Friday, November 20, 2009

High Fashion Haiku: Perfect for gravy spills!

Thanksgiving Style Tip:
Wear a napkin as a shirt
for easy cleanup!

Donna Karan Belted Mikado Bustier, $1500 (well, you might want to find a cheaper oversized napkin).

p.s. Thanks, Sarah W.!


Kim said...

My Thanksgiving haiku for this:

Color of gravy
Even more importantly
Is skirt elastic?

Darla: Retro Ways said...

YOU ARE SO WITTY! I am rolling around my floor laughing, boy do u crack me up!

Love the skirt part but the top is way to 80s and way to I just folded some fabric around my model and pinned it! Yuck


futurelint said...

is it bad that I kinda really want to wear that giant napkin anyway?

Sal said...

And in that color, it'll hide stuffing, sweet potatoes, and coffee equally well.

Lesa said...

Before I even scrolled down to your caption, I was thinking the same thing--napkin dress, too funny!led

Renee said...

hehe, love it! :)

Anonymous said...

because even a sincerely "mod" fashionista may need a bib on occasion

Brook said...

hahahah so funny.... who needs a bib just cinch your napkin in your belt hahahah

Zoe said...

these jeans deserve some kind of haiku.
and they are by cheap monday! SHAME ON THEM

......Continued said...

awesome post!

enc said...

Eh, that price is alright, because the top has many uses. As you point out, it's a napkin. But it's also a crumb-catcher, a conversation-starter, a wearable sculpture, a car chamois, and probably a suitable bathmat! You can't put a price on versatility!

Fashion Court said...

seriously? i can't believe they'd charge that much for that. it's heinous.

J.Rose said...

here's a haiku for zoe:

I actually
Think these leather patched skinnies
Are epic hardcore.

but maybe that's just me (and, apparently, cheap monday.)
although, this could be a problem:

when the denim shrinks
in the wash, it will be a
ridiculous look.

hope that denim's preshrunk.

Vix said...

Another defiant vote of love for this top. Though not for its price tag.

I've done my time in food service, okay? I can't help appreciating the art of a well-folded napkin, writ large!

Cate said...

i like the napkin top. looks feasty (NEW WORD)

Jessi said...

Lol! So true.

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