Wednesday, October 03, 2007

To Put It Eloquently: OMG! OMG! OMG!

I just bought tickets to the Spice Girls concert in Vegas! If posting on the blog ends abruptly, it's because I've died and gone to heaven.

Now, where can I find some platform sneakers?


Anonymous said...

Nona as your little sister I demand you take me with you!!!!!I'm telling Nick if you don't :(

Dondasaurus Rex said...

i knew i liked you for a reason! while you are out in vegas enjoying teh spice girl concert, i will be at home watching Spice World in old school sketcher platforms, bitter that God didn't smile down on me and grant me tickets! BTW if you tell anybody I said that I will deny it all! I've got a ready made alibi that will say I went to some cool D.C. area club. And tell Miss Castro that little sisters don't have senority in situations like this. Semi-regular commenters like myself get first dibs on extra tickets!

LaBelle said...

omgomgomg so jeal and can i just say that i have a posh spice barbie with that very dress on? And can your platform sneakers please have a British flag on them??

Anonymous said...

Intense jealousy!! I wanted to go so bad. I was obsessed with them, I had all the dolls and watched the movie a lot.

Kori said...

Let's all go on a girly road trip and sing "Spice up your life" the whole time.

la petite fashionista said...

ahh winona im so jealous! i was a huuge spice girls fan back in the day. sporty was my favorite.. weird?


Apocalypstick said...

You know that's going to be the most fun concert EVER. All grown-up little girls and gay men. But ou can't wear platform snearker because you will fall off them while dancing and hurt yourself.

Safety first!

Apocalypstick said...

I'm not drunk, by the way, I just spell like I am.

The Tinfoil Saint said...


and by "how did you do that?" i am not only asking how you got ahead of a billion and six other people and also HOW CAN YOU AFFORD IT???

did you sell a kidney?

Anonymous said...

~whoa~ one of my favorite styles, celebration is on sale..! ~*woo hoo!*~

click on 'classics' or look in the sneaker area.
* : )

Unknown said...

Wanna a get quality sneakers at low rates?why dont you try at this website.They have ample collections what you looking for.

Anonymous said...

I think Emma (Baby Spice) should be a candidate for Don't Show Your Chocha :P

Sidsel said...

OMG You must be the happiest person IN THE WORLD right now!

Hypnotic Romance said...

Platform Shoes?
They even have some with the Union Jack on them.
Under Platforms:Womens:7".
For about $45
Have fun in thoes!

Eritia said...

hahah that pictures from their movie,
i lovelovelove them! even though i had no clue who they were back in the day

Miss A said...


Anonymous said...

Baby Spice has a baby. Does that make anyone else feel impossibly old?

Cate said...

oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. i'll be honest, i've been obsessively checking my email for my notification for when nyc tickets go on sale. i have my baby spice costume ready. oh my god. i'm so happy for you!

bigglassesgirl said...

shut up! Now, do you want to take my photo album (of their photos you could buy in packs) to get an autograph for me, my collection of stickers, my magazine covers, or my stationary kit? Truth is, I could go on with more memoriabilia

Elle said...

AAAAAKKKK. I'm green with jelousy and I think I'm just going to stab myself a million times now. I STILL have the platform sneakers I got from Hong Kong ages ago back in their heydays. Take loadsa piccies and don't forget to share!

LallaLydia said...

ZIGGAZAYAHHH...who votes for a live blog from the concert? I do! I do! Someone pull some strings and get Winona a back-stage pass!

christine said...

whaaaa!! I want to go so bad, but I'm so far away from any of their tour dates that I didn't get qualified to buy tickets :( :(

Anonymous said...

We have 2 pairs of VIP tickets to see the Spice Girls on the 15th of December at the o2 in London. We will pay your travel and hotel costs up to £250.

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