Friday, July 20, 2007

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha: Volume 2

What better day than Friday for the long-awaited second edition of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha? There's been a huge and hilarious response to this feature, so if you don't see your submission yet, fear not, I'm just posting in the order they arrive. And if you are new to the blog, you can click on the Don't Show-cha Your Chocha label below to get yourself all caught up.

It's time to expose the exposed. (I know that sounds like something John Stossel would say before a really lame story about, like, nudist colonies, but I enjoy the pun so we're gonna go with it.)

Maya spotted this little (and I mean that quite literally) number from French Connection:

I'm guessing that slightly confused/glazed/uncomfortable look on this model's face will remain basically the same when she sits down and realizes her dress has come up to her waist. Such a sad plight. Thank god for hosiery.

Emilie found an extremely similar white dress that, if I may quote Britney Spears here (if I had a dime for every time I've said that..), is "not that innocent:"

Wow and look at that! Both models have chosen a nearly identical forward lean with the left hand subtly but firmly holding the hem down. Very clever. I think I see a trend emerging.

ShopBop seems to never fail us in the DSYC department:

From Tiffany: Does she have to pee? And she's embarrassed to look directly into the camera because she forgot to put on her pants!

Don't you hate when that happens?

Anna says: Here's my contribution to the Don't show-cha your chocha/semi-pornographic dresses section. It's called the Kate dress and it is made by the Swedish brand Acne. It's basically just a long undershirt, or tank top or whatever it's called badly disguised as a dress:

What's interesting about this one is that the photo is gorgeous, and the model has very nearly made this crossed legs/forward lean pose look like a glamorous aesthetic decision, rather than a necessary measure taken so as not to expose her lady bits. Were Anna not a Don't Show-cha Your Chocha expert, this "dress" may very well have gone unnoticed, and the model's valiant efforts unheralded. I salute you, Anna.

And finally:

Says Cate about this ShopBop find: I don't even want to get into what that slit and bow over the chochal area could mean. (click on the photo for an even better/more disturbing view.)

Completely agreed, Cate, and you get an extra ten points for turning "chocha" into an adjective.

More installments of DSYC are definitely on the way. Come across a chochal close call during some innocent online shopping? Email


Anne said...

Well damn. How hot would that ShopBop TOP look if it was over SOME PANTS.

AMS said...

check out this spread in italian vogue - its nsfw but its all about the chocha

Mindy said...

I'm not quite sure, because they are on manikins(sp?), but it looks like you may have some DSYC dresses advertised on this very web page. I'm looking at you Alice & Olivia. ;)

Joei said...

It's times like last night that I wish I hadn't broken my camera phone. There was a chick at the bar who we all would have nominated wearing an ass bandage the size of...a bandage, I guess.
On the plus side, she had great posture on the barstool.

Candid Cool said...

"chocal" awesome wordage.
And the slit & bow #, are you sure this wasn't taken from fredericks of hollywood?

princessj said...

i'd just be supernervous wearing that all day.

check out my shopping blog :)

Anonymous said...

happy harry potter and the deathly hallows y'all!!!!

Petey Posey said...

hot damn, winona!

nicely timed post.
Today I was driving around, when I saw a victim of DSYC. She was wearing a very skin tight striped sweater/dress/shirt that cut off right under her butt. To make matters worse, she paired her already scandalous outfit with knee-high stilleto heel boots.

She looked like a round-heeled call girl. Or, as my friend's mother might say, "A two-penny whore".

We need to spread the word of DaddyLikey and the DSYC movement!

maya said...

The last one literally ives me shivers down my spine. If I saw someone wearing that I would probably kidnap them, take them into the nearest highstreet shop and introduce them to a pair of trousers.
dresses like that should be banned

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I adore your blog! It's wonderfully refreshing (particularly for a computer scientist turned model) to hear such a gleeful sarcastic tone in the world of fashion! Keep it up, you just earned another faithful reader :-)

Jessica McWilliams said...

This has to be the most highly entertaining fashion-related blog I have ever been lucky enough to read. Every time I read "Don't Show-cha Your Cho-cha" I'm inclined to crack up. Amazing work, protecting the innocents of society from permanent retina damage incurred by chocha exposure due to dresses of inappropriate proportions.

la petite fashionista said...

haha i always wear tunics as dresses because i'm only 5'0 so they're all "appropriate" length on me though, on a 6'0 model it would look quite obscene

Anonymous said...








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