Friday, May 25, 2007

Hate: Painful Irony. Love: Moving My Forehead.

Those new Botox commercials with the tagline, "Express Yourself!" make me really angry. Like, this angry:

And I wouldn't be able to express it if I had Botox.


Anonymous said...

hahaha 'Express yourself!' are they having a laugh?! thats ridiculous...

Michelle said...

LOL ! hilarious :D

Samantha said...

And look at those lashes!

Kristen said...

Yeah, those commercials pissed me off, too. How about "Express that you're unhappy with growing older while not moving your face at all!"?

Kori said...

I'm glad you noticed that too; I thought I was the only one. No one else seemed to understand why I kept muttering darkly to myself about how I wouldn't be able to express myself if I had botox.

Distar said...

you're so right.
I was watching Fur last night, and Nicole Kidman for being such a stellar actress had no expression in most of her face. I just don't see how anyone thinks that's attractive

jmg said...

I totally agree and am laughing my (fore) head off.

Anonymous said...

you are genius...ouch! ... I just tried an enthusiastic expression.

Anonymous said...

Please, can't we just be a bit overweight, not so pretty, talented, wrinkly and even bald - oh, yeah, that sounds like men! C'mon, let's redefine womanhood.

Anonymous said...

why would anyone want to inject the botchulism bacteria/germ/virus into their face?

maya said...

hahaha im sorry but i find those adverts hilarious. is that just me?
also love your angry face, i wish i had one as good as that.

Queen Michelle said...

Oh Lady W, even when you're angry you look cute! I hope you a have a rich vocabulary of bad words to make up for it.

Emma said...

HAHAHAHA. I just discussed this very matter in a previous post.
I just want to throw things at the ladies who so firmly inhabit Botoxia. Imagine it- "OW! OW! MY FACE! IT BURNSSSS!" All in a total deadpan...
Okay, I'm not normal. But still. The thought makes me laugh, and then make that same face you are making in the photo.

daddylikeyblog said...

Queen Michelle--
I actually learned to swear like a sailor in high school to make up for my blonde hair and slightly cherubic cheeks. It worked wonders.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Gah I wish botox commercials would end. Not because they make me angry (which they do) but because I'm FREAKIN TERRIFIED of needles. Woman holding needle to face = semi panic attack while trying to find the remote. Not. Good.

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