Friday, November 20, 2009

High Fashion Haiku: Perfect for gravy spills!

Thanksgiving Style Tip:
Wear a napkin as a shirt
for easy cleanup!

Donna Karan Belted Mikado Bustier, $1500 (well, you might want to find a cheaper oversized napkin).

p.s. Thanks, Sarah W.!


Kim said...

My Thanksgiving haiku for this:

Color of gravy
Even more importantly
Is skirt elastic?

Darla: Retro Ways said...

YOU ARE SO WITTY! I am rolling around my floor laughing, boy do u crack me up!

Love the skirt part but the top is way to 80s and way to I just folded some fabric around my model and pinned it! Yuck


FutureLint said...

is it bad that I kinda really want to wear that giant napkin anyway?

Anonymous said...

And in that color, it'll hide stuffing, sweet potatoes, and coffee equally well.

Lesa said...

Before I even scrolled down to your caption, I was thinking the same thing--napkin dress, too funny!led

Renee said...

hehe, love it! :)

Anonymous said...

because even a sincerely "mod" fashionista may need a bib on occasion

Brook said...

hahahah so funny.... who needs a bib just cinch your napkin in your belt hahahah

Zoe said...

these jeans deserve some kind of haiku.
and they are by cheap monday! SHAME ON THEM

T said...

awesome post!

Elizabeth said...

Eh, that price is alright, because the top has many uses. As you point out, it's a napkin. But it's also a crumb-catcher, a conversation-starter, a wearable sculpture, a car chamois, and probably a suitable bathmat! You can't put a price on versatility!

Fashion Court said...

seriously? i can't believe they'd charge that much for that. it's heinous.

J.Rose said...

here's a haiku for zoe:

I actually
Think these leather patched skinnies
Are epic hardcore.

but maybe that's just me (and, apparently, cheap monday.)
although, this could be a problem:

when the denim shrinks
in the wash, it will be a
ridiculous look.

hope that denim's preshrunk.

Vix said...

Another defiant vote of love for this top. Though not for its price tag.

I've done my time in food service, okay? I can't help appreciating the art of a well-folded napkin, writ large!

Catherine Elizabeth said...

i like the napkin top. looks feasty (NEW WORD)

Jessi said...

Lol! So true.

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