Monday, September 29, 2008

Five Men's Fashion First Impressions!

When I saw this dress a while back, I immediately fell in love with it:

(click to enlarge)

I wanted to own it and eat it and marry it. And after I had planned my purchase/wedding/feast down to the last detail (Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" would be our first dance, of course, and then I would eat my dress), I thought, "What would The Men think of this?" (As always, if you're confused about the curious capitalization and hyperlinking of The Men, click here for an explanation.)

So I asked 'em:

Brother, age 13: It reminds me of the ocean. It looks like sea shells. Also reminds me of those things that magicians pull out of their throats, all those colorful scarves. And, if I were her, I wouldn't wear it to a cancer research event because it looks like some horrible skin cancer.

Boyfriend: Apparently Kate Beckinsale has found the only designer to practice the age old tradition of gluing tripe to some pieces of fabric and calling it a dress.

Brother, age 21: Oooohhhhh, very nice! I like it! Wait, is that Kate Beckinsale? Hmm...she could do better than a jellyfish dress.

Father: It looks like an intestinal parasite.

Brother, age 18: I guess the vulva look is back in?*

*I would issue an apology here for the sudden vulva talk, but I think this post already weeded out all the readers who would possibly take offense. But if any of you had decided to stay, even after Sallly the Sex-ay Starfish, charitably typing in my URL every day and thinking, "I hope that crude Daddy Likey girl continues this streak of good manners," well, sorry.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Love the men!

TINE said...

You always make me actually LOL. I loved this dress too!! It's sorta like an exaggerated origami flower thing..

the Constantly Dramatic One said... does look like a vulva to me.......=/

Lisa said...

Hahaha this post was too funny. The Five Men sure found biology references handy for Kate's dress, didn't they?

Jen said...

I think it kind of looks like one of those shower puff net thingys that has started to come undone. I imagine it would be hard to sit in.

Is it wrong that Sally the Sexy Starfish was one of the first posts I read of yours, and the reason I come back so often :)

echidna girl said...

That dress is totally lustworthy. I would swan around it in to do my Sunday morning grocies, just because.

Lesley Myrick said...

I looove that dress too. Boys are dumb.

And...thanks so much for taking the time to enter my blog giveaway! I saw your comment and thought, "Winona reads my blog? COOLEST THING EVER." Now I've made it big time. :)

WendyB said...

I would like to request MORE vulva on this blog.

Anonymous social worker said...

I have to admit, we I first saw this dress, I tought vagina.

Anonymous said...

I think 21-year-old bro gave in to peer pressure. He WANTED to like it, but then dropped the jellyfish comment.

Lisa said...

Looking at this dress again...doesn't it remind you of that pink ginger they give you at sushi restaurants?

Poochie said...

Looked like cupcake wrappers to me but I bow to the men's impressions.

But what was the 21-year-old brother saying... the dress is okay for the regular schlubs but Kate could get better?

> : (



Bekah said...

jellyfish vulva?
I did like it at first, but now The Men have made me think differently. it's weird how the dress doesn't really look like it's on her. poor kate, I like her

Anamika said...

I loved this dress, but now, now all I see is vulva.

Valentina said...

Ahahaha, the vulva comment was my favorite actually and it made me laugh.

This does look like a combination of skin cancer/vulva/jelly fish

Elizabeth said...

I only started reading you a couple of months ago, so that "Weeding Out" post didn't weed me out, but no matter, the word "vulva" doesn't bother me, Mulva.

Now. About that dress; I do love it, but I also see every point made by all those males. I like how they think. Is there no way to win this one?

What if I said it looked like cake? That would support your marriage, AND eating arguments.

Anonymous said...

I can understand you wanting to eat this dress. It looks like a giant puff pastry with swirly pink frosting. I felt this same way about the movie 'Marie Antoinette' starring Kirsten Dunst. Although I didn't entirely love the movie itself (disappointing that they ended the story where they did, but whatever...), I spent the whole 2 hours or whatever with an intense desire to lick the screen.

TheSundayBest said...

I type in the URL thinking, I hope that crude Daddy Likey girl keeps talking about vulvas.

Your dad kills me.


In the field, social science at work! You know, it's funny. Women do tend to wear weird/ugly/unflattering outfits, getting the opinions of other women and gay men about them. Then boyfriends, brothers, husbands, and dads get stuck holding the painful truth bag or having to lie. What a lovely toilet paper cozy... It's funny until it's you.

MizzJ said...

I like the dress, if in a abstract-prob-wouldn't-have-the-guts-to -actually-wear-it kind of way. It reminds me of a strawberry short cake for some reason. At least your brother is brave enough to use the word "vulva", most men can't even say tampon.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Damn straight, menfolks!

My first thought what I saw this dress was how much it looked like some sort of Strange and Wondrous sea beast.

Either that, or one of those poofy exfoliating sponges.

kokostiletto said...

hahah vulva??? that is hilarious!

Miss Cavendish said...

I'd say that the middles of all those swirls call to mind navels or nipples--neither of which belongs on this dress in such quantity!

Persian Tea said...

love the testosterone-influenced feedback! sometimes they make sense.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

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Dominique said...

ahaha, I love the way boys think.

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