Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, Volume XI

During our trip to LA, my friends somehow got to talking about their favorite Daddy Likey features (OK, OK, I require my friends to talk about this at least twice a day). During this discussion I found out that Lindsay doesn't really get Inadvertently Ask Daddy Likey, Rachel and Meg love fashion-blogging animals (Meg was a zoology major, after all), and most surprisingly and/or predictably, Scott is a big fan of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha. "Whenever I see that long line of chocha pictures," he said, smiling and clapping with glee, "Aaaahhhh!!!"

For Scott, and anyone else who is clapping and saying "Aaahhhh!!!" right now, I present the latest installment of DSYC (new around these parts? wow that sounds dirty in this context, but anyway, click here for the intro):

Alexandra was innocently browsing Shopbop when she came across this tragic victim of the Great Pants Shortage of 2008:

In fifty years, this model will surely tell her grandkids about how "Back in the day, we didn't have pants or tights or leggings! We had to hold our hems down with our own hands! In the snow!"

Zoe found this awesome promo shot from Jenni Kayne's collection:

She says: The best bit of the picture I feel is the model not wearing the dress standing next to her, she reminds me of a pissed off big sister: 'god i told her not to wear anything stupid. now everyone at this party will ever associate me with the idiot who forgot her trousers. why does she ALWAYS have to show me up?'

Alana reported this sighting on Perezhilton.com:

Apparently she's 90 days pants-free.

An aptly named skirt from Kirsten:

So how perfect is this? Not only is it a major fan of the fully ventilated chochular region, it's named LOLITA!!! At what angle is the model holding her lower arm so it appears that her fingertips are skimming the hemline? I think this skirt has a pole in its future.

Tessa found a plethora of chochal danger zones:

Michael Kors thinks you should pay 700 bucks to never be able to sit down.

Yet another gem from DSYC regular, Baby Phat. Does anyone else think that "Web Exclusive!" badge could serve a better purpose about an inch to the left?

This girl's not even trying. Good god.

I guess there's one reason to spring for an oversize clutch:

Says Jessica: She's got the strategic placing of her purse down...

Anna spotted this "dress," which may be the most horrifying offender I have ever seen, mostly because (god, forgive me) it looks like the dress is actually tucked into her chocha:

Right?? You were totally thinking it... Anyway, Anna has another observation:

My favorite part is her clearly visible relief when they finally allowed the poor thing to put on some leggings for the larger pics. I had fun going 'before.. after! before...after!' to myself a few times.

Daddy Likey needs YOU! Send your Don't Show-cha Your Chocha sightings to daddylikeyblog@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

I totally clap my hands and say "ahhh!"

Perfect way to start a tuesday morning
"Before...after! Before...after!"

love and lipstick,

Anonymous said...

Slander against my good name! i get inadvertently ask daddy likey! duh, it's my favorite! now everyone will be talking about how stupid lindsay is and how it's their least favorite friend, like how they might have talked about Phebe on Friday mornings in 1996. literary licensee taken too far!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

"it looks like the dress is actually tucked into her chocha:"

When I read this, I actually laughed OUT LOUD. At home. Alone.

Such is the power of Don't Show-cha Your Choocha.

Thanks, I needed some hilarity at the expense of stupid 'fashionable' people today.

Leah xx

Anonymous said...

Man... I wish I could pull off some chocha- showing...seriously...

WendyB said...

This feature always tempts me to show-cha my chocha, just so I can be on Daddy Likey.

Anonymous said...

I LOL'd at the "it looks like the dress is actually tucked into her chocha" too! It's so true and so sad.

daddylikeyblog said...

Hahaha I have witnesses so stop the denials! But just to be safe, I'm gonna start calling you Phoebe every Friday morning.

Ms. Bubble--
If anyone could pull off some chocha-showing, it's you. And I mean that as the highest compliment!

Ms. Brands--
You can show me your chocha anytime. I might even put you on Daddy Likey because of it.

Anonymous said...

oh my!
the pink, you'd see underbutt if she wasn't holding it down, FOR SURE
it's hilarious how the blue oversize shirt girl bothers to wear thigh-high socks but she couldn't spare the extra 6 or so inches to cover up a bit
aaanndd who could forget the tucked in chocha dress..ohh ho ho. and I mean ho. it's so much cuter with tights, or maybe jeans? why even bother with the chocha showing? they just want more girls to be like them!

Anonymous said...

I must say, it always throws me off whenever you use Lindsay's name because mine is the exact same (hehe). So I'm always backtracking and it takes me a second to realize.. oh! that's NOT me.

: )

And I wouldn't mind getting the last two pictures on flash cards so that I could flip from one to the other- BEFORE-AFTER-BEFORE-AFTER!

Don't let your choca's show ladies!

That One OTHER Lindsay Grl

Anonymous said...

These are just hilarious :D!
Thanks for making my morning :)!

bestie said...

my favorite's the tucked-in one! hilarious, and so true!(:

Style On Track said...

Loving this post it is jam pack full of attitude and style :D

N/OutofFashion said...

Michael Kors is better than that sorry excuse for a top.

J.M. Powell said...

that post was seriously hilarious...what are these people doing...one arm raise and your business is out for all to see!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else happen to watch the most recent Barbara Walters special interviewing the most interesting people of the last year? There was a shot where she was wearing this intense gold dress that was BLOWING in the apparently blustery studio BUT - she was a definite contender for Don't Show-cha Your Chocha & I CAN'T FIND A PICTURE. It's making me very sad because...Barbara Walters? Ridiculous.

PS: I've been reading your blog for about a month now; love it!

Brittany said...

this is one of my favorite features! haha i love how ludicrous it all is!

Anonymous said...

So what if your chochas are flappin in the wind...I say, show-cha your Chochas ladies!

- Daddylikey's best bro.

Pret a Porter P said...

i think i was traumatized by the tucked in one.
and the lohan one, shouldnt we be relieved that its actually not showing this time?

Thomas said...

Tucked into her...

anyone know how to get coffee out of a keyboard?

CastoCreations said...

bwa ha ha ha ha ha

That is brilliant. I do not understand this fashion trend at all. Long live ankle skirts!

Anonymous said...

just maybeeee you are a closet lesbian.. yup

Anonymous said...

My friend is getting married this summer, and the bachelorette party will be in Vegas. I have been on the hunt for an appropriately skanky dress, and looked at past DSYC entries for ideas on where to find one. :)
And for that reason, this comment will be anonymous

Scott Nichols said...

yep, still awesome. if you only set the before/after images next to each other so we could get our nose close to the screen and alternate eyes (just like in Waynes world!!)

Anonymous said...

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