Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Five Men's Fashion First Impressions: This Fits On a Person?

Today's subject is this extremely intriguing $1500 Missoni, um, belt:

I've been obsessed with this thing since I first saw it in Queen Marie's fabulously funny post, and I knew it would confuse the hell out of the men.

And yeah, it did:

Brother, age 12: OK. First off, what is it?
Me: It's a belt.
Brother, age 12: Whoa. I think...goth...rivets...modern art....torture device....

The Father: Holy shit! (Long pause, followed by unconstrained laughter) Well, there ought to be a whole other branch of fashion called Futile Fashion. The Frank Lloyd Wright thing of form follows function has really been ignored [editor's note: my dad has lectured me on this every day since I was born]. That's really bizarre. How much is it?
Me: Fifteen hundred.
Father: Holy shit!

The Boyfriend: Oh wow. What is that supposed to be? (Looks at the title that says "leather lattice belt" and assumes a knowing tone) Ah, a lah-teece belt. Well, it looks like an S&M toy.

Brother, age 17: WHAT THE FUCK. I don't know, I get an erector set vibe...commercial fishing vibe...
(Leaves the room, returns 5 minutes later)
Brother, age 17: What was that, anyway?
Me: A belt.
Brother, age 17: Whaattt?

Brother, age 20: I don't know what to say. This fits on a person?
Me: It's a belt.
Brother, age 20: Ummm...but, it's not a belt. I've never seen anything like this. I'm confounded.

p.s. If you are more enamored than confounded, and are also Bill Gates, the belt is available here.


Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with your dad on this one. There is no way you could hold your pants up with this belt! :-D

Poochie said...

Style-Spy posted about this belt too and showed it on clothes - http://style-spy.blogspot.com/2007/09/but-he-didnt-stick-around-and-make-me.html

And The Coveted had an interesting artistic take on it as well - http://thecoveted.blogspot.com/2007/09/reference-to-century.html

Personally, I think it is amazingly cool but a) not something I could ever wear (I short-waisted to the point of being "no-waisted), b)pricey!, c)it looks too much like something you could actually make yourself.

Love the guys's opinions - smart, vulgar AND funny!


Julianne said...

It is a deeply strange creation. I always thought it looked more like a sculpture than a belt, something that would be in an art gallery. How would you even get it on? You'd definitely need someone to help you dress!

Anonymous said...

wow, so ugly

Jamie said...

It is bizarre! I find it very telling that nearly all of them had to ask you what it was! If you don't know what it is, you shouldn't wear it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of disturbed that it almost covers the boobs on the 5'11" mannequin in the link... that said, I'm actually really enamored with the silly thing, and if it was say, 3-4 inches shorter and $1300 less, I would be sorely tempted to buy it!

Anonymous said...

I asked my husband what he thought it was. His response?

"a wicker picture frame?"

When I told him it was a belt he looked at me in disgust. I think he also agrees with your dad. Nevertheless, I am oddly drawn to it. But I have to ask, wouldn't it be uncomfortable and digging into your ribs if you sat down?

la petite fashionista said...

haha i love hearing men's take on fashion/runway trends. i think my boyfriend thinks a lot like your 17 yr old brother:)


Anonymous said...

i'd have to agree with the guys on this one too! i mean i'm all for funky and fun stuff, but this "belt" is a little too crazy, plus the price tage is ridic. i just bought this really cute Linea Pelle belt at bluefly, a little more mild, but still fun and a lotttt cheaper. keep up the fun pics:)

Anonymous said...

hehe... that's so cute. i personally love this belt, intensely so...

Anonymous said...

i know how the men r feelin when first it on kos i thought it was some buildin thing then after readin i found out but i think its so bad now i can see the olsen twins wearin it. p.s i am in a library at college i had 2 stop myself 4rm bursting out with laughter after readin wat the men said. gud one winona. is it weird 2 u dat am callin u by ur name although we have never met.

Skye said...

I basically thought exactly what your brother did when he saw this. It looks like some sort of torture device.

And curse you for making me procrastinate!

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