Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Imagined Conversation Between Myself and This Model

Me: Umm, ma'am?

Model: What?

Me: Well, it's just...

Model: I'm kind of busy here.

Me: Yeah, about that. What are you doing?

Model: I'm a model. I'm modeling this dress. Isn't it pretty?

Me: It's gorgeous, for sure. It's just...this is a Mexican restaurant. And I don't see any cameras. And you seem to be really confusing the house band.

Model: The camera guy is on his way. He's running late, I guess.

Me: Right.

Model: Oh look, there he is!

Me: That's a decorative cactus.

Model: He did seem a bit prickly.

Me: Did you have one of those giant margaritas that's wheeled up to your table in a re-purposed bathtub?

Model: No!

Me: Really?

Model: I had four.

Me: Well then, I applaud you for wearing any clothes at all.

Model: I told you, I'm a model. I'm a professional. Now, will you tell the cactus to hurry up? I can't hold this pose forever.

p.s. Huge thanks to the lovely Lydia for sending me this picture!


abt arcade said...

haha, love it! this pic would even be ripped apart on ANTM and that's saying something!

Vanessa said...


jess said...

This pictures is rediculous. The convo is hilarious.

Good Girls Studio said...

Hilarious! Great commentary!

WendyB said...

I thought she was saying, "Ay, caramba!"

Lisa said...

I love how the first commenter said this photo would be ripped apart on ANTM because I thought it would be the inspiration for a bizarre ANTM challenge. Mariachi band, cactus, four margaritas, oodles of distractions--and go! Be fierce! Don't lose it! Smile with your eyes!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

I am going to a Mexican restaurant for my birthday this weekend. I am now inspired to try my darndest to recreate this pic. Stay tuned.

The Girls said...

I love how the models are always super intense, and insistant that they're EXTREMELY BUSY.

I mean, I guess they technically are. They're busy modeling.

just be awesome instead said...

Umm...Im distracted by the dress. Where can I find it?

Elise said...

I could seriously go for a bath tub sized margarita...or four.

newbitchontheblog said...




Caroline said...

I feel like there should also be a conversation between the band and the model.

Band leader: Who's this chick? Why is she posing in front of us while we're playing?
Model: Oh, work it, work it, pose, look fierce. I'm so awesome. Tyra should totally pick me on ANTM.
Band leader: Weirdo....

Love your blog!

education jobs said...

That is quite hilarious. I had a great laugh.

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