Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

And now it's time for this week's installment of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha! If you're just joining Daddy Likey, here's the scoop on DSYC: my ever-vigilant and always-clever readers send in examples of high hemlines gone awry, or shirts worn as dresses, or hats worn as dresses--get the picture? If you don't, no worries, this post is full of actual pictures, and I think by the end you'll have a good grasp of the concept. And on the bottom of your skirt. Like, seriously, hold that skirt down.

Or shirt, in this case:

Says Siobhan: I found this online tonight and immediately thought of your site. The model isn't even trying to hide it!

The amazing Ashley found some High School Musical chocha incidents:

She says: Vanessa Hudgens displays her disdain for pants in the ever popular tunic look.

And: I think Zac Efron is giving Vanessa advice like "Make sure you keep your handbag in place when we start walking again- it's a little windy today."

A few readers sent in the following Blake Lively ensemble:

Says Anya: She's practically just wearing underwear with lace draped over it. It's more like a bathing suit wrap than a dress for a premier.

Says Liane: Taking fashion advice from co-star and repeat chocha-baring offender Taylor Momsen, are we, Blake?

Says Penelope: Um. Yeah.

Thomas W. found an inevitable DSYC moment from Lindsay Lohan's catwalk collaboration:

I remember her saying her main inspiration for the collection was, "Not being able to sit down without facing indecent exposure charges," so bravo, Lindsay, bravo!

Caitlin sent me an email titled, "Quirky Australian Chocha," which totally made my day:

She says: Readers of a travel websites were asked to send in some of their quirky vacation photos. I’m not sure why they’re jumping around in the Nullarbor, but here it is… Thank God for underwear huh?

Not soon after, lovely reader Catherine passed along this picture she took on a recent Australian vacation:

She says: The brave miss in this photo was modeling a dress made from pre-paid phone cards; she is clearly working for a larger conspiratorial movement around Aussie chocha (insert "Down Under" quip here).

From Jenna:

Saw this one on Go Fug Yourself, and I liked their caption: "Uggs with Minis: Are you cold, or not? MAKE UP YOUR MIND."

Fergie brings us a chocha moment from the future:

Says Sarah: Everyone in the crowd can see her chocha!

Carley sent in a couple great ones:

She says: I guess crossing legs and keeping knees together is getting a bit old for this model, so she's trying a new technique: Keeping the knee angled ever so slightly makes the hemline look a little longer.

And: I'd be uncomfortable too if I was forced to wear something that is a) frumpy, b) has an ugly print, and c) dangerously short. Luckily for her, the itty bitty bottom is actually classified as a pair of shorts. That explains the confused look and the lack of leg-crossing/hem-pulling...

This meta chocha moment cracked me up:

Reader Rose explains: While browsing on your blog today I saw this picture. I felt like it was very ironic. Chocha-baring ads right next to a Don't Show-cha Your Chocha post!

Ah, Google, your random ad placements are always relevant and entertaining.

And finally, the greatest DSYC picture in the history of the world:

Says Sarah: I don't know if this qualifies or not. The photo is from a menswear sewing pattern from the '70s. But it gave me pause.

Yes. Let's all pause, shall we?


jasmine said...

Too great, as usual.

Sophia said...

Why do I get the feeling that the "plus size" version of the bottom ad there might just fit the model like a regular dress would?

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

I think you should know that since showing my husband your blog he takes joy in pointing out DSYC whenever he spots one. It makes for some great conversation when walking through the city. said...

Hooray! Thanks for posting the photo I sent in. Totally made my day.

Siobhan said...

<3 it. You even spelled my name right ;)

you have an awesome sense of humor! It's rare that I genuinely laugh out loud by myself. Thanks girl!

Katie said...

Ok the 70's pattern pic is just downright disturbing. Some of the chocha pics of the past have been borderline scary, but hair legs and possible "chocha" showing tips the scales to the terrifying!

Renée T. Habashy said...

I completely agree with Katie- that 70's pattern is terrifying. One false move and WHOA!

Dandelionkisses said...

Wow, that last one.....I'm speechless.

WendyB said...

You know, I like Blake Lively's look for some reason.

susie_bubble said...

You know what...I think I WOULD show my chocha in that last tunic ensemble in the last that wrong?

Raquelita said...

OMG! That 70s pattern photo is priceless!

violetville said...

omg x 1000, roflmao, or whatever other anachronistic acronyms, that sewing pattern is absolutely *hilarious*!

Lisa said...

The sewing pattern pic is definitely giving me pause. Just. Wow.

Stacey said...

You know, that slit is nearly up to his navel, AND IT'S A CENTER SLIT. He's got the whole garment twisted around to one hip. Can you blame him? Why in the world they would want to style it as a caftan when it is clearly an overtunic is beyond me. Actually, why anyone would wear either of these is beyond me. It's like chippendale stripping clothes, or something. But, I guess it was the seventies...

Nik said...

Ah, the first picture cracks me up...because you can see her "BUTT HUMPS" from the front.

And I'd do the man in the pants with the buttons down the side. He makes me tingle.

Jeanne said...

I feel like I need to tuck a dollar bill in the first model's belt. And then go wash my eyes.

I agree with the other posters; the men's pattern is totally disturbing. I was alive in the 70s and I can verify that I NEVER saw a man dressed like that.

lizzle said...

I'm not sure if you guys have the same Toyota ads as we do in Aus, but I think a (semi) justification for that jumping chocha baring is the Toyota 'Oh What a Feeling''s just one of those advertisements that stick.

see here for reference:
(at the end)

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