Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dispatches from the East

Well, I made it a week in DC without getting stabbed (yesterday I walked by a guy with a large fillet knife literally tucked up his sleeve, but WendyB pointed out that he was "probably a chef just out for some air...WITH HIS KNIFE"), love my internship, and found a coffee shop with Wi-Fi, so now I'm even more excited about the next two and a half months. Other bits of news, random observations, and notes (sorry, no pictures yet) from my first week:
  • My brother Tona's (not his real name but the only thing I've called him since he was, like, five) lease ended a couple weeks before my departure date, so he decided to come to DC with me and see what happened. Now he's interning for the Obama campaign in Virginia and volunteering for a place that counsels conscientious objectors. Holla! Also, splitting rent and food costs+sibling bonding time=AWESOME.
  • I forgot to bring a coat, umbrella, or close toed shoes. Then there was a hurricane. Oops.
  • I looooove the history and architecture here. I love that when my friends call I can say, "I'm just taking a stroll past the Lincoln Memorial, no biggie." Even when I'm sitting on the couch reading Us Weekly.
  • We live right across the street from the US Marine Barracks, and therefore have highly trained armed guards stationed a few feet from our door, 24 hours a day, not to mention hundreds more highly trained soldiers sleeping across the street. Too cool.
  • I saw a red carpet being rolled out just so the commandant could walk into his house; I am determined to be the next commandant.
  • Coming from Oregon, it's been hard to adjust to not having at least three coffee shops on every block. We'll be walking around, say, "Let's grab some iced coffee," look around and then, suddenly, shockingly, realize that there are no coffee shops in sight. Must figure out how to live like this.
  • In my humble opinion, Zara kicks H&M's ass.
  • It was really upsetting to find out that Filene's basement actually has a first and second floor.
  • After deciding that John Adams don't get no love, we tried to have a John Adams themed day yesterday, but abandoned the idea after reading that JA loved corn (we didn't feel like corn).
  • Whenever I see a slightly overweight balding white guy in a suit, I point and screech, "Senator!"
  • There are a lot of slightly overweight balding white guys in suits here.
  • Should probably stop doing this.
Posts should be more regular this week! Stay tuned! And thanks for all the fabulous comments lately--I've had a chance to read and love them, but I'll get to replying to them soon!


Rachel said...

Now Winona, your problem is that while there are many many many slightly overweight balding white guys in suits in DC, only 77 of them are Senators (16 female Senators, plus 7 non white male Senators). Therefore, all the slightly overweight balding white guys in suits that you're seeing? They aren't Senators. They're Senatorial staffers, there's plenty more of those!

Catherine said...

Just so you know, all Caribou Coffee's in DC have free wi-fi. They are all over the place. Also, if I've correctly figured out where you are, there is a delightful restaurant called Tortilla Cafe within easy walking distance.

And remember the #1 rule of DC living: STAND RIGHT. WALK LEFT.

hollarback said...

Zara kicks H&M AND Topshop's ass.

Claire said...

Zara does kick ass but its sizes are sooo small. In that, whilst I'm a UK10 in most places, Zara I'm more likely a 12. Silly Spanish sizing...

daddylikeyblog said...

Aaahhh, so I should be screeching, "SENATORIAL STAFFER!" Thanks for the tip!

Yes, I've already had my moment of feeling like a bumbling hillbilly when I dared stand in the middle of the escalator. I heard a gruff, "excuse me" and then looked behind me to see around ten people waiting for me to move. Eek!

Oooohhh them's fightin' words! But I totally believe you. My love for Zara is strong and true!

I had the opposite experience--I could barely squeeze myself into a pair of pants at H&M! Weird how that works huh? God bless the fashion industry for always keeping us on our toes and on the brink of low self-esteem!

WendyB said...

Zara should not be kicking anyone's ass. Why the fashion violence? Why, God, why? Give peace a chance, cheap fashion stores!

Kim said...

So. Darn. JEALOUS.
For the sake of love I've moved back to Columbia, SC to be near my husband's family and though it is a state capital, it doesn't compare to the capital of all capitals. Or is that capitol? I can never remember. I'm suffering from culture withdrawl therefore I plan to live vicariously through you for the next 2 1/2 months. I hope you don't mind. Also, you will soon have absolutely perfect weather, barring anymore hurricanes. But I would probably put "closed-toe shoes" and "coat" on your to-do list.

Anonymous said...

I think you may live close to my parents' last house (high school/college house for me) before they moved to Key West. I used to check out those military guys when I was in high school - then at some point in my late 20s' I noticed that they are all 12 years old.

And I think I went to high school with several of those paunchy balding white guys. I of course don't look a day over 18.

Glad that you are enjoying DC! I am living vicariously though you while reading Us Weekly in my Reston, VA house (unless it's a weekday and I'm in my "big city" office in Tysons Corner).

VERONICA said...

Forget the monuments, post pictures of those Marine Barracks ;-)

Shannon said...

I am joining Kate and Psuedokim with the whole living vicariously thing. Now bring me pictures, Dammit!!

Anonymous said...

Pity the Commandant of the Marine Corps isn't an elected position. I'd totally start a petition to get you on the ballot ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Winona, welcome to the east coast! I hope you'll have time for blogging with all your important interning.

TheSundayBest said...

Reading about all you young people moving about the continent shames me and my cowardice...

Sounds like an awesome time.

LallaLydia said...

Hey babe,
don't forget that those chefs are QUITE attached to their knives and don't want any of em disappearing while they're out for a smoke.

Yes, scream "senatorial staffer" from now on. Did you know that there is also an underground shopping mall in DC? Man I miss the east coast. I'm going to call you just so you can tell me you're standing in front of the white house!(or alternately, on a red carpet).


Anonymous said...

I think I would die without a coffee shop on every corner. DIE.

Lisa said...

Haha I'm glad you're settling in nicely for the most part (although the shortage of coffee shops sounds most unsettling). As for Zara vs. H&M, it's a toss-up for me. Zara has nice coats and jackets, but I actually shop at H&M more often.

Kelly said...

I NEED armed men sleeping across the street from me. Somehow, my old arthritic dog (whose teeth are slowly falling out) doesn't scream "security system," I don't think. I'm constantly afraid of killers and robbers.

Katie said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're having a great time- i can't wait to live through all your DC adventures vicariously.

Also: I second Veronica's request!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to DC!

I do reccomend you venture away from the Capitol Hill area if you want to see some more fashionable DCers.

Unless you are into popped collars and Madras(Georgetown) or 20 year olds wearing suits with shoulder pads and flip flops(the Hill)I would visit U street- you will love it!

jillian said...

i would have to agree with the zara comment, if only because i am currently living 2 blocks away from one, and sephora happens to be next door to it. and oh, did i mention that this happens to be in a town in the alps?!

amanda said...

Ah, this makes me want to reconsider moving to DC! I was really worried about the insane weather and housing, but you make it sound great. The lack of coffee shops though ... that could be a problem.

Katy said...

Senator! That is so funny.

Bekah said...

ohhh winona, tooo funny!
I love h&m :(
and there are far FEW too many slightly overweight balding white guys in suits where I live

kathleen said...

so not to be a total creep but i read your tumblr blog and i also started reading this one recently. i actually work across the street from the marine barracks. isn't it nice? and the neighborhood of capitol hill is such a great little area. there is this great tiny coffee place on 7th called peregine right next to bread&chocolate. its small but i think it has free wireless and delicious tea/coffee.

Emma said...

While you're in DC, I must recommend you visit amazing vintage store Annie Creamcheese. That is, if you have time in between being generally awesome and senator-hunting (not that you have to go looking for chubby white dudes in Washington. It's like looking for drunken Irishmen on St. Patrick's day).
Your brother's interning for Obama?
Can I marry him?
Actually, though, how did he get the job? Is it a whole long complicated application process where you need degrees from fancy universities, or can a high school student do it too? I'm not above forging a Harvard astrophysics degree if that's what it takes.

la petite fashionista said...

i would be thoroughly upset about a lack of coffee shops as well. They're must be some good ones around though-- how else are those balding senators staying caffienated?

hope you're enjoying d.c.!


P.Hobbs said...

Oh my Nona. How I miss thee and our coffee/tea/popcorn adventures at our local shop. Don't miss biting down on kernals (bc now I need dental work...damn the kernal) but I do miss you. I am so excited to hear more wonderful adventures.
Z-town? Man o man. Live it up lady. Come home with new rags and make me jealous, ok?

Righteous (re)Style said...

Hi there. Welcome to the fine city that I call home. If you need any guidance, let me know. Leave a comment on the blog and we can connect.

Robo said...

I second Claire up there. So I stick to H&M and BR.

DC sounds fun, but the weather = oi.

Anonymous said...

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