Thursday, July 19, 2007

Naming Other People's Puppies Is So Hot Right Now

You guys' comments on my Hilary Duff rant were so smart and insightful and empowering that I am very excited to present you with your next, somewhat anticlimactic task: naming my friend's puppy.

Here's an extremely abridged back story: My friend Joei went to a food and wine festival. She didn't eat any food, but she did sample all the wine. On her way out, a guy was standing on the street trying to give a puppy away. He asked Joei if she would like it. She was drunk enough that this seemed like a good idea.*

And voila:

Soooooo uber mega cute, right?

She initially named it Bob, before deciding that Bob is going to be a very big dog one day and the novelty of the name "Bob" works best on small dogs or puppies. Plus, she wants something more original (and boy are her ideas original--do keep in mind that she's a horticulture major). So let's help a sistah out:

What should Joei name her dog?
Dium (short for Cymbidium, the "king" of orchids)
Sympod (short for sympodial, a growth pattern in some orchids meaning "many footed")
Euka (short for Eukaryotic as in cells with a nuclei, i.e. plants, yeast, animals)
Maddox (as in The Best Page in The Universe)
Other (post your idea in the comments)

Please feel free to post any alternate ideas in the comments section as well, and I'll be sure to update you with the chosen moniker of this lucky pup!

*Wow, so that story is surprisingly un-heartwarming when written down and massively condensed, but I swear that it's a good story, because Joei is totally happy to have a puppy and will be such a good owner 4evah.


Deja Pseu said...

I love the name Marley for a dog, but it doesn't have any botanical reference.

Jeda21 said...

Nanuk, the Inuit indian word for bear.

Mindy said...

Vin, it's French for wine.

Anonymous said...

"BEST page in the Universe"


Mira said...

My mom is a professor of plant biology and often goes into long, bizarrely intense botanical monologues. Some suggestions inspired by her rants:

Zymie (to encompass all the "zymes" - allozymes, isozymes etc)

Mito (for mitochondrion)

Cyto (for cytoplasm)

Cypri (for cypripedium)

Allele (which doubles as the name of a hard rock band)

Anther (since he looks a little like a mini black panther, it seems apropos).

Adorable puppy!

The Narcist said...

i perfer dogs with full names. so i'm going to suggest something completely unbotanical related.

abendago lewis

that should be her dogs name.

if she can't name her dog she should give it to me!

Amethyst said...

I've always liked the name "Max" for dogs.

imisslincoln said...

Osito means little bear in spanish, and he reminds me of a bear cub. He could also just be Cub.

ambika said...

My vote is for Maddox. The others are a little if you were explaining what it means to someone, they'd totally think you were a pretentious linguist trying to show off.

Or I could just have a complex.

Inside the Pages said...

Should she name her dog Maddox, she might want to realize that everyone in the free world and beyond will think she named it for Angelina Jolie's son. Just something to consider. I actually like Bob and think it would work well for a larger dog, but barring that, how about Marlon?

Anonymous said...

Fabrizio would be a lovely name.....

tiff said...

How about David Beckham? Because that dog is just as cute!!

Cate said...

Name him Biscuit. He looks cute enough to eat.

Anonymous said...

I second Vin. She did after all have a bit of 'vin' before taking him home. Maddox is cute, but it is not nice or original to name a dog after Angelina's first baby!

Inside the Pages said...

Vin...Vin Diesel?

Christy said...

I find Bologna is a GREAT name for a doggy.

Rachel said...

He looks like a Bambino to me

Nicky said...

i think a name related to wine would be best too! maybe whatever wine she drank the most of that day? naming the puppy merlot, reisling, or grigio could be cool!

Maddy said...

I like giving adorable puppies old man names, like Finnigan or Clyde or Oswald. And I also like everybody's idea about naming him something wine-related... how about Bacchus? Or she could go with Rex, which I personally think is a ludicrously underused doggy name these days.

AppleDiva said...

P-Wonk short for political wonk.... I love the c-span!!

Anonymous said...

This is a reach for the botany side of things but bear with me (I'm a musical theatre major) what about Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors? It is a huge plant and he is somewhat of a botanist... I really just want to see someone name their dog that because that was what we were going to name our dog is it was a boy.

Queen Michelle said...

I can't even think of anything other than 'OMGOMGOMG a PUPPY!!!! I love puppies", and that's no help at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Brit, call him Nigel :)

What a cute doggie LOL

Joei said...

Thank you Everyone, you guys have had some great ideas. Here's an update from my vet: "Bob" is a girl.
So, WOW.
I'm about to write a post on my blog about it so I don't take up all of Nona's space.
P.S. Queen Michelle, you're wrong. That just might be the best middle name ever.

Anonymous said...

she should name him CHIBI which is japanese for baby.

she can call him chib which can either sound like chip or cheeb

or WESKER (from resident evil)

Anonymous said...

ok, now that i know shes a girl

kiki (film- kiki's delivery service)
rita ( meter maid )
gargi ( shortened marguerite)
chihiro (from film spirited away)
chibi or chi for short (jap for baby)
nausicaa ( from a studio ghibli film)
fio (from poro rosso)
shishi (princess mononoke film)
satsuki ( from my neighbor totoro film)

i just listed a ton of great miyazaki films!

not familiar?

Suzi said...

He's going to be large and black, beautiful so I think GOTHAM is a great name. Good luck! He's adorable!!

Shopaholic D said...

holy cow...i didn't think any other fashion bloggers would know about maddox - that is one of the funniest sites I've EVER seen! I especially love his take on Dave Chapelle...

moving right along...

I like Maddox and Euka (sp?) - although I have to agree with Inside the Pages - everyone will think the dog is named after AJ's son. Therefore, I'm voting for Euka!

Are you going to post the name she chooses?

:) D

Joei said...

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