Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

Happy Friday and welcome to this week's installment of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha! For those of you who are just joining the party here at Daddy Likey, DSYC is a recurring feature in which readers send in examples of the not-wearing-pants-when-they-are-clearly-necessary trend.

Please feel free to click here to read the humble beginnings of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, or just read on and you'll surely get the gist of it.

Let's kick things off with the most elegant and classy brand in all of fashion, Ed Hardy:

Reader Chrisanthi explains: Notice the blonde girl trying to hold down the brunette's chocha-skimming "dress" from being blown away... the girl with the hairdryer must be trying to drawn the attention away from her complete box shot.

Speaking of class and elegance:

Says Courtney: Though this particular choch-offense isn't especially short, the placement of the design gives me great concern.

Here's an elegant space age DSYC moment:

Says Brooke: This gal is just looking for trouble!

Love this one from reader Flavia:

You might call this a "tour de chocha."

Minona (oh my god, best name ever) sent in this fairly cute, really short dress from Asos:

This would be a perfectly fine chocha submission on its own, but as Minona said, "you have to go to the website and view the catwalk video, if you dare." Watching the model try to spin around glamorously while tugging her dress down to cover her butt is both stressful and delightful.

Here's a priceless chocha trifecta from Emma:

I found this picture of an ad campaign for Alexander Wang disturbing. The model's body language pretty much speaks for itself!

Here's a near sent in by lovely reader Bojana:

Entertainment Weekly captioned this dress as a 'youthful Rafael Cennamo mini.' Youthful here meaning 'chocha-licious.'

Here's a great Glee chocha (glocha?) from Jessica:

While I do love Glee, I think we can agree that Lea Michele is not super thrilled to have to appear in Elle in such a chocha-tastic ensemble.

Some of my favorite DSYC submissions are the ones that are clearly labeled as "dresses" while showing the model's entire crotch:

As Anna says: You can legitimately see her crotch. See. Her. Crotch. Oh jeez.

My other favorite DSYC submissions are the ones that are clearly labeled "nun's habit" while showing the model's entire crotch:

A huge thanks to reader Alex for spotting this one.

Aaaannnnd I think we should end with the slutty nun. Yep, definitely.

Spot a chocha? Send it in!


WendyB said...

I'll have to smack the bitch who criticizes that old, fabulous Versace ad. I still have the original clip ripped out of a magazine.

Good Girls Studio said...

Fan-freak'n tastic! "tour de chocha."...yes :)

Anonymous said...

The catwalk video is worth the price of admission.

Vanessa said...

The ASOS one truly IS more chochariffic in video form. Modeling must be so hard.

Maren said...

OK, so the Versace ad is old? That slightly restores my faith in humanity -- I was coming here to ask why they are wearing turtleneck sweaters from 1992.

Lexi said...

I love the glocha!! (glee chocha)!! poor rachel berry.

and the futuristic one is nice.


Giselle said...

i like how the first girl in the versace ad manages to show her ass and only has one leg

Firm Body Sculpting System said...

This site is too much....tears in my eyes...what were they thinking when they shot these ads.

Abi said...

This is hilarious!! That Versace ad is definitely Choca-licious!

Anonymous said...

hahahah the nuns habit had me in tears! good one alex, and fantastic work winona!

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