Coach.


Anonymous said...

Kitson kicks so clutch
they make coffee spurt from the
nose of my colleague.

Anonymous said...

I see Fendi plastic shoes
Discounted at Holt's

Sidsel said...

I've been saving for
three months to own dries sandals
Prada would ruin me

i'll return when i've thought of something more original :/

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Daddy Likey,
selling soul to Meryl Streep
not needed for Prada.

Selena said...

Jimmy Jimmy Choo
why are you, hiding out at
Sake’s Fifth Avenue?

Came over from 'Fashion is Spinach', give that girl a cookie!

Vic said...

See by Chloe love
is like peeing in a pool-
I'm warm all over

Marc-y Marc my dear,
I go numb when I see you
my closet is small.

I have a fever
and the only cure for it
is Dries Van Noten

Selena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Portable spotlights and rigs,
gift wraps, guitars and muzzles: gifts
From Viktor and Rolf

This was fun XD

Selena said...

Here is the college
student, stuck in a quandary,
rent or a Fendi?

And another one, this time with 5 syllables in the first line!

emi guner said...

I have no money
Prada you can still help me
Hold fake cash, real dreams

Deirdre said...

Dear Betsy Johnson:
WTF with the colors?
I think I've gone blind.

Pamcasso said...

Lars Nilsson get job
Miss your pretty Ricci girl
You'd never deceive (SJP).

I guess you can't have extra syllables in parenthesis... But I think mine could win if the contest were about how esoteric the haiku was.

Amanda said...

I love tuxedos.
Thanks to you, I can wear them.
Rest well, YSL.

Yeah, that's the best I can do on short notice. Haikus are difficult!

Miss Cavendish said...

Zac Posen makes an
overly constructed dress.
I'd never wear one.

Anonymous said...

To my genius Marc
you made Louis loveable
and Victoria likeable

Unknown said...

Red Soled High heeled shoes,
Louboutin I must have you.
Black leather or suede.

{black, alligator}

Vancouverista said...

I think I will need a few days to come up with a good haiku but I will put this on my blog for you right away..

Vancouverista said...

ok here goes...

paolo go home please,
we miss phoebe's dresses, and
don't love 'your' chloe.

i might try again later...

WendyB said...

No, seriously,
I will show-cha my cho-cha
And maybe tits too!

Vancouverista said...

hahahaha wendy great haiku

Ania said...

Alas, my heart stops
That dreaded Birken price tag
How long my jail time?
Promoted it on my site! =)

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

A Boleyn necklace
Wendy, "B" good to me
My initial, B

Punky Vivienne
Malcolm and the gang, the scene
so cool to me then

Yards of gold and pearls
White collar and cuffs with black
jersey matte sweater

oops! hubby's home, gotta go! more later.

*B said...

I am an avid fan of your blog but do nog blog myself. As a fashion merchandising student, I just spent the past five minutes holding my hand at my jaw making sure each line had the correct amount of syllables. I will be a high fashion haiku-ing fiend! This is so great! Why can't teachers do things like this, at the end of this week I will know haiku requirements through and through!

Oh, Louis V, how can
You expect me to pay that
Much for cheap canvas?

Lagerfeld, you could
Make perspiration in style!
Put it on a shirt!

Prada! Not Prado!
A real designer in my
hands? Pra-yes-yes-yes!

Burberry chose plaid
Put it on rainboots and bags
Thank you Brits, for that!

I will sell my soul
For a piece of couture and
will show my cho-cha!

"Five guys" said I need
a piece of Prada in my
life, I agree too!

Anonymous said...

I have *ahem* a few...

Phillip Lim may be
3.1 but in my heart
He's always a 10

Would only have to
turn one trick to buy this, but
I'm not that girl. Yet.

Maybe a Prada
would convince other people
I'm classy too!

Dear U.S. Dollar
Why must you be so worthless?
Euro fashion kills!

(for reference, I go to Parsons for fashion design)
The Azns may win
for now, but when I launch my
own line? Game over

Westwood is genius
200 grand later, I
will be much better

Peter Sornen,your
gowns are positively gorge,
but you are a tool.

Detroit is no place
for fashion. Unless you count
Anna Sui and me!
(is it pronounced swee or su-ee? Could completely void this one...)

I have been show-chad
the error in my ways, may
I have the bag now?

Vintage is a girl's
best friend, but a little Saks
never hurt either...

soilikethelike said...

Outrageous prices
From Moschino cheap and chic
Have me so confused

A purple tiger print dress
Pajamas for the office
Best described- psycho.

Your named cheap and chic
But your prices are sky high!
Still I love it all.

haha i need some seriously help, this was the best love poem for mochino cheap and chic i could come up with!

WendyB said...

If cho-cha won't help
I will dress like Lagerfeld
And make love to you.

Anonymous said...

Nicolas, do I
go into battle or do
the robo boogie?

Anonymous said...

I've literally
cried over pairs of Gucci
heels. So sexy: want!

College girls only
wear hideous leggings that
make me want to scream.

Oh Donatella;
You might want to cut back on
the extreme fakeness.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm addicted.

If 700
is cheap, I must not be cut
out for Moschino

Rachel Roy may make
gorgeous clothes, but people think
she's some sort of chef.

I think Karl eats
models for breakfast each day.
Plus, he killed Chanel.

Anonymous said...

Tobias meet Karl,
fellow leather daddy who'll
forgive the cut-offs.

Ruby Fuerza AKA Lucille Brawl said...

Tears shed for Laurent
Dressed in Le Smoking (oui, noir)
Twas all about Yves

Unknown said...

I know I'm so bad at this, but maybe I'm just warming up. Even if I'm not a prize-winning poet, I felt there's no better way to show how Winona has changed my life, than by haiku-ing all the ways.


I try on Joe's Jeans
Perfect! Yet I fret: douche-y
shades and ponytail


Even cute puppies
can't whimper like me, when I
browse at Mike & Chris


If I won Prada
I'd be so happy, I'd do
the shopping cart dance

I imagine the prada wallet would be a wonderful prop for any shopping dance
...yeah...will try some more later. This is hard work.

Kristen said...

Marc, I love your clothes
but I can find the same styles
cheap at H&M.

Don't follow fashion
rules; but I do have one creed:
leggings are not pants.

The gladiator
heels, Dior? Love them, but I
look like Russell Crowe.

Patricia Field, I
want you to dress me; make me
your Carrie Bradshaw.

Loved doing this!

Meredith said...

Juicy Couture NO.
Monochromatic tracksuits
Make housewives look bad.

Meg said...

Prada wallets are ugly
Like a laptop case
With a silver triangle

Mladen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mladen said...

Golden background
Prada wallet wow so tight
Bill Clinton wants it

Anonymous said...

D'oh, I just realized my last entry isn't a real haiku! I'll be back with more... :P

WOLF Q said...

grey faces, grey shapes
junya watanabe is
my perfect grey cloud.

Unknown said...

Oh to have Chanel
A dichotomy with my

Catherine said...


Shoes for elite feet:
Lagerfeld and Louboutin.
Elite wallets, too.


One vintage Pucci
Hangs next to my H&Ms.
Makes those skirts look drab.


Martin Grant's designs
make me plan ways to obtain
a sugar daddy.

I am sure I will be back before the week is over.

Also, I will advertise on my blog, which is read by approximately 3 people. :)


Hannah R said...


This may sound desperate,
But I'll sell my eggs to you
For those Chloe heels.

In fact, I will soon
Convince my boyfriend to sell
His sperm for them too.

It was a cold day.
Caught my brother jerking it
To the AA site.

These pleather leggings
I thought sassy; they make me
Look like burnt sausage.

Cory Kennedy,
You look vaguely diseased, yet
Your shoes are so fab!

Moschino-- you make
Me feel very inadequate.
Chic, but cheap? Really?

(^^Haha, I think this was a common theme?)

This one is tres traditional:

Leaves blow in cool wind.
I spend forty bucks on J.
Crew jelly flats. Woe.

too fun, must return to drudging monotony of work.

DC Goodwill Fashionista said...

First there was AsFour
Less one equals ThreeAsFour
I can't do the math

Ms. Spinach said...

honestly, the talent here! i'm blown away.

Thakoon Panichgul
I can still remember when
we had to fetch lunch


Oh Yamamoto!
What I wouldn't give for
some deconstruction


Even my bf had to play (and so, on his behalf):

Proenza Schouler
Should stick to print interviews
Trust me on this one

Cherryred said...

I've been counting on my fingers for around an hour now.
Having at go at this little baby, a very British haiku:

Luella please do tell
purchase yours or a cheap copy
just like Primark sell?

Deirdre said...

If I win the bag,
Can I exchange it for a
white Murakami?

nancy said...

Note to Michael Kors:
Would it kill you to wear blue?
Or green? I think not.

Only in fashion
Would a bony-ass woman
Be considered hot.

Cherryred said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Fashionite I'm not.
I Wish I could wear the trends -
But I'm too froggy.

Prada speaks to me,
Says "You cannot afford me."
I have to agree.

I'm a simple girl,
With a Louboutin red soul,
Who needs some red soles.

Deirdre said...

lovely Birkin bag
I just learned about you on

Catherine said...

Aubade balconettes,
Curve-hugging Westwood dresses:
Perfect womanhood.


Net-a-porter sale
Only 30% off!
Thus my empty purse.


Confident and smug
Towering over my peers
Thank you, Louboutin.

Anonymous said...

Carrie might buy you,
Silk Manolo stilettos.
But I gotta eat.

This is my first-time trying haiku. I might come up with something more creative later.

layersofmeaning said...

Summertime is coming
Dreaming of new dresses
Marc, Stella and Oscar!

pearl said...

Alexander Wang
Inspired by Saved by the Bell
Girls swoon over thee.

FutureLint said...

sparkly Heatherette
you are so scary, like a
glitter soaked mustache

Prunella Jones said...

Todays entries:

I bought a Milla
Jovavitch blouse from Target
it shrank in the wash.

My mom says I look
like a dyke when I wear my
Birkenstocks. Thanks Mom.

I have a lot of
opinions about fashion
I'm happy to share.

I asked the Magic
8 Ball if I would win the
wallet, it said "yes."

Guy Faux said...

Anna Wintour's in vogue
hair just like George Harrison
except scarier

You know, Marc Jacobs
Bedsheets and pillowcases
Do not high art make

Cory Kennedy
Dear, Please, for the love of God
wash your wavy locks

megasass said...

Vivienne Westwood's
Coy penis button-clasped coats
Frightened the modest

Matt Dorville said...

Oh God! Jimmy Choo
I find you in a thrift store.
You are kidding me!

Matt Dorville said...

To Yves Saint Laurent,
Paris will always be ours.
Love, Karl Lagerfeld

Matt Dorville said...

Oh, lovely prada.
I think I'd love you so much
more than Gemma would.

Gentian said...

Roberto makes me
Choose sequins over good taste,
Feathers over shame.

(Cavalli, if there was any doubt!)

Matt Dorville said...

I once knew a girl
named Sophia Coppola.
She wore Marc Jacobs.

thefashionhead said...

if i received a
left Louboutin heel i would
cut off my right foot

oh Gwen Stefani
who do you think that you are
500 for heels?

if i'd known about
Betsey years ago i'd be
best dressed girl at prom

oh Jovovich Hawk
a collection of clothes made
for wealthy hippies

Juicy Couture, i'd
like you better if you would
stop using velour.

Where's my cookie!?

Sister Wolf said...

Jessica Simpson
Your shoes are so repulsive
Why must you exist?

Ashley Samantha said...

Karl Lagerfeld I
Once thought you could do no wrong
Did not know you're nuts

Rest in piece sweet Yves
A talent like no other
Yours was such a gift

Oh to be one of
the famed Versace scions
Get rich quick - die young

Hi! Pleased to Meet You
Mr. Christian Louboutin
Alas! I have none

For all the Blahniks
In Carrie Bradshaw's closet
I'd do anything

Patricia Field you
Have really outdone yourself
Samantha Jones? Yes!

My heart, my wallet
My soles all are bleeding red
I wear them to bed

In lieu of my Lou
All I'll ever need for shoes
Ever mine. Not Yours.

Skip to the loo in
My Christian Lou's. I gotta'
turn tricks afford. =(

Ms. von Furstenberg
Your dresses are quite superb
But are such a splurge

(I think i'm getting the kaptcha thingamajig wrong? Feel free to delete me if i've posted this like. Ten times Sorry!)

Anonymous said...

Bill Blass, I must say
If I were a man then hey,
I would be your son

Veronica said...

I love this contest idea. I've posted about it on my blog. Check it out.

I will be posting my submission in the next few days. That wallet is...gorgeous!


Renie said...

Westwood Can Only
Punk my wardrobe Haute Couture
Ashton's got nuthin'

Lil Orange Mike Kors
Only you can turn Dowdy
Into high fashion

Marc J, My True Love
F Twenty-One, my dealer
Money, my Master

Mirandola said...

Purses echt borgeois
Says Roitfeld the pockets-fan
But such shiny leather

Gemma said...

With such a long name
Dear Matthew Williamson
What else can I say?

I knew I should have chosen Marc Jacobs.

Hannah R said...

Ralph Lauren, you make
me want yachts. I can't even
afford your visors.

Chloe, can't you see?
See by Chloe shouldn't cost
nine hundred pesos.

That paper Birkin
idea was clever, Hermes.
Too poor for ink, though.

Isaac Mizrahi,
You make clothes not for Target!
Had no clue. Sorry.

Miu Miu shoes.
If I lost a leg, I would
need to buy just one!

WendyB said...

Picking a winner
Will be tough so don't bother.
Just keep the wallet.

Life's a Wardrobe said...

I button my shirt
breathe all her sweetness, her smell,
her touch, my Chanel

Mica said...

Great idea! I'm not very good at haiku's, but I promoted your competion on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I'm twelve not a
two, I know, but there's no need
to be rude, sales lady.

mentioned the contest on my blog, too, because it's just so fun!

Veronica said...

I want that wallet! Here are my five submissions.

Marc Jacobs is whack
For Using Mrs. Beckham
Her spray tan is blinding me!

Dear Prada Wallet,
Mommy Likely so much
So pick me or else!

Oh, Betsey Johnson
Your whimsical ruffles and
Pleats delight me so!

Victoria B
You scare the shit outta me
Lay off the Mystic Tan.

Oh, I must confess
Prada warms my ice-cold heart
So, send it my way!

Anonymous said...

androgynous slits
python skin, with
alexander wang

Lindz said...

Dear Lord I am intimidated but I'll give it a whirl later.

How generous are you... giving away Prada!

heather said...

fashion blogs are great!
daddy likey is the best
that prada is mine!

heather said...

fashion was choking
rodarte gave it the Heimlich
now it's come alive

J said...

Christian Louboutins.
Same chicks with same cash flows buy
Manalo Blahnik.

Katy said...

Stella McCartney
Should stop making those awful
floral jumpsuits - ack!

Miuccia Prada
You amaze and make
Me want wonderful wallets

TheSundayBest said...

Trovata, with four
you aspired to greatness.
Now only Ringo.

TheSundayBest said...

Also - I mentioned your contest IN HAIKU. Ahem.

I also noticed that someone used "Azns" in her haiku. That has to be an automatic win.

Back to the haiku:

Honestly "Resort,"
what happened to fun and sun?
Good for funerals.

Nicolas Ghesquière
you make lovely woman's clothes;
turn your eye to men. said...

Very cool! I'll repost for you and be back for my entry. =)

Thomas said...

Not about a label, but I fully believe it.

Men, you need to stop
Dressing like children, because
Frankly - it's scary.

Marc, once everyone's
favourite geek, now known more
for his tanned biceps.

Anonymous said...

dear patricia field
birds live in nests not on heads
flowers grow in grass.

- krystal

Cherryred said...

How embarassing.
My second attempt was a dud and i cant delete it!

take this instead

Kate is a model
not a designer of clothes
Topshop has the proof.

Danz said...

Man, I suck at this
But that Prada is the shizz
So it's worth a try

J said...

So many good posts:
My chances of winning
are slowly fading.

Chances are slimmer.
If only my weight would fade
to fit sample sales.

Like Ugly Betty,
the only sample sale stuff
my size are bags, shoes.

However, Prada,
even if just a wallet,
would make me tres chic.

raquel said...

Anna has hair like
Willy Wonka, but she's not
lovely like candy.

This is fun!

raquel said...

See by Chloe, I
don't see why a shirt should cost
more than my Lasik.

Haha I may return for more... This is so addictive!

kate said...

Marc Jacobs, why the
Andy Warhol photoshoot?
Go design something.

Hussein Chalayan,
Robotic dresses are boss;
Can I has one plz?

Anonymous said...

Give me real Prada
Replace Chinatown's Prado
hello authentic

teehee!! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh Louis Vuitton
Nothing says too much money
but no class like you

Anonymous said...

I'll carry Prada
for free, but you won't ever
get this girl's money

thefashionhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thefashionhead said...

rebecca minkoff
makes me want to be a bit
more promiscious

so i can use the
blind date clutch, steady satchel,
or morning after...

Anonymous said...

Ubiquitous Coach
Uniform of Soccer Moms
Some dare to wear "Goach"

Pamcasso said...

since my other one might have broken haiku rules, here's a new entry:

Tom Ford why the hell
Are all the models naked?
I thought you sold clothes!

Becca said...

Oh Donatella
I Could Make a new Croc Clutch
From your leathered skin.


vera wang my god
couture my bridal bliss day
honor thee with love

ELM said...

Gwen loves her Asians
Her favorite access'ries
So L.A.M.E.!

Mimi said...

Dior, your golden age
Influences my today
All the world's my stage

(I am pronouncing Dior Dyor rather than Dee-Or to make it count as one syllable!)

Ambrrr said...

If I was not poor
I would buy my very own
Goddamn Prada wares

I have the unique
Position of having two
Souls - one black, one red

Anonymous said...

Betsey, I love you
I have no one above you
But... your shoes are crap


Michelle Obama
You are one sexy mama
All hail your puffed sleeve

Anonymous said...

Futuristic chicks right now
Are the best, i think.

The first designer
To enrapture me in glee
Was Betsey Johnson

Yes, cowboys from space!
Chloe makes it seem so hot
No fug boots allowed

Marc, when you were fat
It was all so inspired
Wud up, skinny bitch?!

Anonymous said...

Beckham it happens
you look like a manequin.
you're trying too hard

Anonymous said...

Couture girl walk tall
Fab knockoff in full-swing-beats
Wiggling down streets

Bunny B said...

High heels so unique,
I love these shoes on my feet,
Manolo Blahnik.

bunnybox9 at gmail . com

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...forget
THE WASH, I am going shopping
with PRADA Wallet.

Manola Blahnik
You insight my soul's desire
with your svelte spike heels!

Shtetl said...

Like nothing I've seen
I'd die for an armour ring
Vivienne Westwood

Megan said...

My dear Marc Jacobs
Your Facebook relationship
changes every day.

Jessica said...

Marc Jacobs dear, I
spend more money in your store
than I make all year

theresa said...

Oh well, worth a try, eh?

From the land of Erin
My wallet just fell apart
May I please have one?

Anonymous said...

dogs in bags are not
a fashion accessory
please tell Paris "no"

Anonymous said...

oh, sass & bide jeans
I can barely walk or sit down
at least I look spiffy

Vera's creations are simply decadent
Masterpieces of silk, chiffon, lace and Swarovski
For these my heart beats

pennyfarthing said...

What a great contest! Here's my first effort:

Chloe mary janes
Please find your way to my house
I desire you

Iconic flowery dress,
Footballer shoulders

Gladiators seem nice but
Cause wretched cankles

Choiffe said...

little Prada Joy,
You would bring me so much glee
on my shopping spree

hehe it rhymes...

MWA xx

Camy said...

Dear Vivienne Westwood,
with your hat that is crooked.
leave it to the clowns.

Jen said...

Well, I wasn't going to enter by I could not resist your MySpaz bulletin about peeing on your parent's carpet...


Stella McCartney
Why make nice exercise clothes?
Those women don’t sweat


Eley Kishimoto
So sweet, bright and delicious
May I lick you, please?


Anonymous said...

An Ode to Anna Sui

High-Heels and Short-Shorts.
Asians have great fashion sense.
Now make me sushi...

- That One Lindsay Grl

Mary said...

Prada, lovely!
You can tell it was designed
By a female, nice.

lame but it's true. None of this ridiculous crap, just pretty, practical, stuff.

Jamie, Shad, Shiloh, and Fifi said...

my heart is prada's
never has there been a love
so unrequited

Anonymous said...

Tailored Black Chic
Who could it be? Gucci? No!
Too cheap, it's Chanel!

Valentino darl
This season you are a bore
Brights, lights and stripes? Gone!

TheSundayBest said...

Last night I dreamt of
all the good things made by Guess.
It was a short dream.

Miuccia Prada,
why do you gotta...dress all
the men so so bad.

So listen Thom Browne.
Pant length is one thing-don't dress
me up as a bird.

L said...

I starve for Miu Mius
Eggs and toast for black teacups
Damn bitch stole my shoes!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Marc why did you
Dye your hair a shocking blue?
Just to match your shoes ?

John Galliano
You're the best gay pirate - this
side of the runway.

Unknown said...

O my, O me. My heart is
eternally yours.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Vivienne,
goddess of style -- thanks to you,
punks at least looked good.

Anonymous said...

Elegant pheasant
Carolina Herrera
Lend me your chicness.

Mirella Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Stella McCartney
Please remove your ego from
Your posterior

Anonymous said...

Not even Marc can
make me like Victoria
as much as his wares

<3 B

aurie said...

Vuitton! Oh Louis,
my precious, a pink monogram
You have done it again!

Anonymous said...

Prada don't you see?
Your sleek and slender designs
Oh I must have thee!


Chanel so classy
So fine and simply devine
When will you be mine?


The look on his face,
When the bride makes an entrance
In her Vera Wang


Red lips, shoes and horns
Black bag, dress she adorns
The Prada devil.


The simplicity
Elegance, style and design
Dior, is defined

soilikethelike said...

i don't know if its "illegal" but i figured i would write another poem about my love/hate relationship with moschino cheap and chic

it is ironic
that mochino CHEAP and chic
sells pumps "worth" thousands?

Vic said...

Round #2

Ugly Baby Phat
I'd prefer a Baby Fat
than pretentious YOU.

Queen of Circus Freaks:
no Strong Men or Bearded Girls
Miu Miu makes me wild.

Sugar sweet and candy
The worst sugar high I know
Juicy makes me puke

Prunella Jones said...

Now that my bitch faced
neighbor wears Juicy sweatsuits
they must be so done.

Prunella Jones said...

Also, I think it's
lame to see the word "Juicy"
stamped across a butt.

Prunella Jones said...

Across any butt
not just my bitch-faced neighbor's
though hers makes me retch.

Prunella Jones said...

Your butt should be free
of any stoopid message
in my opinion.

Prunella Jones said...

Although opinions
are like butts....yada yada,
I'll just shut up now.

Anonymous said...

Couture is special
Chinese factory? NO WAY!
Say No To Juicy!
Deathstar finally complete
Raising clone army

me ineptum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
me ineptum said...

Late Yves Saint-Laurent
Ready-to-wear your glasses
Pantsuits for women

Backpacking. So bad, it's good
Alexander Wang

Anonymous said...

ruin and poison
till eternity

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