Monday, November 05, 2007

Update #2

Hello Dahlings,

I've been a bit distracted lately because I've been moving into my new place! I would post some pictures but all they would show currently is a pile of clothes in the middle of my bedroom that nearly reaches the ceiling, and a broken papasan chair in the middle of an empty, white-walled living room. Not quite the height of home fashion and design. YET!

Speaking of YET!, I don't have reliable internet access YET!, so I'm typing this in the community computer lab as the man sitting next to me glares back and forth between the words Daddy Likey glowing on my screen and the notice on the wall that says "no 'adult' content material." In other news, why didn't I choose a cute little fashion-y name for my blog? Maybe Fashion Panda? God that would have been cool.

I received a slew of lovely emails over the weekend that I haven't had a chance to reply to because of this lack of internet, so if you were the author of one of them, swear you'll wait for me! Never let go! I'll get back to you soon!

Also, Alec, even if you find a coat you really like, DO NOT BUY IT. Within the next few days, so help me God, I will post my life-changing list of jacket recommendations. And if Lindsay forgot to tell you, you are dead to me.

Love and inappropriate public displays of affection,


jeda21 said...

Congratulations on the move and all the best for the forthcoming posts! *begins tapping finger nervously on desk, waiting for new posts to magically appear*

Cate said...

hooray, you're aren't dead! i was beginning to worry. the fear that began building in my heart a few days ago when i would sign onto netvibes in the morning and not see a new post is finally quieted.

WendyB said...

Maybe YOU are the elusive blogging panda I've been looking for. I would support a panda-name for the blog. Good luck with your move.

Anonymous said...

Yay for new apartments! I had a papasan once but never could remember the name for it & constantly called it the origami chair.

I seriously feel like I should send you coasters or something. Some kind of housewarming gift...

Anonymous said...

Yay new apartments!

I like the name of your blog as it is. Fashion Panda sounds like a distant friend of Hello Kitty's or something.

Carolyn Keene said...

a little off topic, but i was remembering your post from a while back after i bought tickets to the spicegirls concert. however, unless you're going to the one in boston, i doubt i'll see you there!

Anonymous said...

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