Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blogback Mountain!

Please check out the sweet Closet Confidential review and giveaway over at Annie Spandex!

The lovely and talented Ambika has been amassing some pretty impressive Etsy creds, and I'm so happy for her! In related news, have you been to her shop lately?

This made me laugh.

Last week I professed my undying love for my unflattering blanket sweater. This week E debuts
an extremely flattering version.

A perfect illustration of style for a conservative office vs. a creative office (bonus: both examples include the same pair of badass red ankle boots!).

WendyB defends LadyG.

Queen Michelle + Low Energy + Cold Sores = Still way more glamorous than me. Damnit.

This hat is, like, my life dream come true.

Jennine wore her wedding dress today
. Her wedding was not today. She looks totally fabulous today. And she makes a wonderful point about wearing special things for no particular reason.

I've been listening to a lot of Dixie Chicks lately, which has been giving me mad urges to road trip to Nashville. Becky is actually going there (although I don't think her trip is Dixie Chicks-motivated) and she looks adorable.

Absolutely positively no doubt the most badass dress that's ever existed. (Except maybe the hamburger dress featured in this post. Maybe.)

is my new fave color.

This one time my brother and I were driving on the country road near my parents' house, and a bear ran out of the bushes and I was like, "LOCK THE DOORS!" Chelsea's cute little story about a prancing Swedish moose is better.

The first and only blog post about oatmeal that made me laugh out loud.

I love this inspiring take on "Would You Rather?"

Sarah's post about text tattoos made me want to get one even more than I already did, which was A LOT. Now I can barely sleep and find myself scrawling profound quotes on my forearms with sharpie markers all the time.

SO pretty!

That clever lil' Sally has some invaluable tips for organizing your closet.

And finally, What I Wore Today (drawings only)--this is the coolest thing ever and I fully intend to participate. Thanks, Maggie, for sending it my way!


WendyB said...

I don't know if I was defending Lady G or just adoring her. Both, I guess!

Becky said...

Favorite quote from all of those links? "because I'm a yuppie and I have like, PRINCIPLES and shit" and the fact that Sal used the word "taxonomy" about closet organizing...I should start using more $5 words on my blog...use my English Lit degree and shit :) Thanks for featuring me again on blogback mountain...I didn't mention it in the post, but I totally channeled your Style Lesson #38 (yeah, I had to look this up for this comment...good thing your book sits by my bed like a guardian fashion angel...or creepster Edward Cullen- take your pick) I didn't go to Nashville for the Dixie Chicks, but I did go see a friend who was in an acapella group in college that did Not Ready to Make Nice:
So really, it's all connected! :) I am so sorry my comment is so long...I was in the office REALLY late and my tired turned into annoyingly hyper. Happy Friday!

Academichic said...

Yay Gruschia! Or really, Gruchsia, since a number of readers pointed out that it's spelled Fuchsia and not Fuschia...ooops.

Great links as always. I love the What I Wore Today drawings pool!


Annie Spandex said...

Thanks for the link, and if you DO ever make it to Nashville, let me know! xx

InnyVinny said...

Never thought to drop an egg in oatmeal...then again, egg white in a whiskey sour makes it fantastic for similar reasons, so I guess I can't be too surprised.

Gotta try that soon.

Elizabeth said...

I love the mysterious way you promote all these posts!

ambika said...

Thanks Winona! You're too sweet.

rush said...

Loved, loved these post recommendations, especially since it lead to my discovery of cupcakes and mace--that 'I would rather' post was just too neat.

Ms Constantine said...

Great round up!
Thanks for the link love :]

Hi rush, thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the post!

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