Monday, April 05, 2010

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

Happy Monday, everyone, and welcome to this week's installment of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

DSYC is a recurring feature in which Daddy Likey readers submit photos of people wearing their shirts as dresses, or their belts as skirts, or their tights as pants, or air as tights--get the idea? If you'd like to read the very first DSYC post, please click here, and if you feel ready to face the chocha, read on...

First up, here's a classic cross-leg pose submitted by Stephanie:

That skirt is playing a dangerous game with the breeze.

Sara sent in a few chocha-licious finds from The Sartorialist, plus commentary:

Love her outfit, but clearly if her legs had been been nicely placed that way we'd be able to see everything!

Not how low can you go, but how high can you go? At least she looks happy and carefree.

It doesn't look too short (compared to other shresses -- shirts as dresses), but all that dress needs it a small breeze and everything will be seen.

From Laura:

The accompanying email said, simply, "Uhhhh..." And I concur.

Oh, Blair Waldorf:

Says Tiffany: We love gossip girl, but that dress and those see through lace leggings don't do you justice.

From Em:

She says: Sigrid Thornton is looking mighty uncomfortable at the Australian Film Industry Awards.

Debbie found this, umm, small piece of fabric:

Love the product description, too: Party Time! Our stretch micro mini dress is perfect for a night out on the town. This ultra tiny micro mini dress is cut short and notched at the side to show off all your leg. Comes with matching G-String panty.

Lace leggings plus shirt worn as dress = chocha sighting:

Laura has four important words: Strategically placed sweater sleeves.

Maureen found these next two gems, which New York & Company call the "Velvet Tunic Dress” and the “Knit Tunic Dress:"

She adds: Obvy, "dress" was mistakenly added on to the descriptions as tunic much better represents what they are.

From Elizabeth:

I actually have this shirt. When worn with pants (as is advisable when wearing a shirt), it's quite lovely!

Reader Wendy is a prolific chocha hunter. Check out her recent finds:

Wow. Gold star for you, Wendy!

Found a chocha? Send it in!


Connie said...

DSYC is the BEST! :)

Unknown said...

I have to say the one from Debbie (white micro mini dress) is actually a dress made for exotic dancers, so it's tininess is functional in this case. (I'm a dancer, fyi)

That black and white photo from Laura however? Wtf?? Uhhhhhh is right!

Rosie Unknown said...

Adding to the hilarity, this DSYC post was right below a post of Sal's on wearing long skirts in blog reader!

Anonymous said...

You should be worried when a "g string panty" comes free with a "dress."

WendyB said...

That stretch dress would be a great slip. Very Spanx-looking.

Alex said...

No fair! I sent in that New York and Company Knit Tunic Dress like almost 6 months ago! And it says that Maureen did! D:

Lorena said...

Chocha sightings are always soooo much fun !
I am still struggling with the g string + dress... WTF!?

daddylikeyblog said...

Thanks for the heads up, girl! So that DSYC dress serves a purpose, huh?

Hahaha I love blog reader coincidences! That's awesome.

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, my dear! I get a lot of chocha emails and I do my best to post all of them, but sometimes they slip through the cracks (or into my spam folder). I'll do a search for your submission, and please feel free to send in another pic and I'll make sure you get your time in the DSYC spotlight! :)

Anya said...

Hello Winona,

Miss Solo Lisa referred me to you blog after a lengthy conversation on the accidental "chocha flashing" trend.

You are very funny! What an enjoyable read!


Anonymous said...

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