Friday, November 30, 2007

Blogback Mountain

Probably the coolest brooch ever. (And maybe she's single? Because my brother is going to want to marry her.)

I'd pay extra for a shirt that came with mustard stains, too.

A Cup of Jo has been running the most specific gift guide in history. But it works. I'm waiting for the Dad Who Wants to Build a Bunker in Preparation for Nuclear Holocaust category (but more on that later).

Don't Read Culture Jam While Working At a National Chain Store: A cautionary tale.

When you read the words "Body Image Month," what do you think of? Tony Orlando's holiday diet? Right on, partner.

Fashion Orgasm wants to know your hair issues. Sing 'em loud and proud.

If I saw Ambika on the street wearing her rad new coat, I might have to scream something like "Ooww! Ow! Sex-ay Lady!" and then I would hate myself.

People who are more stylish than me.


WendyB said...

With the Ambika situation, I think you'd only have to hate yourself if after yelling, you waggled your tongue at her.

Anonymous said...

danke, winona!
i kiss you!

Poochie said...

Re: Retail Horrors

I feel the same way about movie theaters. I worked at an AMC for a summer and the concession stand horrors would curl your hair! Plus I got burned on the popcorn popper about a million times and fell behind the counter due to the slippery spills of "butter", ice, drinks and faux-cheese.

But the worst retail experience were by 2 weeks working at a Disney store (ironically later I worked at Disney corporate for 5 years - and they still had the reatil 2 weeks on record!). I finally quit when the told me my hair clip was too ostentatious and not regulation.



Anonymous said...

nooo your brother is mine!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Pity, I think The Black Apple said something once about being taken- I'd marry her in a flash too, even if I am a girl..
Hair is an utter bitch. And what I hate most in the world is girls with perfectly well-behaved hair yowling to me about how difficult it is having perfect, silky hair. Out with ye, I say!

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