Thursday, April 24, 2008

Five Men's Fashion First Impressions: Urgent Reader Request!

Hi Winona,
By now you've probably seen these Prada shoes before, but I've been dying to know what the five men would think of them. They may not be frightening enough, but they certainly amuse me.
Shoes Amused

Dear Amused,

Ah, the Prada flower heels--many are perplexed by them, others love them with the fire of a thousand suns (by "others" here I mean Wendy Brandes, and Wendy, if, after reading this, you want to kick some Five Men ass, I'll happily provide you with some addresses).

I sort of want to spend my life savings on them (they're $800) just to place them in a grandiose shadowbox atop my mantle (to do: procure mantle) and force my guests stare at them in silence.
But enough about me, what do those wild and crazy guys think of them?

Brother, age 13: (Waves hands, covers face) I don't know what to think of these. Hmmm...It's just a shoe, a really bad looking shoe. The heel kind of looks like a frilly Victorian dress...a flower?

Father: I think that its the first time I have seen the bottom of a shoe be more interesting than the top of the shoe. It kinds of looks like some sort of perverted Nike or Adidas.

Brother, age 18: Who's that guy we saw at the Portland Art Museum? Chihuly ? It looks like that guy did it.

Boyfriend: It looks like somebody's heel broke off and they glued on one of their mother's fine statuettes as a replacement.

Brother, age 21: Awkward even to look at. Hate 'em. But, if they were flat without the heel I would be into them.

p.s. If you're new to Daddy Likey and/or have amnesia, you can read the Five Men's introductory post here.


jeda21 said...

OMG So that's where my she-ra and he-man figurines ended up...

WendyB said...

Okay, the only reason I'm not coming over there RIGHT NOW is because they are under your protection! Tell them they're lucky!

WendyB said...

P.S. Unless you want their asses kicked, in which case I'll be right there

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha I love the five men so much!

Anonymous said...

Lol I like your boyfriends quote.

Poochie said...

Your 18-year old brother is referencing Chihuly. Genius. And insightful. For that he should be granted ass-kicking immunity.

I think these are the more "challenging" version of the flower feet shoes. I liked the one I got - black satin peep-toes with the skinnier flower heel - the best.


CastoCreations said...

Wow...Sometimes I wonder what these designers are thinking. I like the colors and style of the top half but that heal is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these shoes!
it was prada who did the ones like these but tea cup themed, too, right? lovvee those ones more
and I LOVE THE FIVE MENNN! I'm kinda sad your little brother didn't have a comment that involves dead animals like usual..but your oldest brother has a good point about the flats..they'd be adorable!
...if only I knew how to make shoes.

Poochie said...

bekstaaah - it was Miu Miu that did the tea cup heels. Same season, related company but not the same -


Anonymous said...

i just LOVE your 13 year old brother! keep it up brothers!

Anonymous said...

lol, this is so awesome, love your boyfriend's response x

Anonymous said...

Lizz Winstead (inventor of the Daily Show) is my coworker's sister. According to my coworker, Lizz got a gift certificate to Manolo Blahnik as a holiday gift a few years back and brought home a mouth-watering pair. Her housekeeper spotted them, popped them into Lizz's covered glass cake stand, and placed the stand in the center of her dining room table. There they remained for many months, for the easy worship-access.

Now THAT'S how you treat a great pair of shoes, baby.

But these ... I'm gonna have to agree with 13-year-old brother. Just a really bad looking pair of shoes.

Nico. said...

I like them, I just showed them to my guy friend and all he did was raish his eyebrow and ask me what's next. haha.

Anonymous said...

Great design!! I really like the art on shoe heel. Its looks very amazing and unique.

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