Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this week's installment of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha. For those of you who are just joining the party here at Daddy Likey, DSYC is a recurring feature in which readers send in examples of the not-wearing-pants-when-they-are-clearly-necessary trend.

Please feel free to click here to read the humble beginnings of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, or just read on and you'll surely get the gist of it.

Let's kick things off with this prime example:

Reader Gracey sums it up: So very, very many accessories. And yet...no pants.

Check out this adorable little sort-of dress sent in by Vyla:

Gimme like 5 more inches of fabric and I'd be into it.

The beautiful ENC submitted this chochastic pic of Gwynnie P:

Girlfriend is definitely owning it.

I titled this next photo, "Uh oh":

As Kanishka points out: The gap at the bottom of her "dress" after the last button is a little too close to chocha for comfort.

Vigilant reader Emma sent in a motherload of chocha. Behold:

At least this one is wearing shorts. I mean, underwear. I mean, a crocheted diaper? Nevermind.

How does this work, exactly, when she unclenches her legs?

Again, thank you, crotch shadow, for your diligent service.

File this under the ever-popular "yeah, but that is a shirt" category.

From Vanda:

She says: Saw this from Whitney Port and thought, "I know she moved to the Big Apple, but do we really need to almost see her Little Apple?"

Here's a great one from Jace:

Man, thank god for that, umm, chocha flap?

Let's see...how can I make an eloquent transition here...Oh yes! Speaking of chocha flaps:

Liana says: I couldn't help but notice the unladylike (or perhaps VERY ladylike) placement of the pink fabric on this Milly dress. [Editor's note: Yes, apparently top designers are now knocking off this dress. Why? We'll never know.]

From Claire:

She says: Here we've got a ridiculously short American Apparel mini, aptly titled, because I can see, well, everything.

And another, even more upsetting angle:

The model appears to be grimacing in embarrassment, which is weird because American Apparel tends to substitute porn for their "advertisements."

One more from Claire:

Here's Taylor Momsen rocking the men's shirt...and nothing else.


Says Alicia: All could think of when I saw this was RAWR...and not in a good way. Like, her chocha has roaring capabilities that are only augmented by the leopard dress and furry shoes. Scary.

And finally, let's end on a festive note with this graceful Olympic chocha moment sent in by Birdie:

Inspiring, no?

Found a chocha? Send it in! daddylikeyblog@gmail.com


Stacey said...

Oh man, that picture is going to haunt that ice skater forever now. Hahaha, love your work.

violetville said...

yay! i always love the chocha posts! Though I'm not even sure if the AA ones should count anymore, as AA rarely offers promo photos *without* chochas...

Michele said...

It looks like Demi Moore is giving birth to Zoidberg.

Hannah said...

Dear Winona,

Please note Demi's right hip (well actually her left). It seems to be photoshopped a little much. Is the fabric even touching her hip?

Alpha Monkey said...

The contestant in the diaper cover...is she giving a Power Point presentation with that clicker? And WHAT, pray tell, is the topic?

Kathryn Sutton said...

Yay! This is just what I needed to cheer me up after a rather dreadful day! Is it weird that photos of models amost-but-not-quite flashing cheers me up?!



Lisa said...

The figure skater's expression looks like she's just realized what a compromising position the next pose puts her in!

lorax said...

This was my first time to see this segment, I loved it!


violetville said...

Hannah, Nice catch! You're totally right about the over-photoshopping of the hip!

WendyB said...

Isn't there something very beautiful about this pant-less Dolce & Gabbana show finale? http://blogs.wsj.com/runway/2010/02/28/dolce-gabbana-touts-the-classic-black-jacket-and-its-tailors/


Totally thought the asian girl was Karen O. Bit gutted its not actually.

Paddy☮ xx

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gallery 802 said...

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kristophine said...

Is it wrong that I kind of love those furry shoes?

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