Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogback Mountain

In case you missed the last one, it's another International Dress Up Day today! Film noir is the theme. Check out Gala for the deets. (Oh, and if you're like me and visit her site and see that the date is a day ahead and assume that you've somehow gotten stuck in an eternal time vortex so you punch the wall in rage and put your head down on your keyboard and cry and ponder whether or not you'd like to live a life without a future, never fear: she lives in Australia.)

So, when I do a "photo shoot" for my blog, I look like a twelve-year-old girl playing dress up for her Myspace page. When the Queens over at Kingdom of Style do it, it looks like this. Damnit.

Can you tell a stripper shoe from a Louboutin?

Ambika ponders the wearability of Clueless-style kneesocks. Raise your hand if that movie changed your life. Everyone? Good.

Fashionista disses and dismisses Urban Outfitters for copyright infringement, and being SO six months ago (yeah, I wasn't joking about that whole Clueless-changed-my-life thing).

So, this girl, who may or may not be my friend, started this blog, which may or may not be about her experiences working at a certain coffeeshop, which may or may not be Starbucks... god I would be the worst secret agent ever. But go read her blog. It's angry and funny as hell.

Best. Diet. Ever.


Queen Michelle said...

Lady W, your photoshoots have one thing that trumps ours - you're beautiful!! Damn you, you lovely young thing you!

Julie said...

I wore kneesocks in the fall when I was in Rome, pretty much all the time after the heat of summer had passed. They weren't as cute as those girls pictured, though.

Lyndsey said...

Thanks for the shout out Nona! We need to maybe or maybe not go out soon....I maybe or maybe didn't already ask Mr. Daddy Likey....Shit. I'd be bad at this secret agent stuff too...

Anonymous said...

i heart your blog missus! =]

eurobrat said...

Your Starbucks friend rocks.

ambika said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out.

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