Thursday, May 03, 2007

Birthday Recap: Bruised Egos, the Beach, and Business Cards

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! And don't worry, Candid Cool, as I age there will be no ebb in my constant usage of the words chocha and crunkify. Birthdays are kind of stressful, aren't they? I mean, if you don't have a good day, you've blown your chance for the year. Here's a breakdown of my special day:

Reasons Why My Birthday Sucked:

-I got an email from the New York Times, after five days of anticipation, saying that they were going to pass on the essay I submitted to them. This happened in the morning, so the rest of my day was a painful emotional rollercoaster of "Yaaayy the beach is so fun! Waaahhh the New York Times thinks I'm a crappy writer!"
Note to self: If you're going to do the freelance thing, grow a thick skin. Or maybe buy this.

-My favorite girl got voted off America's Next Top Model.

-I miss my friends and my bro who live far away (or are busy assistant directing operas--curse you and your birthday-hogging, Cosi Fan Tutte!).

Reasons Why My Birthday Was Awesome:

-Yaaayyy the beach is so fun!

(That's the famous Mr. Daddy Likey, by the way.)

-I received the cutest jacket that this world has ever seen:

Seriously, trust me when I say this picture does not do it justice. There were actual gasps when I opened it because it is so gorgeous in real life. Not to brag.

-My parents got me a really nice microphone so I plan to add podcasts to the blog really soon!

-I found the cutest business card holder ever at a little shop at the beach. This is very exciting, because in the past, all my business card transactions went something like this:

Cashier: That'll be $14.99.
Me: Oh my gosh! You should totally read my blog! You'll love it!
Cashier: What's a blog?
Me: Hang on, I'll give you my card! (I open up my clutch and dig through it for approximately 30 minutes, pulling up half-opened tampons and old candy and tufts of suspicious hair. Finally, I happen upon a bent business card covered in a black, tar-like substance and hand it to the cashier) Here you go!
Cashier: (horrified) Umm...thanks...

But now, with my cool, professional business card holder, the transactions will surely be more like this:

Cashier: That'll be $14.99
Me: Oh my gosh! You should totally read my blog! You'll love it!
Cashier: What's a blog?
Me: Hang on, I'll give you my card! (I open up my clutch, pull out my new business card holder, and hand the cashier a pristine card.) Here you go!
Cashier: Your professionalism astounds me, and your chic business card holder lends you massive credibility. I must tell you that, in fact, I am not a cashier at all, but an editor from The New York Times. You have impressed me so much here today that I'd like to offer you a job as a full time writer, and I'll even throw in a furnished apartment in New York City.

A girl can dream, can't she?


the lipstick lady said...

aww, i would totally let you be a full time writer at my magazine/newspaper if I had one... but I dont, so I'm sorry.
Mr Daddy Likey is quite a catch... but I wouldn't steal him so close to your birthday

missa.vogue said...

I'm glad your birthday was awesome!!! ... I haven't watched America's Next Top Model yet (I TiVoed it ...) ... but I have to say ... you crack me up. ... I kinda wanna see the business card holder.

Jamie said...

Honestly I have no idea why the Times wouldn't want you! I'm glad you had some good birthday experiences!

Sterling said...

I'm sorry i stole your brother to a land down under. where women glow, and men plunder

Rachelle said...

My birthday sucks every year, without fail, so even though your's wasn't perfect, it sounds like it was pretty nice overall. Freelancing is so hard, with the constant rejection, but you've got talent so I'm sure it will eventually work out for you.

adrian said...

happy belataed wishes! as for the freelancing, keep tryin', im sure you will go far:)

Bizzle said...

I for one would hire you on the spot. America is sorely lacking in its ability to meet its necessary chocha and Cute Things quota.

ambika said...

Darling photo. And that business card slickness is totally going to land you a rad job--if not at the times then maybe with Lucky-y?

Sonia Luna said...

The Times doesn't know shit ... pardon me french.
If they had any sense they would give you your own column ... and a penthouse apartment in New York! Your blog never fails to crack me up!

Annie said...

Darling... Take it from an old hag like me (who just turned 30) - I've never had one of those "platinum" birthdays that Molly Ringwald mentioned in "16 Candles"... Birthdays, like New Years Eves, tend to's like, the law.

Likewise, I've never had a perfectly pristeen business card. I'll have to envy yours. My whole life is a bit dog-eared at the edges, and I've made my peace with that.

X to the O!

Orderv said...

Ahhh! such a cute picture! I actually made a little coo sound. Send me a print for my mantle!

Jessica Castro said...

oh wow, the new york times are stupid for passing on you, you're an amazing writer and it's amazing how you can write something and it's funny without trying too hard.
I want a business card.
I'm glad your birthday was awesome, and see i read your blog everyday now...i can officially say i am a daddy likey addict.
Love Jess

Karinaxoxo said...

How cute is Mr Daddy Likey???? You guys looks adorable together!!!
The jacket is really sassy!

Candid Cool said...

Probably one of the cutest pics ever (mr & mrs daddy likey)

and I am breathing a sigh of relief that you will continue to use those words

Catie said...

Happy Birthday, Ms. DL! Thank you for your kind words the other day, it seems as though we are both seeking similar paths when we "grow up." I don't care who wins ANTM anymore as long as it's not wretched Renee!

m'Chelle said...

you have the most perfectest eyebrows in the world. happy birthday, stranger.

Shop Diary said...

hey, i thought for a second that your photo with Mr. Daddy Likey was from the photo shoot of this week's ANTM episode. you and your come hither look!

Anonymous said...

Ok, you crack me up.

I'm not a "regular" but I'll probably become one after reading this post.

I literally laughed loudly on multiple occassions. Thanks for scratching my "I need a break from work to do something more amusing" itch!

Anonymous said...

Me likey Mr. daddy likey. You are both adorable. Happy belated you young pup.

Anonymous said...

Is your b-day May 2? Because if so, we have the same birthday! I love your blog!

Jas said...


I loved this!!!

This is my dream, too!

I've got to get a business card holder...

and a business


Eli said...

happy bday. sorry about the nytimes thing. im still working up the guts to submit something to a few places.

Meg said...

Pretty and organised enough to have a blog business card? You should totally run for Pres. I'd vote for you..even though I live in england.

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