Thursday, May 28, 2009

Giveaway Time!

Hey everyone! I just got back from my trip to New Orleans. My bros and I had so much fun, utilized nearly all of your wonderful tips and advice, and ate enough po' boys to choke a good-sized horse. Photos and details coming soon, but in the meantime I thought it would be a good time for a giveaway, so check out this rad hand-embroidered moleskine notebook from Portland-based etsy shop Nowvember:

What would you write in it? A hit single, a hit list, a love note, a haiku?

All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment telling me (briefly) what you'd write (or draw!) in this cute lil' notebook. I'll choose a winner at random a week from today.

Good luck, and I'll be back to blogging soon with a New Orleans travelogue and a new installment of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

UPDATE: Congrats to our winner, commenter "andlaughing." Stay tuned for more giveaways in the near future!


Mel Spillman artwork said...

Haiku for sure. Here is a sample of my work, based on Isaac "Bubba Lee" Hayes.

oh, you will be missed
you hot buttered-shut your mouth
right on, yeah right on

Natalie said...

You know, I would write reviews about Radiohead's "Ok Computer," Deftones' "White Pony," and Holes' "Live Through This." I've already written that Feist review of "Let it Die." Basically reviews of music people have forgotten that they love. Because I think I have forgotten a little...

Anonymous said...

letters to all of the people in my life.

with that adorable little tape i'd probably have to throw in gallons of song lyrics for good measure :)

Megan said...

Considering I have a million post-it notes strewn around my desk of song titles and a handful of saved text messages to myself with snippets of lyrics, this would be PERFECT to compile all of my music-related, soon-to-be-download notes!

punky said...

All my to do lists!! I love lists!

Michelle Schraudner said...

I would write angry letters to the girl who keeps copying my blog.

Sorry to break the chain of everyone who would use it for something cute.


onesong said...

i would start recording all the places i smell my grandma. it's seriously becoming a problem. i started smelling my grandma randomly in home goods a couple weeks ago, and now i smell her everywhere i go. i had my mom do a sniff test to make sure *i* wasn't suddenly smelling like my 80-some-odd year old g-ma, but it's not me. her astral body is stalking me, i swear.

just re-read that, all in all TMI.

stickyheels said...

I will draw awesome photos & cartooned people. I know that might not count as writing, but if I write the date will it make this comment post more legit?

daddylikeyblog said...

I amended the post to include my lovely artistic readers! Truthfully, I'd probably end up doodling in it more than writing anyway!

Mindy said...

I'm with Punky. I'm a list maker. Most of the time though, I think writing the list is good enough and I don't actually do the stuff on the list. Nice of you to offer this sweet little notebook.

Liz said...

I would paste all my Chinese takeout fortunes into it and write "in bed" after each one. Then I'd crack the book open on gloomy days and laugh like an immature twelve-year-old.

anne said...

Lessee-- I would write and draw characters for the stories floating around in my head. And I'd probably start a few poems and songs. And lists. Definitely lists.

bun2bon said...

I would write about the "senior moments" by parents do.

Like leaving the stove on then leaving the house.

Or going to the mailbox. Multiple times in a day because they forgot they already went.

Or switching on all the child locks in the car doors because they are afraid of people falling out. Even if those people are not children.

Mishabelle said...

Oh golly! I would probably take it with me everywhere, and put in it names of songs I didn't want to forget, to do lists, really cool words I hear, random doodles while on the bus... pretty much, I would make it a collection of memories for me to look at when I'm elderly and miserable! <3

Anonymous said...

I would probably make a map of New York City on it, and draw little ducks in the corners of each page. And every day I'd write something absolutely random that I love about my life. (:

C said...

Judging by how I have used all my other notebooks (moleskin or otherwise!), this little beaut would be filled with doodles, quotes I love, moments on the street that make me smile, grocery lists, to-do lists, to-don't lists, and pages of me practicing my own signature. Yay!

Alana said...

I would write my story ideas for journalism school.

Anonymous said...

I would fill it with 100 reasons why Nona is the greatest fashion blogger that ever lived..
Did I win?
Jessica Castro

Anonymous said...

I'd write down all the songs I hear on the radio or elsewhere that I don't know the name of so I can finally look them up later.

eileenA said...

Hmmm...well if I was in a stalkerish mood I would go to place filled with a lot of people (like a food court), and then I would write down random people's conversations.

missdoster said...

This is so great! I would give it to my boyfriend - he's a comedian and he's always looking for little notebooks to keep ideas and set lists in. It's so perfect for him!

Valentina said...

Hmmm I would complain about crushes and plan out my summer and daydream daydream daydream with that notebook.

allison g said...

Probably a combination of to do lists, grocery lists, lists of things I want to remember, and notes to friends that I will later rip out and mail... I go through notebooks like this so quickly but I totally love them!!

laila said...

I would write scraps of poetry about Asian metropolises modeled on 17th-century Italian lamenti.

Dead serious.

Em said...


Every Tuesday, my friend Lindsey and I celebrate "Haikuesday"(please do not copy the portmanteau, people of the Internetz :). We write haiku back and forth on Facebook, much to the joy of our friends and family, because, frankly, we are darned good. I would record these snippets of artistic expression in this adorable notebook.

Your blog rocks, as you well know :) Thanks for the opportunity!

blandon said...

I would all of my comedy ideas and whatnot. And probably some of the first ones would be cassette related because i think it's finally not "too soon". And then I would take the ideas and make wacky videos and stage-jokes and whatnot. All thanks to this rad hand-embroidered moleskine notebook from Portland-based etsy shop Nowvember.

blandon said...

I would also include enough words to make a full sentence, which I evidently dislike doing in comments.

Brooke said...

I'll write all about my europe travels while listening to some sweet music!

Anna M. said...

I would sketch people I see on the subway. :)

Brittney said...

I would draw... lots of dragons, a few clogs made out of bacon, and also write your name and my name together with lots of hearts drawn around it.

Uh... what?

sophia said...

I would make lists of songs, duh. I would actually make lists of everything, probably, because that is kind of how I organize my brain. I would also draw dinosaurs and lots of geometric patterns.

SHOEGAL said...

It would have to be my To Do list. Dull yes, but I'm lost without a cute little notebook in my bag to remind me what I'm supposed to be doing.

Abi said...

I would use it as my new Book of Memories. I feel like if I don't write things down, time just slips away and I sometimes wonder where it's all gone. So I keep a Book of Memories, a notebook I carry around and fill with whatever's in my head at the time.

Everything from travel information to poetry, mini-essays to sketching things in my surroundings that catch my eye.

I sometimes need to read through them just to prove that the past really did happen, I seem to forget so much of it. My previous Books are great for that, they're like little time machines that transport me right back to the moment I wrote/drew in them.

Kim said...

I have an unnatural love for notebooks, yet for some reason have never owned one of these, which seems to be the luxury sedan of notebooks.
I know I'm boring but I'd probably use it for journaling. It's what I do.

[null] said...

I would take psychology lecture note with it, and fill it with doodles of rabbits, cats and mice. 8D
And it would always be with me. Alllllllwaaaaaaaays.

kennedy ryan said...

Oooo-er. That's one beauty of a notebook. I would be afraid to write in it at first but soon I would give in and write exquisite lists and poetry.

Elise said...

Super cute notebook!
I'd use it to scrawl down ideas for plot/character development in my stories. Sometimes I come up with excellent dialog characters will have and then forget it by the time I get home to my lappy :/

Dondasaurus Rex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dondasaurus Rex said...

I'd write long letters to my newest crush Chris Pine (bka the new Captain Kirk) and tell him why I'd make him happier then stupid Audrina from The Hills

Ania said...

Hm... I think I'd use it as my travel notebook. I always try to have one on me since I tend to write best on a train or in a plane.

Anonymous said...

I would write notes and ideas for the new book of short stories I'm working on. Those marble notebooks fall apart rather quickly, and they look terrible.

Andee Nero said...

I would start a gratitude journal. I like doing little projects like this. Its where you write down ten different things you are thankful for everyday. Then you look back at it when you are feeling gloomy and it picks you up!
Post scriptum: my email is and my blog is at know, if you wanna gimme something. :]

Anonymous said...

I'm moving to Portland (!) right now, so I would write down all the things I need to do, purchase, figure out, and sort through during the move.

Lorena Cupcake said...

I'd spy on my boyfriend and draw comics about the secret adventures his ironic hipster mustache has while we sleep.

Sarah Yvonne said...

I would keep it in my pocket or in my bag and write down the errant thoughts, that I always forget, and my daily/hourly to do lists!


Lesley Myrick said...

That adorable little Moleskine would hang out in my bag next to my coin purse with the vintage cars printed on it, and I would whip it out to make lists of mixtapes to send to friends.

Robyn said...

I totally write all my favorite quotes in the book as a quick reference. So fun!

Dee said...

Hmm... I would either use it to write excerpts of the novel that will get me a Nobel prize in the future, or jot down song lyrics that I love and want to memorize.

Karolinajtr said...

Let me think...I'll wrte poems and notes for my Nobel-Prize winning novel there
"Nobel Prize? Is that girl crazy?"you ask.
"Well,"I'd say,"I'd go for the Booker, but I'm not a member of the Commonwealth or Ireland..."

Lisa said...

I'd probably use it for taking notes at fashion events and shows I'm covering. :-)

Elan Morgan said...

You are being featured on Five Star Friday!

Eleanor Schichtel said...

Mine would say:
"Things to put on a cassette tape for you:
-High School Musical songs sped-up so they sound like chipmunks.
-A secretly-recorded conversation with my grandma.
-My sister and I chanting the James Bond theme song.
-My cat barking at me.
-My voice saying 'I love you.'"

CraftyHope said...

Oh Geez - what wouldn't I write in there. I'm a certified, over-do-it, can't function without a list, list-maker. I'd be listing websites to check out, ideas for blog posts, grocery lists, jewelry designs, and doodling all over the place. It looks like it would be the perfect size for my purse. Ahhh, lovely.

Lindsay said...

A list of future mix tapes. What else?

cerebral e said...

I don't think I could beat Em's comment but If i had that book/I'd like to write a haiku/all about mix tapes.

Anonymous said...

I would write in it plans for world domination, and possibly plans for how to deal with a zombie apocalypse

Alison Hartford said...

I'd keep a little list of all the giveaways I enter on fashion blogs and don't win. Not that I'm feeling unlucky or wanting to jinx this!

conundrum said...

fill it with doodles when boring people are talking with no regard to how boring they're being (this happens a lot in school).

*~Dani~* said...

I would write down all of my ideas for stories and blogs. That is what I use the current cheap notebook for. Along with my profound thoughts. I have many.

Dreampuff said...

I definatly would use it to create mix CD lists and a list of, imaginary or not, people I would give them to.

To start it off I would make a "Lets fly off to Never Land Mix"
1. Godspeed-The Dixie Chicks (for lift off)
2. Come on Home- Franz Ferdinand (for those who miss me
3. Alright- Supergrass (for when I meet the lost boys)
4. Carey- Joni Mitchell (The Mermaid song)
5. Psycho Killer- Talking heads. (For the obvious captain hook!)
6. Easy Silence- The Dixie Chicks (for when I get kidnapped)
7. The Wind Told me- Lauren Kranzler (for when the fairy drinks the poison)
8. Oh La La- Rod Stewart (for the happy ending)

Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

Haiku about Balenciaga, song lyrics, strings of words that would be good names for punk bands, and something that expresses my sadness over the death of mixtapes.

lisa said...

I'd probably end up using it to jot down notes & quotes from all these music-related books I've been reading lately :p

Rei said...

I am notorious with my closest friends for often telling them "OMG I FOUND MY SOULMATE TODAY! BUT NO REALLY I MEAN IT. HE WAS A GOD AMONG MEN AND SO TOTALLY MY BF." I think i should get a notebook that i carry around and dedicate a page to each of these fleeting soulmates of mine.

Chantal said...

My moleskien would contain a huge number of artist's names I want to look up and remember. Sketches of the back of people's heads. Quotes that I hear people say through out the day that I write absent mindedly. More lists. Drawings of girls with big hair. Eyes, and an endless number of lines going in every direction.

Meghan said...

I would fill it with the same things I just finished filling up my last journal with (I need a new one!). My hopes and dreams and thoughts and rambles. Little sketches done in ink and pencil. Flowers pressed in the pages. Pictures I find all over the place glued in. All together so that someday I can show my daughter what I was like when I was young

pretty said...

My nobel prize winning novel, blates!

(that's my standard response for what are your plans for the future language questions by the way... omg I can't believe I am thinking about revision even while reading Daddy Likey :O )

Loren said...

I would draw dolphins and write about types of ice cream I've liked.

Lindsay said...

I would keep it under my pillow to use as a recorder of all my dreams.

Some of them are subtle like playing fetch with a horse by a creek (not even joking) with a tennis ball. Then I have others where I'm street fighting first graders with the Banks Subway Team..

I've been meaning to find a fashionable notebook to record these unconscious happenings in and this notebook is just perfect!

amdangtran said...

I'd write all the things I wish I could say...

and all the things that I probably shouldn't have - mostly dirty jokes. :P

Biz said...

I'd draw my snake, over and over and over.

Me said...

I'd draw a daily doodle inspired by a song... gosh I miss mix tapes.

Unknown said...

Love letters to all my closest friends, family, and mate. Who can resist a handwritten love note?

JLS said...

I'd say that I'd write short stories, because that is what I've supposed to have been doing for the last, I don't know, FOREVER, but we all know that's not going to happen. Instead, probably love notes to my future lizard. I really want one.

Emcee Morgan said...

I'd draw cubism portraits of everyone I meet and hand them out.

easytravel said...

thanks for share. nice to see you. I'll wait you on my blog. thanks

littlemissellie said...

endless lists!

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