Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sad. True.

"Why does Bebe always make their models look like rape victims?"
~My friend Scott


Anonymous said...

Very true. Very sad.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Whoa!! Spot on.

Poochie said...

Totally agree -


Anonymous said...

Holy shit he's right!

Is it wrong that I still love that gold dress?

Nik said...

That first picture looks like she's saying, "He's stolen my virtue."

Jello on Springs said...

and apparently like they're oversized human like birds from the looks of the last one lol

Anonymous said...

i heart you for this post.

Emma said...

I don't know if you're as dedicated an SVU-watcher as I am, but if you are, the following will make sense to you- somewhere in TV-Land Detective Stabler of the Incredibly Enormous Head is going all "DON'T DEMEAN VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ABUSE" and then losing his temper and beating up sixteen people with absolutely no repercussions.
The one in the cage really does have a rape-victim-y (sorry, I know you hate the Luck-y dash-y thing...let nobody say I am not a faithful reader of Daddy Likey back-posts) air about her.

Rose City Kitty said...

Good point. There are whole seminars on this subject...I had to sit through one...thanks university studies...

Anonymous said...

Naomi Wolf explains it well

Anonymous said...

Wow, never noticed before, how true.

Anonymous said...

Haven't a clue what Bebe is...and judging from these ads... I don't think I want to!

Hannah said...

So true! I never really noticed that before!

Susie, bebe is a company that sells rather cheap-looking clothes for far more than they're worth and is infamous for their little tank tops and velour pants which say "bebe" in rhinestones across the chest/butt. But lately they've been courting the fashion crowd with more fashion-forward clothes and these ads, which are in a lot of (American) fashion magazines.

N/OutofFashion said...

I don't know this brand very well but i don't know how the campaign would make anyone want their clothes.

I want to give them a hug, not steal their clothes.

LDF said...

Is that Lohan in the gold dress?
That cage one is offensive.
I will only tolerate Vanessa Paradis in a birdcage.

Crimzen Creative said...

OMG - I was just thinking this same thing the other day...sad isn't it?

ro said...

Ewww...I would boycott them, but I think I am totally too fat for any of their clothes because I am a (GASP!) size 12.


The Spicers said...

I've always thought the girls in American Apparel ads looked like victims of sex trafficking too...

la femme said...

BANG on. I cannot stand bebe ads.

Anonymous said...

Posted about Scott's musings. I'm not sure they have the rape thing fully functioning. Interesting nevertheless.

I didn't mention it in my post but it's the same issue as the heroin chic look, everyone loves things messed up.

And iheartfashion, you are on the money.

Keep up the good work.


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