Monday, June 09, 2008

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, Volume XII

There's nothing like a triumphant blogging comeback, but it's even better when it involves chochas (sidenote: Has a rapper trademarked the phrase "Everything's better with chochas" yet or can I snag that for a confusing, sexually charged blog slogan?), and, more specifically, Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

I think the first photo and caption perfectly sum up this feature, so I'm gonna jump right in:

Says Jeni: The way she's standing she looks like she's trying to hold something in...perhaps her modesty.

From Jennifer:

I can't tell if the bottom is shorts or a skirt, but either way, I'm worried.

Says Nicole: I came across this tonight while trying to purchase overpriced linen pants from J.Crew and immediately thought "Don't show your cha-cha!"
[Editor's note: My mom and her group of friends also use the term "cha-cha" interchangeably with "chocha," and, like in this case, I can't tell if it's an intentional, charming alternative or a mix-up. I sort of love it.]

From Laura:

It makes me feel embarrassed just looking at it!

Beth found what is perhaps the most artful Don't Show-cha Your Chocha on record:

Says Beth: It looks like she's trying to hold down her dress AND hold her hair on. yikes! (In other news, the next time my friend Katelyn complains about how hard it is for her to find a long enough inseam, I will print out this picture and give it to her. I mean, good god, I would be able to make eye contact with this girl's kneecap.)

From Tessa, via Betsey Johnson:

The perfect dress for girls who like to stand...a, seriously, like, all the time. Would you like to try to sit down in that thing?

Jo-Anne brought my attention to this fantastic photo, and provided a fantastic description of the subject, Phoebe Price:

Hey saw this hilarious post of this wannabe celebrity phoebe price on dlisted. She goes to that same restaurant and poses out front every day. She gets a scrape on her car and poses with it!!! Anyways look at the dress! She's coming a little too close to showin' it.

Diligent DSYC officer Amber tracked down these next two offenders:

I titled this image "velvet chocha," and felt quite dirty after typing it.

You know how they say eyes are windows to the soul? Well, that triangular cut-out there seems to be a window to the chocha.

So, this "dress" being eaten by the model's crotch, courtesy of our old friend Shopbop, was featured in the last installment of DSYC, but I've gotten so many emails about it, and it's just so strange/horrifying, that I feel compelled to post it again, along with some choice reader commentary:

Anne: This is so horrible. I hope the $319 buys you a little black "censored" box to put in front of your ladyparts.

Livia: The description says 'Chicly sophisticated with a distinctly modern vibe'. Distinctly modern vibe? I say it's a distinctly chocha vibe.

Ashlee: GAAAHHH!!!

Remember, the next time you're browsing online and catch yourself thinking "Egad! [admit it--you totally think "Egad"] If that model so much as reaches for a tortilla chip, she's doing full frontal!," email


Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS!!! god i love this blog

Me said...

Ahahahah! You're the best!

WendyB said...

Phoebe Price is such a fashion genius, that if I didn't already have an idol, she would be my idol. But no one can replace Coco in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Phoebe Price fashion genius? It's so hard to tell if that is sarcasm or not. I think the link on gofugyourself to her interview about suing Chanel beautifully summarizes her complete lack of significance.

Anonymous said...

Phoebe Price's dress seriously confuses me. It looks like she went to the bathroom and forgot to check that her skirt wasn't tucked into her underwear by accident!

Anonymous said...

~ whoa! ~ *hahaha!* Chochular viewing is ALL up and down the runways for spring '08~!

Hannah said...

You have no idea how glad I am you're posting again. But to make light of the situation: A Chocha Dress gives you a chance to show off your best underwear.

Elizabeth said...

I was merely nodding in agreement all through this post until I got to the last one, and my eyes popped! Dang, that is WRONG.

Mama Bee said...

OMG, your blog is hysterical! Just discovered it today and you are immediately going on my favorite blog list!

Joanna Goddard said...

haha, that is so funny! :)

annaloren said...

"You know how they say eyes are windows to the soul? Well, that triangular cut-out there seems to be a window to the chocha."

You are officially my FAVOURITE PERSON EVER.

etoilee8 said...

This post gave me a chuckle. Especially the artful DSYC pic. I use the phrase, "chachi".

Bekah said...

oy vey! (did I spell that right?)
that first dress/thing is very cute though, if it were to be longer. dang.
poor models. the one from laura can't even face the world! other models have cut off their heads because they're so ashamed! I'd be like that, too, if I couldn't get tortilla chips. especially if it were to be the scoops scooped into that dip where there's cream cheese, salsa then cheese. mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

DSYC has come to be my absolute favorite feature on your blog, and after showing my boyfriend this very entry, he chuckled and said, "Chochas aplenty. What more could a guy want?" I then decided to make "chochas aplenty" a new catchphrase.

But that's neither here nor there. No, my story is this: Just the other day, I pulled a dress over my head (okay it was kind of a shirt, if you must know). After looking at myself in the mirror, I actually thought, "Oh dear, Chelsea...what would Winona think?"
But I decided to go out in the..shirt nonetheless. After flashing a fair amount of people a glimpse of my chochular region, although I knew I probably made Britney proud, all I could say to myself was that I should have known not to show-cha. Lesson learned.

mapetiteamy said...


Lil' Puch said...

OMG!! i laughed so much with this post. Girl, you are fantastic!!

Couture Carrie said...

I guess that is why God invented boy shorts? I admit, these dresses are scandalously short (and your commments are HIlarious), but I guess I'm a fashion victim 'cause I love 'em. I usually end up wearing skinny jeans underneath because of the whole bending over to grab a chip thing, but still . . .

Anonymous said...

I love this feature, but I always read it as "Dontcha Show your Chocha" That just seems to flow so much better in my head.

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