Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blogback Mountain

Find out why I'm always slightly intimidated when I hang out with my friend Lydia.

Daddy Likey reader Daiane has started her own blog, Sweet Fancy Treat. Send some encouragement her way, or give her advice on how to celebrate Carrie Bradshaw's birthday.

To borrow a phrase from the dumbest boys in my high school class: Ambika freakin' scoooorrred at the antique mall last weekend.

Gala has tips for a great resume. Note to self: Apply for job as head writer of The Office.

Amber at Painfully Hip shares my view on eyeglasses: giant+nerdy=hott (I used to hate people who spelled "hot" with two Ts, but now it seems that I'm singlehandedly keeping the fad going).

And finally, everyone should bother my friend Lyndsey so she'll start posting again, damnit!
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