Monday, September 08, 2008

Blue Period

I am going through what fashion blog historians might refer to as a Blue Period, but I would refer to it as A RABID OBSESSION WITH ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING BRIGHT BLUE. Unfortunately, the fashion world currently shares my obsession, and it is hindering my ability to function in the world.

Seriously, I can barely walk down the street without getting distracted by a bright blue blouse and running into a telephone pole (yep, happened today). I buy slightly-too-expensive silk dresses just because they're blue. I write lustful haiku about blue handbags. Thanks to a pair of bright blue pumps, I feel like I understand Lindsay Lohan:

I will not make a blue footed boobies joke. I will not make a blue footed boobies joke. I will not make a blue footed boobies joke.

Anyway, the outfit of my dreams right now looks something like this:

I own this, as does everyone else in the world, but there's a reason for that--it makes every skin tone glow, it goes with everything, and it's comfy as hell. Today I wore it in 80% humidity, which was dumb.
Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoody, $42,

My friend Lindsay has these and they to put this eloquently...MEGA CUTE. If I were my normal, non-blue self, I would wear them with a baggy black sweater, lots of necklaces, and gold flats.

Dionne Straight Leg Denim, $28,

But Blue Winona demands...Blue Converse!

Converse Chuck Taylors, $40(ish), everywhere

What do you think? Too much?

p.s. At least she understands my plight...


Anonymous said...

You are too freakin' funny!

Smaggle said...

I can't do blue! I try and I try and I just don't like it on me. Which is ridiculous because I have pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes so it should look amazing but I have a strange mental block with it...

Anonymous said...

i know what you men. some days i just feel like pulling a tobias and going out as a blue man.

WendyB said...

If you're not going to make a blue-footed boobie joke, how about a tit joke?

Robin said...

I can't stop laughing at the blue footed boobies comment - you are a genius.

Anonymous said...

I just bought bright blue ballet flats from, of all places, Wal*Mart! Come to the blue side, Winona.

sophia said...

Um, welcome to every day of my life. I realized I had a problem with I was putting away laundry, and realized that 8/10 of the shirts I was holding were blue.

Anonymous social worker said...

blue is cool, don't hate
u r funny

Dressed and Pressed said...

Oh dear Winona, I'm afraid you've got smurfitis. I have the remedy here:

(Not the boots though. They're rubbish and have absolutely no recuperative powers...)

Anonymous said...

I think I've got the same affliction. In fact, I am seriously considering making the most expensive purchase of my entire life (combined, almost!) and buying Nannette Lepore's new electric blue (they call it "marine") wool overcoat.

Because we will love blue forever. Right?

Anonymous said...

I will mail you a blueberry pie, a blue raspberry lollipop, and a bouquet of bluebells if you assemble that outfit and post a photo of it.

Life's a Wardrobe said...

I've got those trainers! They are a lovely colour in real life.

TheSundayBest said...

Jesus...everyone really does have that hoodie, don't they? I sit next to a guy at work and one day we both walked was a humbling experience to be so typical.

Anonymous said...

I can completely comprehend the blue obsession. I can't really wear greens or yellows because they make me look sallow, so blue is perfect for my skin tone(I even had blue hair for a while), and is usually the first color I seek out. With all the chicks I see walking around decked out in blue, though, I've had to convert to purple.

Tres triste!

Dennise said...

Ooh I didn't realize that blue hoodie was so flattering! Must have.

Lisa said...

I'm going through more of a hot pink phase myself, but I do have a bright blue Guess cocktail dress I love to wear when I go clubbing.

Staci said...

I want those blue Chucks!!! Delicious.

Bekah said...

YUSSS holler out to american apparel
I have that hoodie in three colours, but I don't have it in that colour, one of my favourites, the lapis.
I'm so blue crazy I convinced my dad to paint our basement blue so I'm always blue! haha

Katy said...

I love blue, especially that blue, but the Chucks are really super duper ubiquitous, at least on my peers, no offense.

Anonymous said...

EEEp! i wore these todays!

Oh and i quote
"It's cool. My name doesn't need to be linked or anything. Really, it's not a big deal." -winona

I love you! I miss you!

Catie said...

Dries Van Noten has some super awesome blue pumps right now and I am lovign them.

Anonymous said...

I say there's no such thing as TOO much!

Sales Rack Raider said...

An addiction to blue is a good one to have. For one, it doesn't kill us.

One can never go wrong with a pair of Chucks, especially with those holy-smokes-they're-hot! blue ones. Before I got my pair of Chucks in blue plaid (which sold out shortly after I got them), I've been clomping down the pavement in electric blue pumps. Blue footwear is awesome.

nv said...

I bought this TNA hoodie and just like the AA hoodies, everyone and their mother has one. But it's such a gorgeous colour and its so comfy so I can't bear to let it go

Anonymous said...

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