Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogback Mountain

Or: What I Missed During My Internet-less Week

Daddy Likey named to list of Top 100 Fashion Blogs!

Life goal: Stand on the roof in SF with Jennine. Look half as cute as her.

Damnit! I just went to the future and my outfit was totally sub-par. Well, I guess I'll know for next time...

I got to know Wendy Brandes because she kept leaving comments about my posts that were way funnier than the posts themselves. I checked out her site, and it turns out she's also gorgeous and talented. I would probably hate her, if I didn't want to be her BFF.

Send my friend Lydia good juju! NOW! (Your efforts might get her book published!)

For someone I've never met, Ambika knows me too well.

And finally, I'm so glad I got my internet back, because without it, I never would have known how much I needed an eco-friendly Bill Murray tote bag!


WendyB said...

You might take back your kind words if you could see me now, barely keeping my head above a mound of laundry,numerous boxes of Kleenex and unopened bank statements! This is not the glamorous that Fergie sings about.

fritha louise said...

Well done for getting into the top 100! And I'm glad you're back, non-voluntary Daddy Likey-less-ness (my vocabulary is poor ok?) is soo not fun. I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms!

Dondasaurus Rex said...

just a moment ago i was shrieking hysterically because i kept typing in daddylikely and blogger was telling me the page couldn't be found. from now on i'm only using links b/c i think i took 5 years off my life

i too adore wendy b for simutaneously (i'm sure thats spelled incorrectly but it stays!) cute and funny. you're going to have to stand in line to be her BFF

WendyB said...

Please submit all BFF applications with a resume, recent photo and 1,000 word essay on your willingness to cook elaborate meals for good friends! ;-) Daddy (if I may be so bold as to call you Daddy), you have a lot of readers! They've all come to visit me and are lurking all over my blog even as I type!

Anonymous said...

welcome back love!
i missed you!

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