Monday, March 10, 2008

Blogback Mountain

Enter Cuffington's Fashion Show Contest! Stat! Mush! Go!

I would have loved to read this when I was 16.

No one can deny that Twister is the best movie ever. Wait. What's that? Are you denying? Dude! Come on! Cary Elwes as a corrupt, well funded government storm chaser! He leads a caravan of black SUVs with tinted windows and the best technology but he still can't keep up with Helen Hunt's ragtag crew! It's an F5 of fun! OK, OK, fine, speak for yourself, but I'm so buying this to commemorate it.

Constructively criticizing unconstructive criticism. Amen!

I want to print out this blog and hang it on my wall.

One of my favorite bloggers in the history of blogging, Emi from the now-defunct Letters to Marc Jacobs, has FINALLY started a new blog, which means I can FINALLY stop my daily ritual of clicking the link to her old blog, seeing no updates, and crying.

I'm an Oregonian, so I'm contractually prohibited from using an umbrella, but if I could, I would totally use this one.

To do:
1. Get sewing machine.
2. Get fabric.
3. Learn to use sewing machine.
4. Attempt to make a dress.
5. Do not rip up half-finished dress in frustrated rage.
6. Finish dress.
7. Look half as good as Ambika.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news about Emi's new blog... !

Anonymous said...

Next time I'm going to do a tutorial. It really wasn't difficult once I got over my hang ups about darts.

Isn't My Love for You the best blog ever? She's got the cutest dog, too.

Anonymous said...

awwww, shucks.

Anonymous said...

sewing machines are actually quite friendly. i will teach you! :D

Anonymous said...

comment on constructive criticism: I think that most people think "I don't like it" is enough justification. NO. Especially not for professionals. This is why I never listen to movie critics. Their criticism is usually just "I didn't like it and here's why." That is not helpful! "I didn't like it, but this was interesting..." or just "this was interesting...." would be infinitely more helpful. There are so many movies I hate of which I still recognize the artistic value. "I didn't like it because I don't like gore movies; however it was interesting because..." MUCH more helpful. Otherwise the critics just arrogantly thinks that everyone enjoys the same things they do, or that they should be able to dictate everyone's taste.

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