Friday, October 12, 2007

Reader Advice: How Do I Wear the Cutest Boots Ever?

Dear Winona,
I recently inherited (from a living relative, don't worry) a gorgeous pair of burgundy riding boots. They look something like this, but in mint condition and redder:

The only thing is: what the hell do I wear with them? They're way sexy for school, so how do I tone them down but without looking like I'm about to jump on a horse? Help!

Dearest Hannah,
First of all, sweet mother of jesus you have the best living relatives ever! My grandma got me a dieting book once and I thought that was good. But anyway, I adore riding boots and wear my black ones to bed every night because I can't bear to part with them. I've been looking for a pair this color for awhile, and therefore am almost too overcome with jealousy to write this post.

But I will for you, dear Hannah.

My very favorite (and quite specific) styling for riding boots is to pair them with thick textured tights, a girly dress, and a baggy cardigan. Depending on each specific piece you use with this look, it can be really funky and casual or dressed up.

For example, start with this dress:

Soda Blu Bubble Dress, $72 (15% off with the coupon in the sidebar!),

Add these tights:

MP ribbed cotton tights, $32, (if you're on a budget, similar styles are available for less at Target, Nordstrom Rack, etc)

And top it off with a slouchy comfy sweater like this one:

I can't guarantee that this cardigan will look as cute over a dress and tights as it does over a naked hipster, but we can hope.
Solid Rib Oversized Long Pocket Cardigan, $38, American Apparel

If your style is a little more boho, try the same combination with a dress like this:

Welcome to Adorableville!
40's Caplet Dress, on sale for $30,

If that idea still feels too dressy, tuck some tight jeans into your boots and wear something on top that's casual and comfy. For fall and winter, a cute hoodie or a baggy sweater (have you picked up on my latest obsession yet?) are perfecto.

Even my readers with cold black hearts have gotta admit that this would be so cute with jeans and burgundy riding boots:

Trees Hoodie, $44.50,

It doesn't get any better than a cozy men's sweater. Oh, unless it has stripes. And is on sale.
University Stripe Merino Crewneck Sweater, on sale for $50,

Godspeed, my lucky, fabulous-booted friend!


Unknown said...

I think I might have just won some fab riding boots on ebay for $5... so this post is good for me as well. Wardrobe Remix has some great inspiration too... seems like all those girls WORK the riding boots.

Pret a Porter P said...

the idea with the grey dress & blue cardigan is BRILLIANT

Anonymous said...

thank you so much! these suggestions are awesome. sorry to invoke such jealousy, too. (but check ebay, they have some great pairs.)

-- h.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure my mum has these EXACT boots burgundy...and I've been wondering what I can steal them to wear with! yay!

fashion evolution said...

You could also think about matching up the boots with different neutrals in shades of tan mixed with some brown (like a beige/tan dress with brown trench coat). I would say the most important thing is to put those red boots on display when you wear them!

Poochie said...

Where are the example boots from. I've been looking for a flat boot that I actually like. I want to wear them with my tons of knee-socks I just bought and some tights and skirts.


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