Monday, November 02, 2009

Blogback Mountain!

The Sunday Best takes us on a rollicking romp through a lifetime of hairstyles, culminating in his fantastic present-day coif.

I think this is the first pair of leggings my dad and I could both gush over. So gorgeous.

The sweet and stylish Becky of Gilding the Frilly was kind enough to set up a giveaway of my book--please pop over for a chance to win, and to check out her persuasive endorsement of the cute nightgown.

What is in your life portfolio?

Amber helped create the most beautiful jewelry shoot I've seen in a long time. Go, girl!

My Portland peeps need to check out The Neat Sheet for the scoop on local fashion, events, and shopping opportunities. Karen, the creator of the site, totally rocks so show her some love!

Ambika as 1940s nurse = awesome.

Clare as Waldo = adorable.

Haley as Beth Ditto = amazing. (OK, OK, I'll stop with the Halloween fashion blogger formulas, but seriously, I could go on all day!)

To do: DIY my own pair of badass fringed pumps.

The Art of Wearing Wigs

Sarah Von has some fabulous advice for conquering the uglies.

Sal's weekly outfit roundups are fun to look at and fun to read and just generally inspiring and delicious.

"How to wear colors without looking crazy."

Some nanowrimo inspiration (and some nanowrimo opening night fashion!).

Michelle bought a pair of counterfeit Vivienne Westwood shoes and wants to make sure it doesn't happen to you, too!

I would most definitely wear 7-pound pants if they involved leather and chainmail.

Speaking of leather and chainmail, Nubby has a great post on Style Essentials.

Also maybe speaking of leather and chainmail: How to spot a flicker fetishist.

And finally, this is probably the best blog post ever written. Ever.


Academichic said...

As always, so many wonderful links! I'm so honored to be included along the ranks of Waldo and The Best Blog Post Ever Written, it made my day!

I'm also going to go enter that book giveaway so anyone reading the comment stream after me, just back off! It's mine! ;)


Amber at painfullyhip said...

Winona! You are so sweet!!
...and you never fail to tickle my giggle buttons. Marry me?

Becky said...

Thanks Winona-a bunch of your readers have stopped by already to enter!

Sarah Von Bargen said...

Thanks for the nod, friend! Also: thanks for introducing me to Saturday Jane!

Michelle said...

Thanks for linking to me dear! :D I appreciate any help in getting the word out about these counterfeits.

Dee said...

I thought Ambika's costume was a 1940's "purse" and was so excited to see how you dress up as a purse, but then I saw the pictures and I didn't care that I was completely wrong, because she looked awesome!

Maureen Johnson is also writing some nanowrimo advice on her blog, and it's quite useful (for people that are actually doing it)

Lisa said...

You always have such great links in your Blogback Mountain round-ups! I'm going to have to check out some of these later.

Scribbles said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Winona!

Smaggle said...

Oh my god! I'm totally being stalked by a Flickr fetishist! I keep getting asked to join this group called 'Girls with Attractive Arms'. WTF? I don't even have terribly note worthy arms. If anything they should want me for my hair right?


Thanks for entering my comp by the way!


FutureLint said...

Yay! Thanks for doubling my readership Winona! And man, oh, man are those flickr pervs annoying!

Annie Spandex said...

Thank you so much for the link!

GLC said...

Oh sweet, you linked me! I'm so flattered to be included on your blog.

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