Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Jeans Are So Bright, I've Gotta Wear Shades

(This picture does NOT truly illustrate their brightness--I was blinded this morning when I opened my pants drawer.)

When I saw these neon yellow jeans on the J. Crew sale rack, the following thoughts flashed through my mind, in the following order:

1. Hahaha! God those are ugly.
2. Who would buy those? Apparently nobody.
3. They wouldn't look good on anyone.
4. Well, they would probably look good on Queen Michelle, but Queen Michelle would look good in a pickle barrel with shoulder straps.
5. God I hate Queen Michelle.
6. Hmm...they seem to be in my size.
7. Isn't it a sign from God when the last pair of neon yellow jeans is in your EXACT size?
8. I probably don't want to defy God.
9. But dude, neon yellow?
10. Holy hell, they're an extra 40% off $19.99.
11. Duh. They're neon yellow jeans. That's why they're an extra 40% off.
12. Still, that's hella cheap.
13. I suppose if I ever got lost in the wilderness, I could use them to flag down the search planes.
14. If I just buy them now, that saves me a trip to REI to buy a search plane flagger downer.
15. These pants will save my life.
16. I'm buying them.

Stay tuned for details on how the hell I'm going to work these into my wardrobe.


Anonymous said...

at least they're not yellow with black stripes. then you would just be a bee!

what about a belted black tunic top with purple accessories?

then again i have strange concepts of what colors go together :D

Skylar said...

you're the queen of thought-patterns.

Jen said...

Dude, I would have bought them too.

I'd go with white, I think white takes the edge off and makes it all "Weee, hurrah for summer"...although, it's a shame you live in the Northern Hemisphere, guess you'll have a few months to think it out :P

WendyB said...

I'm totally in favor of neon yellow jeans. I think they're going to look great.

Applesaucery said...

Whatever, I would have taken one look and hollered, "HOLY HELL THOSE ARE NEON YELLOW AND I'M BUYING THEM NO MATTER WHAT SIZE THEY ARE!!!!!"
At least you calmly thought it through, and verified size. : )

P.Hobbs said...

Neon yellow jeans + fierce new haircut = Sassy yet very classy new DC Nona. Watch out! Now when you ride your bike you don’t need reflectors and you can look better than the j.crew model. Sweet! What a wicked way to multitask lady!!

Anonymous said...

I have difficulty seeing yellow jeans as a big deal.
Probably because I have some (as well, as bright purple and green ones).
With yellow jeans its more of what colours do I not wear with it.
Those being green (esp in my country of Australia, where you look overly patriotic, and therefore silly because even the very patriotic Bra Boys (and no they are not origin orientated crossdressers, they are thungs from MarouBRA (don't ya love it?) do not choose that colour combination, preferring a southern cross tattoo), and the other warm colours (those being orange, red and more yellow) also, ghetto levels of gold (which in my opinion is the only way to wear it, except when wearing my yellow jeans (although it goes great with my purple ones.)
With grey and black is my favourite way to wear them.

Siru said...

:´D OMG, I love the way you write !

Neon jeans, haven't seen that before.

juliet xxx

Skye said...

I almost bought a pair of neon coral orange jeans the other day just because they were $2.50 (I was in a hellish bargain basement of a Hot Topic type store), but I resisted. I don't think I could have resisted the yellow though. Those are most excellent!

TheCautionaryWhale said...

Yay for seizure-inducing legwear! I would've bought them in any size, at any price. Oh, and I think you should wear white with 'em, as long as you don't mind looking like a psychedelic fried egg.

Cherryred said...

Can I just say I ♥ these.
Honestly, What you have described above is the exact little exchange I do everytime I buy anything on a sale rail. Whilst doing an irritating stop/start walking away/not walking away dance before buying.
They usually end up being the best purchases in my wardrobe! Ha

Anonymous said...

My purchases that stem from similar trains of thought inevitably end up as wardrobe staples. DC will likely know you as Super Stylin' Highlighter-Yellow Jeans Girl.

Anonymous said...

Haha this post was hilarious! I probably would've come to the same conclusion and bought these if I were you as well :-)

Looking forward to seeing how you wear them!

Katy said...

$12 neon yellow jeans - I would've bought them.

Anonymous said...

I have bright yellow pants I got from the Gap and I wear them *all* the time. Work it!

Anthea said...

Haha Love the commentary. They are great and you paid so little for them, it doesn't matter if you only wear them a few times.

TheSundayBest said...

Neon jeans remind us all that we are alive. You have done humanity a great service.

Anairam said...

Oh Daddy Likey, you are too funny, I laughed and laughed! But do not worry, I am not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you. Because this is exactly how 80% of my fashion purchases have landed up in my cupboard.

Menina said...

can't wait to see you rock these! I can't imagine ever buying coloured jeans, you should see the epidemic that swept the UK with the 'emo' kids totally tiring them out.

PC Hobbs, agree with your comment, fierce new DC Nona!

Anonymous said...

be super stylin' and wear them with a bright orange tee shirt.

then you could get some road work done too

Daphney said...

I call them highlighter jeans
but I've seen people wear them really nicely, without looking too 80s

C said...

HUZZAH! I love yellow jeans! I tried on several pairs last week but didn't find any to fit... the search continues!

Annie Spandex said...

Haha! Effing A! I would buy them too.

Anonymous said...

non-bay area person using 'hella'?!
scandalous. HELLA scandalous.

love from Oakland :)

haus_frau said...

I have these same jeans and bought them for $6 off someone I know. I don't know what possessed me either about getting them. So far I've been wearing them with gray tops and purple tops and leopard print shoes. I guess you just have to embrace the brightness and go with it.

Isabel said...

I love those - you ROCK the neon jeans, Winona.

Anonymous said...

haha it goes from "God these are ugly" to "they'll save my life"

Anonymous said...

If they're the jeans I think they are, I tried them on as well (settled on their navy counterparts though). They are really bright but are rather wonderful, and if they weren't 70$ when I was sifting around JCrew, I woulda bought them too!

Looking forward to pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I can't wait to see how you're going to wear them. I bought a pair of bright yellow pants last year and only worn them once. I have a body shape similar to yours, and I love your sense of style. Help me. Rock them. for me. for us.

Anonymous said...

Why not make the most out of it. Wear it with an oversized and kinda off-shoulder pink shirt and channel the 80s. Or say that you just came from your vacation from the third world. In the Philippines, neon pants in garish colors are apparently all the rage.

Pret a Porter P said...

!!!!!!!!!! u always crack me up!!!

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