Monday, November 30, 2009

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

Yes, it's finally time for this week's belated-but-awesome round of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, the feature in which Daddy Likey readers submit examples of short hemlines gone awry (or about to go awry), or a blatant disregard for pants (or bottoms of any kind, actually).

A word to concerned chocha spotters: If you don't see your submission here yet, please don't fret! I have quite the chocha backlog in my inbox (if the FBI ever has reason to investigate my computer, I'm sure this will cause one of their agents to dramatically shake their head and sigh, "We're dealing with one sick perp."), but I swear all of them will have their time in the sun. Or internet. Same deal.

Let's kick things off with a prime example from reader Anita:

She says: A chocharific Rag and Bone western shirt dress--sure to spook horses everywhere.

Here's a model who still needs to learn a thing or two about posing in a too-short shirt:

Says Claire: It's kind of a nice tunic, until you notice she HAS NOTHING ON HER BOTTOM HALF.

Oh American Apparel, what would DSYC be without you?

Says Kristen: For some reason she's upside down on a glass table, in a one piece, waving her chocha in the air like she just don't care with an expression implying that she either does care, or she's losing blood circulation in her head. Or both, you never know.

And another AA special from Kamee:

This poor girl's face says it all. [Editor's note: And her nude leggings make me want to cry.]

Fabulous reader Ida submitted this one:

She says: I don't know whether anyone has mentioned this UK girlband to you. They are called "The Saturdays." It seems to me that they have the tendency to wear super short skirts, not only on Saturdays but, like, everyday. Their first single is called "Up." How aptly named?

Oh Jesus:

Jackee perfectly sums it up: I love how they don't even pretend it's a dress. I don't love how that girl looks so young and generally coerced, but I guess that's modeling:

Next two are from Thomas W.:

He says: Is she wearing a t-shirt over an unbuttoned shirt? Without pants??? [Editor's note: I think those might be pockets from jean shorts cut so short they probably resemble a denim thong, but the world may never know.]

And: Chocha coverage at an all time low. Or high, I guess.

The lovely and talented Ariel sent in an nontraditional chocha submission, which is awesome just the same:

She says: It makes you wonder...if that's going in with the back, what kind of horror is going on with the front? A good rule: if you don't know how to operate a bikini, don't try it out the first time in public.

Anne-Marie caught a magazine blatantly promoting the Show-cha Your Chocha look:

She says: I feel quite indecent sending this onto you but if you put your fingers over your eyes it ain't so bad!

The following three awesome finds--plus astute commentary--come courtesy of the lovely Astra, who came across a particularly chochafied red carpet event:

Katherine Kelly from Coronation Street tries the old 'hide-it-with-my-bag manoeuver'. Funnily enough I have an old halloween cloak made of the same faux-velvet material, if she'd called me I could have made her a decent length dress that'd look just as tacky.

Then there's someone called Kaya Scodelario who I've never heard of. She looks great and I love her outfit - I just hope she doesn't sit down!

And finally there's ex-Coronation Street actress Angela Griffin, who breaks the "legs or cleavage" rule by showing both...and her chocha!

JoAnna sent me an email titled, "Don't cry, little chocha!" which quickly turned my morning email checking routine into a messy affair involving oatmeal being LOLed all over my keyboard. Here's why:

Says JoAnna: While the length is arguably modest enough to wear in public, it's almost see-through, and I'm very concerned about that tear-drop appliqued to the front. Why is the silhouette crying? And why is it so close to her crotch?

And to that I say: These are questions for the ages, my dear girl, questions for the ages...


Vanessa said...

Honestly, when I first looked at the last picture, I didn't realize it was a silhouette and actually thought she peed herself. Did anyone else get that feeling?

Lindsay said...

This post so made up for my crappy night last night :] Thanks!

Awesome post Nona!

- Lindsay

Audi said...

Wow, at first glance that last photo just looks like she's got a big wet spot on her dress. I'd be crying too.

Top notch chocha, as always!

InnyVinny said...

That last one just stole my soul.

WendyB said...

After the last one stole InnyVinny's soul, it came for mine :-(

I'm going to email you something special....

Unknown said...

I love these every week :D

I need to clean my glasses though, I thought the last one...wet herself.

Stacey said...

I confess, I also though the last one had wet herself. Then, when I actually saw the silhouette, I was more disturbed. I wonder if the designer was trying to make some kind of statement with the crying chocha look?

Me said...

that american apparel one really disturbed me. it was showing off parts of her body that i didnt know exisited. i dont think my body looks like that. maybe i need a one peice fishnet by american apparel. and to stand on my head on a glass table like some nondescript sex worker.

Bekah said...

the "crying chocha" looks like a pee stain, too! that's what I thought it was when I first saw it!

Rosie Unknown said...

I almost committed a DSYC yesterday, but I think I have been saved for the time being.

Dee said...

This was a great round of chochas! They make me appreciate pants a little bit more. Oh and Kaya Scodelario is from the amazing uk teen show Skins. It's gritty and fun and the teens party more than I ever have (and I'm 21). It is awesome.

Jeanne said...

Yep, the last one definitely appears to have wet herself.

And the AA fishnet thing makes me want to verify the model's age, as it looks very much like child porn.

Rhandi said...

I seriously thought the "Don't Cry Little Chocha" dress was a photo of a girl who wet herself. I mean.. SERIOUSLY!

Umatji said...

Aaah, I love my trousers - I love your post but I love my trousers more!

Ms Constantine said...

Kaya is from skins. Amazing program!

Also, I'm pretty sure the girl in the last photo peed herself, it just happens to look like a silhouette. Human eyes can recognise faces in almost anything. The same way people see jesus in their toast.

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Some of these celebrities look lovely while few are very disgraceful. I just hope they know how to wear short skirted dress. LOL!

Academichic said...

God, I love this feature!! S.

Anonymous said...

I almost peed my pants seeing that. I thought she did too!

kate said...

vanessa: yes, i did.

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