Monday, March 08, 2010

The Five Men versus the WUZZY

I recently received the following message from the lovely and talented Sarah W:

Dear Winona, There was a men's fashion first impressions moment just now that I had to share with you. My roommate showed her boyfriend this item and asked him what it was:

He actually couldn't couldn't tell, and finally responded with "a poofy ball of god-knows-what."

p.s. Don't you really, really want those? They're called WUZZY!!

To answer Sarah's question, yes, I absolutely want those. But I would probably buy a moldy roast beef sandwich if someone told me it was called "WUZZY!!" And to answer the more obvious question of "Wait, what is a WUZZY!!?" well, it is apparently a slipper. Details here.

I couldn't resist asking the famous Five Men for their take on this poofy ball of god-knows-what, and here's what they said:

Brother, age 22: It looks like a replacement head for a Swiffer sweeper. Or maybe like a Flounder on the ocean floor. Actually, exactly like this Flounder:

rofl @ that pic of the Flounder. his face lol

Brother, age 15: Not actually sure what that is. If it was a slipper, I would be into it, but it may be a hat or a mitten or something. That would just be gross.

Brother, age 20: Have to suggest an Anti fungal cream for that.

Boyfriend: It's a rabbit's foot! A lucky rabbit's foot!

Dad: It looks like the Puss Caterpillar, from the southeastern U.S. Quite venomous but looks very innocuous.

Puss Caterpillar*.

*Or WUZZY!! Not sure which**.

**Confusing the two could prove disastrous.
Right, Dad?

p.s. Here's the very first Five Men's Fashion First Impressions post, just in case you're new around these parts and want to get all caught up!


Jane said...

Oh my god I love your family.

tor (fabfrocks) said...

With a family this funny you need never leave the house! (PS - I kind of want a wuzzy!!)

tor (fabfrocks) said...

With a family this funny you need never leave the house! (PS - I kind of want a wuzzy!!)

Renée T. Habashy said...

Hilarious. But why would someone want to buy a Wuzzy? Aren't they a little muppet-looking for real life? lol

Anonymous said...

How awesome that their minds go directly to animal comparisons.

flowermash said...

I'm from the southeastern US and if I ever see one of the those caterpillars I might literally DIE.

And not in the Rachel Zoe way.

Anne At Large said...

I swear your dad needs his own blog. Dangerous Insects I Have Loved, or something. But basically anything, because the world needs to hear more from him.

WendyB said...

No one brought up Tribbles? And they call themselves men?

Miss 1949 said...

So funny! Your dad nailed it.


Lisa said...

Oh. My. God. I can't stop staring at that picture of the puss caterpillar. It might make its way into an unpleasant dream tonight. o_o

Jillian said...

wuzzy is possibly the best word ever!

Rachel said...

I don't know who I love more, nick or the flounder, but they are both adorable! I think nick should get a pet flounder for his birthday, mmm?

As for your dad and his puss caterpillar, my life is temporarily (and predictably) ruined.

Poochie said...

Thank god they are back!

I think you should raffle off a dinner with the Five Men for charity. You'd make millions!

Whit said...

Love the 5 men! Question though about the wuzzy- do you get a a set of those hard pink plastic curlers with purchase?

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

you are gorgeous! lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy Wuzzys come in pairs.
But the other Wuzzy wuzz'nt there.
So, Wuzzy wuzz'nt as fuzzy
as it is supposed to be.

Needs work, I know.

Love, Duhdad

amanda said...

I normally refer to flip flops as "slippers", but this is apparently mindblowingly confusing to folks on the mainland. I now have a word to describe those big furry jobs that keep your feet warm in the winter: WUZZIES.

Thank you, Daddy Likey. You have saved literally tens of minds from being blown by Hawaiian slang.

Erin said...

LMAO. puss caterpillar

Nadia said...

And here I'd thought that they'd decided to recycle someone's poor lap dog that ended up as road kill. Pekingese slippers anybody?

On another note, Puss caterpillars? I'm pretty sure I don't want to know the rationale for that name choice. Ugh. I much prefer our local wooly bear caterpillars. Cute, fuzzy, and nontoxic.

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